Rapture 6

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Rapture 6

00 men are man in Cambodia Hoggard come they look great and then you may be seated this afternoon well it's good to be in the best church
20.34 in all of England good to see all of you again I flew in Yesterday from Florida where it was nice and Sunny and We were celebrating our
31.32 thanksgiving with at the beach and I was in shorts and a tee shirts and I was packing and put my coat my scarf and gloves and my long John underwear
46.8 because I'm going from here to siberia and so this is my acclimation point to winter but it's good to be back here at Katyn good to see all of you again so I
58.28 guess This is my fourth service for that I've only done three this morning said this is my fourth I've got one after this so it gets better today keeps going
68.84 a man was asked by Pastor Bruce and the team to come tonight or this afternoon and just talk about an experience I had when
79.52 I was a little boy and I wrote a book it's all back there called I saw it Happen we're Gonna talk about that but When I was a little boy I had an
90.25 experience and I don't talk about unless I'm asked because my testimony is not my message and so I had to make a little bit of a detour in my life to make sure
102.85 that I didn't get pigeonholed as we would say induced to the little boy that saw Heaven because there was more to me than that so few years ago almost ten
112.45 years ago I made the judgment that unless I'm asked where God tells Me I'd I Don't talk about it but since you Ask I get to talk about it tonight and so on
123.64 I didn't see everything in heaven only saw part of it it's like coming to London and that's If you saw everything in London and All I Saw was this part of
135.1 London and so you Go and talk about the part that you see and that's the part that I'm going to talk about tonight father We Thank you for a wonderful
143.53 afternoon we you that you will bring alive This experience that you gave Me by your sovereignty so Glad that you did but we all are very happy that we can
154.17 all go to heaven for ourselves once we accept christ and put our faith in his redemptive work that every heart and every mine be opened as we take this
164.04 journey we pray in Jesus name everybody said Amen if You have your Bibles which I'm sure that you do I'm going to read one scripture the Bible is full of
174.3 stories about people who I've seen into the other world and the other lives so have any vision or seen heaven or seen the other place called Hell is not an
188.4 unusual scriptural story throughout the old and New Testament there are those that recorded John was probably the most vivid one of all the reporters but
198.09 Paul's that in second Corinthians twelve and verse one it's not expedient for me to doubtless to glory I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord I
209.17 knew a man in Christ about fourteen years ago in this body or out I cannot tell only god knows for sure but such a one called up to the third Heaven if
219.58 there's a third heaven there's a second heaven and there's a second and there's a first heaven the first Heaven is the Earth and it's atmosphere the second
228.91 heaven is what I would call the spiritual realm that is right beyond physical eyes you since it more than you see at this time in your life the spirit
238.71 world is full of three citizens full of God and his angels lucifer and his demons and you so you operate and been influenced all the time by that second
250.44 have been more than you know the third heaven is the planet or the place called Heaven Heaven is not a place of floating clouds and three feet naked babies new
263.66 grapes as you would see in some of the paintings in the cathedrals of Europe and when you get to Heaven you'll find out that all angels about six to eight
275.87 feet tall they're not about this big their sixty eight feet tall some have wings and some don't and I met both kinds and when the wings on the angels
286.85 move it makes like musical sounds so sometimes when you're worshipping you think you're and the Heavenly Choir and the Heavenly Music You're probably with
296.55 some angels singing but it's not with the harps in the gums and all that it's just their wings moving as the air goes through it you'll say Amen or OH still
305.43 or you lost that it's always amazing research on this goes in this deep quite look at you like that I was eight years old when I finished
316.56 playing a game of baseball with my friends in Tulsa Oklahoma where I was born I Walk inside of My House to read four chapters in the book of Saint John
326.71 because in our home it was a part of How We Lived I was raised in a Christian family I was not fasting was not brain and didn't want to read I wanted to read
338.59 get it done and go back outside and play with my friends that was my mindset on this day I walked into my Room and Grab My Bible because at the end of each day
349.45 my family would ask me did you read the Bible and we have at least give four point one per chapter go back and read the porch address again so I was going
359.75 to read it mate middle put a mental notes of dinnertime the inquiry of what did you read and what do you remember if not we couldn't watch TV to go back and
371.18 read our bibles again and do report before we go watch our cartoons that's not called child abuse that's called train up a child in the way they
380.81 should go and they will not depart when they grow old I'm an example of growing old and have departed amen so I was trying to get my four chapters done so
391.98 if you go back outside and play with my friends when I sit down on the bed in my room a supernatural poll came around me up under my feet and pulled me through
405.69 the roof of my house and I could look down and see both the front yard and the backyard at the same time I was at high and I look down the street I could see
417.19 my Friends playing baseball or I'd been playing it in a few moments I begin to move at a high rate of speed and I went flying I guess through the universe
428.94 where I was going to this place that eventually would call heaven and so was I was flying for a few moments you could see things move you were going and then
441.41 I landed and when I landed a level outside of one of the biggest gate ever saw my life as a little boy I reached out to touch it to see if it was real or
453.08 just a part of my imagination but when I touched it it felt real it felt like a substance you had that feeling that it was a real a real thing a real place and
