Sacked Nurse of 19 years experience Speaks Out

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This Australian Nurse who was sacked for not taking the evil Gene Therapy "Jab" tells us that Australian hospitals are filling up with Vaccine Injured people even as they are sacking perfectly healthy workers like herself. The liars are calling many of these injuries "the Delta Variant". Truly we are living in evil days.

00 the The not going actually very well the that again against the In patients with adversely and sailed long ago was it the job
39.37 when it was mandated the guy said before that time he was a patient of the reactions yes I've got friends nurses we talk a lot we know a lot of the time I
59.02 wasn't in the hospital all my friends were the patient after patient community The adverse reactions the various what you tell the baron is an adverse
77.08 reaction to strike strike nineteen years of nursing I'm not an idiot will not have the my job and walk away then injected poison into my body the
92.7 news we should know In all the spheres is this enormous celebrate someone was the really bad flu that developing pneumonia now I'm
107.29 hearing that people go war the respiratory illnesses thing administer the drug the I try not the man the damaging and killing the administering
150.62 Indians me because it actually causes kidney the ball Yeah In clinical trials actually excluded people with kidney and liver problems the royals now what does
163.54 that tell you the number on it they're not honest with their clinical trials they're not being honest with US now the ones the media the media is not being
174.76 honest with US now the truth it's absolutely heartbreaking my best friend works in the allergy he used to do back to the images grandmother data
193.75 on a test to check for Micro blood clotting now she was doing six die six per day per month seeks to die in a country town in Victoria a country
207.04 that was Healesville really glad to get notice was just released from a nurse in a proficient I because many people would
217.6 have gone to hospital the medical report because the hospitals that give it to you giving you regain the fucking ASS off cause it being negligent and I know
234.94 the causes and I don't give a damn they trying to kill the The wife and the other doctors like you know what to do with what we had the same I find
276.1 myself have and I run a cleanup also had more than twelve times in my career the I am not putting his back into my body so I tried
289.57 to get me samson a very uncomfortable conversation I am not allowed to give me the same should have been though I have also a unit the exemplary help
304.82 anaphylaxis and that is if you've had enough relaxes the the I think on the job that's nine times the
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