Doctors are gagged in Australia when in comes to the "vax"

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Hear what a medical doctor says about AHPRA and the threats they were issued.

00 you keep saying that price which means you want to stop the lockdowns a you have the same opinion i don't Think I can answer that question
10.09 but he wouldn't look down says on on Yeah why not I I have an opinion that I actually can't really express them freely I think maybe had you asked me
23.41 that you know in another time another place I would have loved to have had a discussion he is an operation your regulator yep where they don't want you
33.19 talking about lockdowns well at this that does not have a position statement and I and I carry with me wherever I go because it's something that I need to do
45.89 in my practice and will need to to using my practice and and the position statement is kind of entity Yeah Okay cause All I'm asking is whether you he
58.64 said and the lockdowns then I'll turn to you and Say Doctor what do you think these lockdowns and you Say I Can't speak Well I suppose the logical It
65.15 conclude say you know spike about the the Kids Helpline data and that's it you know it's in line with time in lockdown so I suppose the logical argument from
77.12 that ease is well you know and lockdowns to fit you can't say that but I can't say that cause why well if you take that a step further I you know I it it
89.69 becomes I I can't really talk about that with that I Talking about a whole host of other issues with lockdown including injections mosque wearing social
102.3 distancing mandates and all read to what the position statement he's from perfect the mapper okay Okay so national boards expect all health practitioners to use
117.48 their professional judgment and the best available evidence in practice includes when providing information to the public
123.76 and public health issues such as cave and nineteen vaccination when advocating for community and population health health practitioners must also use their
132.43 expertise and influence to protect and advance the health and being of individuals as well as the communities and broader populations any promotion of
141.49 Anti vaccination statements all health advice which contradicts the best available scientific evidence while six to actively undermine the National
149.56 Immunization campaign including via social media is not supported by national boards and may be in breach of the codes of conduct and subject to
156.85 investigation and possible regulatory action so you can sit in the middle of that statement that you can't say anything that goes against the the
167.14 prescribed health advice for Cave and Nineteen and Vaccination Yeah but that that line that health advice is coming from a political point it's coming from
176.38 a government it's not coming that's that's correct sorry I pray submitting itself to the line from wherever Liberal Labor glad as Dan Andrews that's that's
188.18 ridiculous from that's where rolet says all doctors can't really speak out against lockdowns Yeah working to fall to ask you both
200.87 what shall we do from here how do we fix this you would say open the schools I think immediately yes we need to open the schools like get the kids back in
209.05 school as soon as possible and if I were to ask you doctor buzzard what should we do are you even able to tell out let let's you know all the all the things
218.11 that I can't speak about my recommendation is that SCI is that we have an open debate with the relevant to science scientists and health
231.49 professionals involved hey Hey I think the ones who probably got the most to say I have already been censored so that might be had fond I fit
246.63 because at the moment it seems to be that anyone who who who speaks ASs and against against the this this line of of policies is shut down so I can debate
261.93 that's open debate is is what we need open discussion I often than many parties many professionals many scientists this is incredible to me that
272.11 the cat's got your tongue and that caddies opera I we we can once we turn the cameras off can we have an open discussion or does that not even matter
279.55 well we're not in the therapeutic relationship say so we call so we could yeah you just can't say twenty of these patients are you struggling Yukon I So I
287.78 I caught I have yet so I I basically have to be in line with with the government line with the The national and local health policies that's been
299.74 dictated to me
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