466.4 I heard these words this is one of the gates I turned to my right and there's still Jesus back or that staircase staircases for I was standing and he
478.42 began to walk toward me any said I want to give you a tour of heaven today and when he said that the gate was next to begin to open and he walked toward me
489.64 and if you walk toward me the gory or the presence of Jesus was so strong it caused you to almost cry In voluntarily it is begin to come out and he grabbed
505.35 me by my hand and walked toward me have we walked toward the gate and we walked inside of heaven the first thing I remember seen in Heaven was the golden
516.15 stream with the Golden curb with the flowers next to the curb that hummed when you walk past the flowers they all made small little humming sound now it's
533 not a Walt Disney productions here they don't have little baby mouths when they saying every few moments in heaven there comes a wave of energy life unknown
548.69 whatever word you want to call it and you can feel it and when it would come through the flowers I'm eight years old about the high so I'm close to the
557.57 ground More than you are now so I'm an eight year old had been this experience I'm not forty six haven't experience when I
568.07 tell it I tell it as a little boy go that's when it happened to me at a mirror walking by the flowers and you could hear little humming sounds coming
578.3 out of flowers as you walk by them and each flower was identically perfect to the other one without one Blemish and as we walked by it I remember looking at
591.82 the flowers and hearing them hum and I wanted to go touch him because kids like the touch things married have a chance before I looked up and a woman came
602.44 walking down the street when you get to heaven you will look the way you look now but without any imperfections everybody in heaven that I saw looked
614.32 like they were in their thirties is the way they look to me So if you're a hundred and two there's hope for you if you don't like a certain thing it's
625.34 going to be okay Guys Gotta make it all right for you Hallelujah only got forty mans on that point all right and this lady came walking down the
637.22 street and she walked up to us and said a few things to us and under arms and a little bundle one was a book and other thing was like in a bag or so I couldn't
648.96 tell what it was and she knew my name now knowing my name is a very difficult name because there is an s on my name I'm not just Robert Roberts that
660.24 happened to me because my parents and Evan Roberts we're close friends and my parents were the first students of the university in Tulsa to have a baby boy
670.8 and oral and Evan wanted to help name the first boy and the first Girl so I popped out first and so they named me after my Father Robert's after the
684.47 Roberts family Laden is my surname so Kenneth Roberts I've spent forty six years explaining that is everywhere I go so quinn these people inhabited walked
697.16 up to me they all knew my name and said it correctly and they all knew I was a visitor that I wasn't there to stay and the lady said to me she goes we're so
709.06 glad You're here Roberts Enjoy your visit and she walked off now the Golden Street when you look at it as it goes down a ways it almost turns into what it
721.42 looks like crystal clear look to it there's a golden miss to it but when you looked on Delhi's least that's the I remember it it looks almost crystal
730.3 clear the way the light the light and all that works and we walked off the street to go to one of the houses in Heaven Jesus said I make a mention for
742.02 you now a match at Buckingham Palace Mansion for you is a house that is appropriate and made to your liking it's not California track housing praise the
757.53 lord are bigger and smaller summer done differently but they're done in a liking that you would enjoy and we walk up to this house and we knocked on the door
769.73 because in heaven they have manners they don't float through the wall and go high they go outside the other door heaven and earth are very much similar
781.52 except for heaven is perfect and Earth has a lot of faults to it even the color of the grass is both green but the green of heaven is that there Essence of the
796.77 color of Green now I don't know how to explain that to you any more than saying it that way it is the green green the color of green are green is kind of pale
807.33 compared to the vital brightness of the color of the green and the grass and heaven and as a little boy Here's Ole boy think you know when you walk on
818.43 grass England don't have that much grass because it's winter here in America we have more summer and you walk on grass and you leave a footprint and eventually
828.04 the grass or move back standing up in heaven you can watch it jump back it moves faster so as a little boy I kept playing with the grass because you're
837.28 bigger footprint and you watch the blades of grass jump back faster than Earth grass so to me a little boy that was like that kind of cool look at this
848.11 because Oklahoma grass doesn't do that it displays down there for a long time you get bored with that new walk away Come back a day later and it looks
856.45 normal in heaven it moves faster it moves back like that when we not on the the home the door this home the man that owned the home opened the
868.69 door and embodied is in he knew it was Jesus and he knew my name and we walk in we walked into his house and it was decorated a lot like what we would do
882.46 here on Earth in many actions and some differences but the most amazing thing to me was the Sofa we would call it the couch when you sit in a piece of
894.52 furniture and heaven like you've already started doing this in there for fifteen minutes trying to find a comfortable spot in heaven when you sit down and I
904.15 sit down in the SOFA comfort lived in it and it reaches up and cuddles you while you sit on the Sofa and you never have to do any of
915.76 this to be comfortable because it's just wonderful city of those shares were in heaven you'd buy that chair and take it home because that chair would just be as
925.78 chemicals comfort lives in the furniture and you can feel it move as you sit on it and when I sit on the SofA and in the house he had pictures of his
938.74 family now some of these things you don't have to believe me but you have to believe in christ to go there to see that I'm right
945.92 I'm trying this is how I saw it is what portion I saw any pictures a couple pictures of family members that we're still on Earth
