11/20/2021 7:11:50 PM Live

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Live Video

00 Okay So I want to see whether this X split V came works and how it turns out so I want to do a fairly decent recording to see what this actually does
16.66 work as you can said I've got a background in the back of a nice beach and stuff at that and up how this actually turns out I don't know
28.99 obviously aren't like this branding told my video I'm not sure why that's happened I thought I had a lifetime license but maybe I'm not logged in
40.15 properly or there's some crazy thing going on we should be able to select our sources anyway and I also want to see what the quality is of these videos with
51.91 is a background that Spain put it back at me so all these factors well combined to help us to see where this function is useful the live video recording and up
63.88 also it's good to know where this thing is actually being stored says somewhere at the moment it's being recorded onto something it needs to be uploaded and
76.75 posted so we're just investigate that I'm now going to press stop recording and see what I can
99999 End



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