Brianne Dressen - Vaccine Victim - "You are on your own"

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It is claimed by this lady who suffers tremendously after taking the vaccine as part of a willing group of people trialling it, that she was lied to every step of the way. The Government authorities she corresponded with know everything about how much damage they are causing with the vaccines because this lady, who was part of the trials, was cut off by them. Also her adverse reaction data was not included in the published clinical trial results. Just way too much money involved to let the real results be known. All this is the crime of the ages.

00 so as you know a year ago I received my Cupboard Vaccine when I gladly signed up for a clinical trial here in the United States with Astra Zeneca I as a
10.78 participant of a clinical trial I was constantly reassured that if something were to go wrong there would be thorough and meticulously developed protocols in
18.31 place to provide a safety net that the data would be collected and the benefits as well as the risks would be assessed and disclose to the public I never had
27.34 any issue with any vaccine so I figured this was going to be a smooth easy ride No big deal prior to my involvement the pharmaceutical company agreed to pay any
35.73 medical expense as a result of a possible injury unfortunately for a lack of support on their part we have had to refinance our home to pay for medical
44.13 expenses like Matiz trial we had a tracking app like matiz trial are tracking app had pre designated symptoms in a bullet list with no free forum to
53.61 add any other symptoms so anything like tingling tremors seizures paresthesias heart problem Limb weakness there was no way for Us to track that through the app
65.41 the clinical trial report published by the new Angle New England Journal of Medicine if they have that slide says that the second dose is required to
75.04 continue in a study because my reaction was so severe Astra Zeneca Told Me I was not allowed to get the second dose they dropped me from the trial my data was
85.6 lost I was excluded from the trial results my access to the trial app was deleted This is different than what is found in the report which says that
94.06 these individuals chose to forgo the second dose because I couldn't fit finish the series I was removed why doesn't this data matter the clinical
103.33 trial report also says serious adverse events will be recorded from the time of signed informed consent through day seven hundred and thirty I last heard
111.52 from them on day sixty I AM almost at day three hundred and sixty five that is ten months of critical safety data gone I continue to suffer and decline as the
124.85 trial progressed without me so what are the agencies doing about this as we have heard there's a lot of questions that need answers the heads of the NIH FDA
136.13 and CDC have known first hand about my case and thousands of others be direct reports began as early as last December I along with several injured physicians
145.4 continued to reach out to the STA through emails phone calls we did video conferences with Peter Marks and Janet Woodcock Constant emails with Janet
153.14 Woodcock M Myself directly we have literally asked and we have begged repeatedly for them to acknowledge these reactions they declined they know about their lack
167.87 they know that their lack of acknowledgement has recreated created insurmountable barrier to our ability to receive medical care from doctors who
174.38 rely on these agencies for information they know about the issues with the clinical trials they know about the deaths they know about the lack of
180.02 follow up on bears We know about the injuries to children they know about Matty I have discussed the matter with them they know about the mandates
187.72 imposed on the injured they know about the suicides as the results of a months long suffering they know about the aggressive censorship they know about
195.31 the media censorship they know about the scientific censorship they know all of it and they have four months what does the NIH know
206.56 I was one of the lucky few to go to the Nih where research in this area there was about fifty to sixty people that participated in this research there was
219.43 invasive testing all of the top of the line test you can imagine test that Arnie to be available to the public we were instructed by the NIH not to talk
229.99 about the research we gladly complied confident in their reassurances that they would publish their research last summer which would finally open the door
240.94 We're all victims all of these people to receive appropriate medical care unfortunately the NIH is no longer accepting calls on behalf of the injured
253.6 this happened shortly after the FDA met with Us this vital lifeline that saved hundreds myself included and maybe thousands that
265.03 lifeline has now been cut off the NIH has told me and others that this is an immune-mediated response to the spike protein
271.09 CDC F D A Nih we do exist your system is broken and you know it you are constantly and persistently telling the public that your review of the data is
286 thorough in your safety signalling systems are robust when in reality there is huge gaps in your system every single step of the way you are not taking care
298.78 of those who suffer severe adverse reactions stop telling the public that you are your refusal to take action means there will be more like us take
307.46 responsibility for your role in the suffering of good Americans who did their part by taking the Vaccine and had no idea this could happen to them
313.85 here's your proper informed consent if you Get cove it you will get medical help but I'm from I'm afraid to tell you if you have this reaction that reaction
327.02 that reaction mattie's reaction Doug's reaction you are on your own the government won't help you that drug companies won't help
336.2 you your medical teams will have no idea what to do with you financially you will be on your own you will be completely on your own I
347.91 would like to finish with a letter from a friend but I received a couple of months ago brea I cannot take this any longer this has
366.73 taken everything away from me my career my family my life my body will not stop attacking itself and this is beyond the worst amount of
379.54 torture they have further erased my very existence please accept my apologies I must Bid farewell to this world Please tell our stories
391.18 Please make sure the world knows the cruelty that has been imposed upon US get by my Dear friend I will see you on the flip side
407.62 Rochelle Wolinsky Janet Woodcock Peter Marks and then he fell cheek you erased her and the many others like her their blood is on your hands you cannot bring
422.86 my friends a pack but you can save others from their fate IF finally just tell the truth if the government won't help us if the
432.95 drug companies won't help us who will help us thank you
99999 End



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