963.38 in its house the people on Earth and the people in Heaven are in two different locations but we're not absent The awareness of each other the people that
977 have gone on before you your brothers your sisters your family you're elderly folks in your family your friends that have gone on to heaven they are aware of
987.86 your Earth existence they are aware of it to some degree to what degree I cannot state but I'm well aware many talk about his family any pictures of
998.09 this phantom image of stone Earth in his house his house had books his house had other types of decorations in it so you don't just get a house and it is close
1009.65 at you it as Decoration furniture books Heaven and earth are so much alike in some ways that it will be surprising when you get there how similar they are
1023.33 so the man in the house talk more to to Jesus than to me because I was playing with the sofa Again I make years old I didn't ask theological questions I
1037.63 didn't try to figure out all the questions I get after telling this story did you see the marks in his hand I didn't look I was a little boy who like
1047.59 the grass and like the Sofa who was cuddling mean i kept moving around trying to outsmart it and it kept taking care of me when you find a sofa that
1057.67 moves you'll be very much entertained and so When Our Little visit to this man's home ended we got up and went out the back door of the man's house why I
1072.62 have no idea there's no scripture no revelation except for that's what we did we walked out the back door and that's when I begin to notice the plants the
1085.49 trees and the animals when you walk out when I walked outside The birds in the trees that were singing I understood what they were singing they didn't sing
1101.12 in English or they they still sing and bird talk we're going to call it bird language but you understood it there is no communication gap between Angels
1113.39 Saints and the animals are there there is a communication that is closer and easier for all the creation near worked with then we have here on Earth so when
1125.55 I walk by and saw the birds in the trees they were singing and I understood what they were singing people ask me well how
1133.23 can they be animals in heaven what I asked this question how can Jesus right back on a white horse if it's not there good evening
1146.46 so but I just don't i don't be animals in heaven that's because you don't like animals that are Gonna be there there's going to be all kinds of burns all kinds
1158.09 of Earth animals and there are some creatures there but don't even try to explain in the early days of me telling this story I would try to explain
1167.06 some of the other animals or the other creatures I would that I saw and it got weirder for the people so I just don't talk about it because I don't how to
1177.71 explain it in a way that it's understandable and there's so many other good things you can understand and relate to men be caught up in an animal
1186.41 or creature that has not on Earth but it it isn't heaven there is no fear in heaven there is no rejection in heaven the atmosphere all is supportive of this
1199.25 to me is the most wonderful aspect of heaven that I miss the most now the Sofa wasn't bad but to be in atmosphere that there is no resistance to you at all
1215.11 there is nothing in the atmosphere to pull a negative thought or emotion or attitude or feeling the whole atmosphere is absent of that type of happening or
1229.36 spirit or behavior so everybody in heaven is happy and they like each other praise the lord We'll be no Civil wars in Heaven praise the lord will be no
1244.73 conflict will be no fussing will be no fighting will be peace in heaven to be an atmosphere couldn't you stand up in it it's totally supportive of you the
1258.29 way you talk and interact and the way you move is a positive thing is the most beautiful thing that to me is the thing I miss the most by coming back is to be
1272.26 stuck in this queer an attitude could create a disposition a feeling of separation and awkwardness that may take weeks or
1288.37 months or never resolved in the natural and they're just there to meet everybody you meet and there's no quirk there's no
1297.13 I don't like your hair today I don't like this or that gets it's not there and it's not robotic it's just been in an atmosphere where that Is
1309.16 Press it We walked a little ways and we went to what I would call a prayer service it was five five or six hundred people you
1323.94 can tell the difference in heaven between Earth people and angels won because of their height all the angels that I saw the one that I have with me
1335.25 stands about six to eight feet tall everybody has at least one If your roommates you might get to if You're in a war you might get five or
1345.29 six I don't know but they come when you need help and we we use the name Guardian Angel an angel assigned to you to assist you I
1355.61 think everybody has at least one I think a different times you may have more than one corner what you're doing and what you have Nida and when Angels walk up to
1365.18 you they know that you're from Earth and you know that they're from Heaven This because of the heights some would wear different colored belts or sashes some
1378.17 of that early would have wings and some would not would walk up to Jesus everybody had a respect but a friendship type of relationship especially the
1392.58 Earth people the angels had more of a duty respect and an honorable type of disposition but people like you and I when we get there they'll be a respect
1404.26 but they'll be a friendship base in studied how you relate to Jesus and the angels all knew my name and they all knew that I was a visitor
1417.49 and I kept trying to play with the feathers of this one that was on my side now wouldn't you if there's a six foot creature standing here and it moves at
1434.9 its feathers are it's wings move and you're about that far from grabbing one wouldn't grab it you reach over and grab it and you try to pull it out but it
1445.08 wouldn't come out because I was raised around my family who raises chickens and if you put on a chicken its feathers will come out eventually well these
1455.69 angels brothers didn't budge nor did it seem to bug the Angel because I playing with it and the angel either didn't care or ignored me or whatever
1467.97 but this time eight years old and we walk into this building and they were singing song they were worshipping as you would call it in our expression
1479.79 everybody in this particular place where we were we're all doing the worship in their heart with everything they had in them
1491.31 We hardly ever see that on Earth people worship in degrees of personal release in Heaven it's whom it just blows everything about them and when
1509.83 they would start singing I would see little like sparkles come out of their mouth and go up into the air and when I would sing Same thing would happen with
1524.06 Me and I tried to grab the little Sparkles again I'm eight years old sparkly things GB grass and feathers are a big deal so was that move A bigger
1536.78 deal and so I would sing with them because I another song some songs I knew because they were Earth songs and some songs I
1548.94 knew because I just knew them some songs that we sing on Earth they sing in heaven there are some songs that were I guess we think that we're burst from the
1558.9 spirit of those moments when the family here and the family there became one and boom the song came out that's beautiful and so When you would think we created
1572.13 the substance called praise and worship praise and worship is not just something you do it's something you create that blesses the throne of God and when
1586.56 people are lost in it caught up in it may create that substance called praise and worship I wish every time we weren't we would get there but we don't we could
1602.36 it cost you a little much on Earth you can be aware of your Earth Stuff if you won't spirit Stuff if you Want Heaven and Earth to interact at certain points
1616.13 earth people have to get rid of earth controls and become free to move in the spirit and to go with whatever they feel in the response to create the sepsis a
1627.77 praise and worship I'm sure here lately there been times when that has happened and you've experienced it you goal that was a special service well yeah it was
1638.98 because you finally got there it couldn't be something that you could have every time if the majority of the people would pay that particular
1651.01 abandonment price to create that atmosphere revival has more than it's what we call or revival that's when things of the Spirit world become more
1661.8 consistent and more real and they begin to happen in a physical and felt way so I like it when the service ended at the top of
1675.72 this building was all of this praise and worship substance and shut up out of the roof I assumed it went to the throne or
1685.35 wherever it went but it didn't stay in the building and as we were leaving The people again knew my name and we begin to walk out jesus stands about five foot
1699.49 eleven six foot feet tall he has a beard and hair comes to about here and he has muscles you say why would you say that because I
1712.93 saw them they say what do you see the scars I didn't see scars I didn't look I saw biceps and That's The Way I Remember Jesus as I
1726.43 Walk through Heaven Jesus who laughs is what we call in the states a belly laugh that makes sense when I say from downbeat with a hearty laughter
1737.14 and the whole time I was around Jesus I never felt uncomfortable and it felt strange never felt awkward I felt totally at peace I'm with the feather
1752.76 sing in the service in the House Quiver I was that's The Way I felt when we got through here we went to another unique place that we have John
1767.01 the road later talk about called the river of Life the river of Life as far as I know is the only river in heaven but as many
1774.63 tributaries that go through Heaven and Jesus and I walked up to this Branch or tributary of the river of Life in Jesus stepped into it so I followed him and
1787.5 got into the river of life now the river of life does not go around you it goes through you because when you go swimming you're body is Waterproof
1799.38 your skin your body operates keeps what amounts you're a sponge that shrinks soaks up and falls to the bottom of the of the pool or wherever you're swimming
1809.07 but you're not life proof and when you step into the river like you could feel it go through your legs and you could feel the energy or the life you want to
1819.21 call that went through you you could feel it so you don't miss that when you get to heaven it's a great great thing to have it goes through you and feel
1829.62 that life for that energy is it so your legs now I'm about to tell you something that you may not like but it happened Jesus reached over and
1844.91 threw me under the water I came up splashed him back and we had a water fight in the river of life out of all the things that I share about this and I
1860.45 get lots of letters and emails this is the number one thing because how dare you splash Jesus and I must say he started it
1870.17 now as funny as it may be for of or other how dare you I dare because he started it an oklahoma country boy so when you splash me you get it back for
1883.44 me that was the moment When Jesus became my friend for an eight year old I understood water fights I don't understand theological terms I don't
1905.76 understand I love you terms understood actions that an eight year old processed as my friend that was the day Jesus became my friend and that is one
1922.34 reason why I do what I do today he's my savior but also as important to me personally he became my friend and he wants that same type of thing
1942 with you savior is the most important part but secondary issue being his friend and accepting him as a friend in your life can change your whole Christian
1957.24 experience your whole Earth experience you heard me say here at Katie before I'm a preacher because I like him I actually like Jesus I just don't love
1972.73 him I actually like him now for some people that may not connect the Dots very well but in my vocabulary that connects the Dots in a big way for me
1986.17 you can love somebody but not like you love your family but you don't lack some of them it was Jesus would fix maybe you should go first just a thought
1998.89 i like him and that was the day that Jesus became my friend it wasn't the SOFA it wasn't the prey service it wasn't that the
2015.06 thing I won't talk about it was the water fight in the river of life that said to me he wants to be my friend and its was that part of this experience
2032.02 that it's kept me in the ministry that it's ketamine following the Lord through the good moments that challenging moments all the emotional dramas that
2046.3 you go through in life what keeps me going is the end of the day when I go to my room I put my head on my pillow my friend still likes me I still like him
2059.56 and we still have this relationship that anybody could hit Jesus knows how to relate to every person in the most intimate way to you I may
2081.05 not know how to say the right words or by the right gift or be the right event in your life to make it a special thing for you I might miss it
2089.75 Jesus how to say do and show up at the right moment in your life the right way to let you know he's for you and he loves you
2108.5 and he's not going to walk away from you no matter what at all we got out of the river of life when we got through our little water
2119.33 fighter like fight or if you want to call it we got out and our clothes felt like they were wet as we stepped out in a matter of a few
2131.63 moments they were all dry that's pretty cool the best hair dryer all they care of We walked down this street and took a turn
2151.13 and I saw the biggest building I saw when I was in heaven at on this particular visit from the back of it that way back there
2164.39 I saw lightning being slung into existence as though don't know how to say it you could see Begin like somebody was throwing it it would form and it
2176.86 became a lightning as it left the back of the building and you heard a low rumble coming from the building and the lord said that's the throne room
2186.52 Building I didn't go in but I heard the rumblings and I saw light means being slung into existence where they went and what they did I don't know I had a
2199.99 speculation but I have know for sure about it now the second thing Better be probably the most challenging for you with my story
2212.9 is what I'm about to ten five to six hundred yards from where we were at the throne room building I walked into another building
2228.77 and when I walked in I saw body parts in the building eyes fingers all different kinds of body parts in this building Amazon little boy you reach out and
2250.4 touch on the unique thing about this building was it didn't have an awkward feeling or a weird sensation to it it was like okay
2262.7 as a little boy I walked in on these shelves here were blue eyes and brown eyes and different color eyes I can still see him right there on the shelf
2273.47 to sit in there and other body parts and I turned around to say what is it what what's what's all the I's here for what's all the other stuff here for
2291.37 any said district these are the unclaimed blessings now Jesus talks in the language you understand this kind of talk The kind of
2307.9 Talk I grew up with so he would use the language that I understood as an eight year old he will use the language you understand from where you've come from
2318.34 in your life experience so Jesus may never use the same type of verbiage use with me that uses with you but you'll get the point you'll understand he said
2329.56 to me these are the unclaimed blessings that belong to people on Earth who have not gotten that was made for them so in this building more body parts that
2346.55 people have need of in the Earth's iF your kidney is dead there's one for you if you're eye does not work there's one for you some of you need an
2361.46 adjustment in your body others need new parts you're new parts has already been created for you just need to go get it I
2371.65 told this story one time and and I made the off the wall comment which really was an awful lot if we ever see a body part come phone by you need a graviton
2382.03 put it where it belongs seems kind of ruins the moment when you say that but I do believe that if you're sitting at home in a body part comes
2394.12 floating by you need it I'll go grab it and put it where it belongs it's your body part or grab and go put the person next to you because they can't see you
2403.22 thought sticker and I'm getting a new heart liver kidney a new brain would be good for some people and so a guy was sitting out there in
2414.72 carnation like this here and we tell their story and I was little more animated in those days when I would tell it than I am
2422.09 Tonight I was more frequent than telling the story and I made the comment if a body part comes floating by and you need it
2434.49 grab it stick it where it belonged you got it that's what he thought I was a nut that's what he's out that guy they don't go to heaven he was smoking dope
2444.18 hideous thought I was tripping so good trip if I was I get a letter from him apologizing for his rudeness year in the service because
2459.82 they got left I'm only giving you more time to this guy says he went to Heaven I did was have a drug induced experience he was
2470.71 sitting at home and a kidney came floating by goes both of his we're dead he could and before I could think I heard your words grab it and put it
2481.72 where it belongs he said I reach out and grab it and stick it where it belong and I thought I was crazy he said that boy is got in my head
2493.23 he goes to the doctor and find he's got to do kidney that they don't know how he's got new body parts for these custom so let me just be real with you here if
2510.63 you need a body part Come floating by Rabbit and stick it where it belongs you got your part it's that simple That's the only
2526.04 took me the only unusual thing but I saw that was to me over the top when I was in Heaven I saw nobody floating in the air I saw no angels flying the air they
2543.38 they may but I did assume everybody knew each other We came out of that storehouse and we walked toward one of the other
2557.78 gates I could see not too far away then he turned to me Jesus did and it took both of my little hands on one of his other one on me
2576.98 and that's when he called me into the ministry at that moment he should I'm Gonna send you back to Earth to preach why they call you young
2594.89 I placed three goes inside of you you'll never be happy not going you must travel you must journey you must go and he said
2610.01 the word go three times go go go and each time he said it a new degree of fire warmth than Kinsey what you want to call it would inside my little body and
2625.25 it he said a few more things and he took a step back and I felt like I was on fire so it went felt wasn't painful but it
2642.5 felt like I was on fire he should not return and this is the only time I flew like this came up off the ground went over the gate and headed back to Earth very
2659.6 sad moment If I ever get to go again I'm not coming back if you raise me up go back and punch you and take off again when I flew up over the gate
2675.03 my Angel flew up next to me and introduced itself to me tell me it's name and I'm Gonna tell you because then you get weird right mind
2693.41 your stance about right here I can always feel my Angel I don't have fear of people hurting Me I don't have fear of danger a thing because I got a six to
2704.72 eight foot creature that for there and to me because I see my Angel met my Angel and I can since it it brings a security to me I can walk anywhere and
2717.86 doesn't bother me you can't touch me I don't die anyway I'm Gonna live under the Damn a die in the Meantime I have fun and the angel and actually I'm the one
2730.65 that's been assigned to assist you but I looked an angel said and I will not leave I will be there whether you see me or
2745.57 not I'll spend to your right other than that that's what he said he said a few more things about his work and at times others will come to assist
2765.14 us but I'm the one that will remain I shall not leave I will be with you others will come and go but I'm the remaining one who called himself the
2777.62 remaining one I haven't remaining won I think you do too I don't lower your standards my stands over here they don't get weird and start trying to
2790.2 feed them it's amazing we tell stories like these that we will start doing weird things around you I don't want anyone going
2800.48 because I'm trying to see your age I simply can't Angels as real as you are and I landed back in my body back in Tulsa Oklahoma i guess our hours
2821.93 have gone by I don't know how long I was gone but it had to be a period of time that it would take a half a day or more to do all that we did but it wasn't that
2832.28 long in my experience has been absent my family did not seem to be aware that I was gone nor did I killed this story until I was
2843.68 about seventeen years old because I didn't want you all to think I was crazy and even more so than that is it was personal to me and I was sitting
2857.09 in school and the lord said to me seventeen right what I showed you when you were eight and I have to be honest I said no not
2870.22 trying to be mean or rude but no because I know how people treat people that talk like this especially when you're seventeen now in a body parts sofas that
2880.93 move the river of life and fighting all of these things are not baptist dead Pentecostal new agers like it but Christians have a problem with it
2895.42 sometimes the other people who are tapping into the spirit world illegally on the wrong side have more of a relate ability to spiritual experiences than we
2909.96 who are born of the spirit which is an indictment of our spirituality not everything that happens to you in the spirit world was authored by God
2921.21 there is the counterfeit up there and you must be careful that you don't embrace the counterfeit and they embrace the legitimate
2929.9 the lord said when I wrote the book to things he told me he said one it'll become the evangelist arm of your ministry you are not an evangelist but
2943.13 it will do the work of an evangelist for you he said to it will fall run many visitations of the next generation A day in our world of Christianity there
2960.73 are more people having experiences like this than ever before because we're getting closer to a moment of a great transition when Earth as we know it
2974.17 shall come to an end and that which has been prepared for US shall come into the clearness of our site and we will make a
2983.44 transition leaving this Earth world behind and stepping into a freedom you've not known or the worst weights of the world is when I landed back in my
2995.23 body and all of a sudden you were contained and you were weighted your spiritual person has no containment like this body has and doesn't have the
3009.48 restrictions that's what you'll see in the Bible at times In the spirit the lord comes up on a prophet in the Old Testament he is taken out into the
3021.5 spirit world he is removed from the restraints and the weights and the heaviness and sensory control of this physical body to become fully aware of
3034.16 that spiritual world it is hard sometimes to see a vision even if you are prophetic Because the glare of your soulless eyes is always trying to
3049.02 dominate your site and you have to push through the scene of the natural into what is being shown to you spiritually hearing the voice of God here to get
3062.28 through all the Earth sounds and the feeling that your body speaks to you to hear the voice of God and that's why the train your spirit to be above the sound
3075.59 of your body senses and and it's a it sounds and this earth to hear distinctly the voice of God That's why everybody liked Europe how to hear God's voice
3086.36 it's quite easy the problem is your sensory voice is so loud and your other visitor things is so strong that you have to penetrate through that too seen
3100.58 here and do it distinctly see what you hear that Like many people have a mixture of their voice and God's voice that's why things are always work is
3114.89 easy because they assume it's all the lord and they didn't sometimes go back and review it from scripture and what you don't got to see where maybe you're
3124.37 so spoke little or another voice interrupted something or you added to it or you're trying to find a description or Interpretation
3140.06 and it messes it up a little bit once you've conquered this sensory realm and that the hour and it's easy for you to hear and see and you're not so much
3161.53 overtaken by as much as you yield to and with the spirit of the Lord he'll move upon you and you can feel they want to show you something you can feel it's
3174.85 presence or the knowledge of the spirit or the the moving inside it your movie one where the other hand I found those see a lot wish they
3185.08 didn't and those who don't see much want to see a lot because with everything you see here there comes responsibility for that
3195.67 more so of intercession labor then speaking labour the sights and the sounds of the spirit are harried more than announced in the
3212.03 years where one spends more time announcing it drawls a question mark to me if they're mature enough in what they're handling or if what they're
3224.18 seeing and hearing is not something from the spirit of God but a mixture of their spirit and God's spirit or counterfeit
3233.72 with the voices of people around about that make sense Heavens a real place everybody can go that wants to go but there is something you must do to
3253.63 guarantee your heavenly home it's not church membership it's not for chapters a day reading your bible like I was train growing up that
3268.03 wouldn't hurt you though but it's not a required The only way that a person has a security that when they leave this Earth
3280.66 and they go into the afterlife as we call it on Earth where they go up and not down because Heaven sits at the top of the
3291.49 universe from underneath it's foundation proceeds the universe We know The only way that you're guaranteed a heavenly home is through Jesus Christ
3310.24 I am a Christian I believe that the Holy Bible is God's written word for US today that it contains the oracle the announcement of God to mankind
3325.39 I believe that there is not for ways to have but one it's not through any other person but that of Jesus Christ he is the son of
3339.29 God who was sent to this earth to redeem mankind and to restore the fellowship of the father to man to these own sacrifice for our sins our judgments
3356.48 and our shames he wouldn't leave Kane and swim thirty three years of Earth life to display the heart of God toward mankind the Bible contains little small
3375.46 clips of Jesus as activities on this earth enough to let you know that when you hear Jesus talk and you see what I did when you walk this earth is to
3389.89 reveal the heart God toward man the Angels declared the day that he was born peace on Earth Goodwill toward man guns will toward us is good he is not angry
3409.32 at you he is not coming to get you he is coming to bless you coming to heal you coming to love you coming to give you an
3418.53 accent you are looking for that no man can give you we call that in our Christian circles salvation we called up another term the
3430.74 born again experience where one passes from spiritual death under spiritual life by doing one thing by putting their hope and their faith what little you may
3446.07 have isn't In Jesus Christ and what he did and by saying with whatever further upstream you so desire I accept Jesus accept what it did for me
3463.51 make it is Earth life a personal thing to you that you believe that he is the son of God he came to Earth he died on a cross that was not his but Ayers and
3479.43 bear the sin the judgments the wrath of God that is due to every one of us he took it himself on the tree that if we would just believe him and accept him
3495.06 everlasting life would come to the one that believes it does not cost you money it is COS your church attendance or bible reading salvation comes by with
3510.07 sincerity of heart looking up in the face of Jesus the best way that you know how insane I accept you I want you come into my life give him the invitation
3526.27 with the words of your mouth to come in to your life your heart you're thinking you're existence and if you open that door he will come in no matter you are
3540.44 or what you have or have not done salvation is that simple and that easy when you say mister Laird you know how bad I've been and I don't
3554.3 want to know because I can do nothing about it the only person that can do anything about the things that you've done that you're ashamed of
3564.98 is Jesus and the best thing I can do for you tonight here's the point you take him to my best friend in forty six years of my life
3580.87 he's always been kind to me he's always been good to me he's never left me even in my faults and my mistakes even in my angers and my confusions he's remain
3594.7 true exactly what he said in the written word and when I spoke to my ears a little boy I have no fear of death death to me as a
3610.03 graduation moment of life I have finished my Earth walk and I finally get to play this crappy thing down so sorry this heavy physical body down
3624.82 and get rid of all of it's restraints all of this rebellious desire all of its poles and yang that we have to deal with and bring it to control it I get to have
3638.61 a mind that is not pulled by rejection or flattery or wrong things I get to have an emotional life that is free to feel and express and enjoy once and for
3654.86 all forever you don't Wanna miss that I know some you have no idea what that is like but it's good and that word sounds so small compared
3669.64 how good it Is to walk on the golden streets yourself in here the flowers hum to up by the trees when the birds are singing and
3681.07 know what they're saying to be able to see all the people who have died before you your family members maybe a cousin maybe a child that died
3697.57 when she was quite small i didn't see this but others that have been have spoken and written about a place where children aren't heaven those that are
3710.74 aborted those that have died for whatever reason why they were still a child they get to go to heaven too and they're raising one
3722.05 of my friends he said is the children's part of Heaven I I I didn't see it so I don't know that I do believe it's possible you saw site and the people on
3735.22 the angels take care of the kids as they mature and grow and so forth so if you had a little child of yours it died when
3744.4 he was she was a baby or toddler i know that's painful but you'll get to see them again and It'll be a wonderful happened in your life
3755.5 The most dear person in my Life thus far has been my Grandmother I did not know my grandfather he died when I was a year old my grandmother died in two thousand
3770.29 and three at ninety three years of age and she is a lot of the reason why the way that I am her and my mother my grandmother the last forty five years
3783.28 of her life she had dementia are old timers if you'd understand he died twice to me the day she didn't know me anymore while she was still alive was very very
3795.27 tough moment in my life and then she became scared of a male voice when I came to visit her I couldn't even talk or she would get scared A deep voice
3806.36 The last four years of her life there was not much communication not much praying together as we done since I was a little boy
3818.53 it was a very very sad and tough time for myself and my my immediate family but I'll get to see her again probably in her thirties
3833.8 she talked a lot for being seventy eighty and ninety but thirty will never get her quiet for a Christian when someone goes to
3846.4 heaven before you it's not they're gone it's called I'll see you in a little while I'll see you in a short time so don't don't don't You Said I know we
3860.77 Grieve in the natural but you'll spend eternity with them a lot of other people there are some people we been praying form
3869.11 and we sit there on their deathbed and you ask him one day you're Gonna live want to be here yes we all and them we're praying and we're
3879.22 believe in we're doing our thing and then you get the phone call they're Gonna ever happen to anybody and the new kind of feel like you didn't pray enough
3888.97 didn't plead the blood and all the things you go through here's what I think happens more than you know they got a glimpse of the other side and as
3900.76 much as they love you they don't love you that much you understand that comment they love you but if you get a glimpse of the
3911.14 other side at that moment you like I love you but by and you're out of here so don't feel bad I don't act like it's your fault or you didn't pray or and
3923.27 because sometimes that guilt thing comes on Us and I could see some on you here tonight let the guilt go they got a glimpse they got a taste they love you
3936.98 that much that is I'll see you in a few years and they took off they're not crying they're having a great time there enjoying the animal Angel the other
3951.05 saints that other family members that are participating in the service is probably at the front of a god worshipping in a most visible and
3958.37 powerful way ever had about as close as we close now if you're here tonight and you say brother Robert's I'm not sure but if I were to leave this earth
3977.5 tonight that heaven would be my afterlife home and I want to be sure that when I leave this earth that heaven is my home I'm not talking about membership of the
3996.94 church I'm talking about accepting Jesus as your savior and friend if you're not sure and you want to make sure tonight than a year to leave this
4010.72 earth that heaven will be your home and you won't have that assurance inside of you with no doubt would you raise your hand and say pray for me anybody in this
4023.22 room tonight God bless you slip your hand up and not trying to embarrass you God bless you God bless you there anybody Else I want to make sure
4032.38 but I am heaven bound when I leave this Earth anyone else god bless you there in the Balcony God bless you I ask everybody this just
4048.28 open their eyes stand up on their feet we just kind of stand for a moment makes it easier for people to move around our musicians could come
4056.98 if you raise your hand and you want me to pray for you and help you with that would you be real bold and come and stand here in front of me this
4069.93 trip out of the balcony from the main four you want to bring your friends with you that's fine just step out and make your way here to the front for a few
4076.96 moments god bless you come up Bless you Thank you Sir Roger how are you What's your name come down from the balcony from the main
4090.92 floor more wait for you about it helped me turn to the person got this you thank you for coming come on come to Jesus come to make your life so
4104.36 pure heaven is your whole middle middle middle in I'm in on everybody gets to on from the mobile command from the back air but ask your
4114.11 neighbor you need to go up there are you sure have your and they can't get a good yes bring em down god bless you come on
4121.46 come on you can't say a good guess come on come on come on We want to make sure heaven is your home we want to make sure that you're on your
4138.15 way to heaven hell is not made you haven't made for you God bless you come out come out come to Jesus come on happen to your whole
4149.79 god bless you God bless you God bless you Thank you God bless you for you put out in a hurry heaven is made for you Jesus most of your friend and savior
4173.88 tonight good things happen when people accept Jesus hey man I ever got me one more time ask your neighbor are you sure you don't
4186.24 need to go down there they can't give a good yes you come with encourage you all saved you sure sure right anybody else god bless you come on good good our
4204.18 little one god bless my little man Hallelujah anyone else we can't force people to get asked you a whole lot it's not church membership I'm talking
4223.77 about not becoming their religious weirdo that's done it it's accepting what Jesus did for you personally and he'll make the connection between you
4238.17 and the father and you'll pass from spiritual death and the spiritual life and that is the greatest miracle of miracles reborn again
4251.99 Father We Thank you for blessing these have come forward I thank you that is I pray for them and your spirit will come upon them and interview them and father
4271.26 I think you tonight that they will recognize they will have passed from spiritual death under spiritual life and that Jesus Christ will pick up a
4282.99 spiritual residents in their heart and their life and they will no longer belong to the world or to the devil but they become
4293.61 your positive property your friend in an intimate way holy spirit witness to their spirit that you accepted them and then they are part of your wonderful
4307.14 family here heaven and Earth we pray we thank you for that but our per counters come and stand behind these that are here We have our four counselors which
4320.29 ones you have come forward look at me just for a moment about it's done him that I ask to look at me open your eyes you can look at Me God bless you I won't
4329.2 ask you to go to a prayer room for five minutes okay in the back okay they're going to answer any question you may have about heaven and a new birth
4339.73 experience so when you leave here today you have a confidence that that what you said yes to is yours forever amen So if
4350.05 I had the time I would talk to each of you personally but because I don't we have good people in this church that like you they actually like you too and
4360.76 they're going to pray with you and help you and if you have any questions whatever it is asked them OK don't leave without asking that question your
4369.37 friends can go with you it's perfectly fine a man who's going lead them to the premise that you're Christian or that you're Gonna do some areas it is nicely
4376.15 in this yellow Blouse which end up in the air see this lady right here everybody followed that hand and that blouse to the program then let's go this
4384.06 way come on God Bless you God Bless you Sir will be all right God bless you Thank you can look at complex you're viewing
4395.1 public amen Amen and Amen and Amen well did you enjoy that Girl Wanna go to heaven now where we're going there Gonna be fun father bless them that have come
4408.6 coming tonight and again witness to every heart that is here they are part of your great family inherited a nurse and that assurance of salvation and
4419.94 eternal life come afresh over everyone here we pray in Jesus name and everybody said i'm a Christian
99999 End



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