Sid Roth - Out of the Mental Institute

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Out of the Mental Institute

00 is there a supernatural dimension a world beyond the one we know is there life after death two angels exist In our dreams contain this
25.35 can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural are healing miracles real sit rather spend over thirty five years researching the strange world of the
41.5 supernatural June said for this edition of supernatural Welcome to my World where it's naturally supernatural other such a presence of
64.12 God Hunt Said I believe it's going to go right through your television right now as a matter of fact now there's an insidious enemy that most people have
73.75 some haven't even identified this enemy and there's the enemy is called fear it's stopping you from achieving your destiny it is stopping you from selling
83.14 out completely to the kingdom of Ev Stop stopping you from having supernatural peace while my guest has had plenty of reasons to be fearful two on two
93.5 different occasions doctors have said you are going to die from the disease that you have but my guest has conquered this enemy and has a mandate from God to
107.54 teach you to conquer this enemy he tells me that he has not experienced here in ten years how would you like to be like i was telling my guest that this is what
132.55 he went through is so amazing that there should be a hollywood movie about this you're you're Gonna be so sharp is a nice all American kid football swimming
147.46 good grades and then out of the blue something happens he's sliding one day and he slides right into a car and his damaged physically and he'll never be
161.49 better and his whole identity is lost he can't be an athlete anymore and then he starts running with the wrong crowd and drugs and guns and violence and
176.37 fortunately he didn't die many of his friends died in high school that he was running with but as a result of what he went through only snapped he lost his
190.19 ability to function as a human so they put him into the Delaware State Institution for the insane and they decided the only thing they could do was
203.32 an electronic lobotomy that means he would be confined to being about a three year old for the rest of his life two days forest alongside me and like
221.77 courageously shares that guys with him and gary what's setup for our salvation either understand what he was doing but all of
234.37 a sudden after that prayer was in their right mind so he goes to the Doctor cause two days he's Gonna have there's a bottom end what happened garrick end up
244.57 in the doctor's office and telling them exactly what happened here I Am I'm telling them I've got long red hair long beard and take my hand restraints all
252.7 feet restraints and I said guys look like models sound said how you get a sound mind I said Jesus came in he says hearing the voice of the Guy You're
263.44 hearing voices tell guy address these mental it very so I'm not hearing the voice of God So I mean the Guy gun purchases those posts as well Susan
277.34 write something on this pad I could tell the guy did not believe China launched over the game and I Big Guy on the phones than a glance what a mental
284.66 patient does so Anyway I mean how many how many other people act like don't have to get born again so anyway so here I AM and they put me back in restraints
295.82 I gone back to isolation they've shot me up again with the drugs they knocked me down with and here I AM and they put me in this car door going back to my
304.58 solution word which Right I mean that's where I lived I lived isolated cell and they took the restraints off my hands and my feet and said I heard on audible
315.77 voice to me I'm standing in the middle that Hallway and I hear this voice say run one a mental patient so I'm thinking where if I were ever thinks Padlock
327.77 we're good I mean I'm in a caged area they've got padlocks on all the walls of the doors everything if I Go back and forth I got about fifteen The run if I
336.12 Go back and forth this wagon five feet so I get this next I run I hear again and I look over to my left and there's a door that had several dead balls on a
347.16 chain lock and it was taken off and moving and I ran out of the state hospital that day went into that celerity more the more trusted inmates
355.59 were mental patients and and so and I remember that because when the state police cruiser brought me in months ago I remember saying there was more more
364.74 stable people so I I run in there and I said I'm on Iran to hear if you've got it on me so diverse it's huge blue pea coat
376.46 over on me that big boat true size fourteen fifteen years I've guy anyway so I'm running out of that and I'm thinking they're going to think a run
384.72 for the mental hospital I mean i got probably state hospital shirt pants you know so I took my beard and put your overcoat on a book and I
395.05 walked straight out in the garden of the mental hospital grounds Dad Listen this once it gets out of car scanning great for him quickly when I
405.55 ran right in the middle that road and the car went through me the next thing I do I'm on the Sidewalk and I'm thinking what's that and I saw this car pull over
414.85 off the side the road so I thought all medical term again so I started running down the road but many years later when a woman that was in that car was a
423.31 psychologist in this state hospital she was a regular psychologist and she Saw a man with red hair and deep blue eyes come up on your windshield and she
435.18 thought that she said all a sudden his body pissed court and she was shocked got over on the side of the road and an audible voice spoke to her do not turn
445.98 him in he belongs to me now what's that saying God did this for gary loves you as much heat while he ran ran and then it came
459.32 back because god told them to come back and they tested and they lead on out but I'm going to tell you something he had an encounter with overcoming fear he has
470.33 a mandate to teach you to overcome fear of everything don't go away we'll be right Yeah Eighty percent of Briere needs are the
487.48 result of people living in fear now gary whetstone wants to help you overcome fear that keeps you from walking in the supernatural power of God call now and
495.88 get gary wet stones anointed book and forth aren't audio CD teaching make fear bout yours for a donation of forty five dollar shipping and handling using
503.4 included ask for offers number nine one seven nine through this book and four part audio CD teaching you will understand how fear can keep you from
511.15 realizing God's destiny and purpose for your life gain control Your heart and mind not entertained viewer be set free from Guilt Shame and past failures began
520.42 to walk in supernatural fate that yield supernatural confident and these overcome fear and receive your healing deliverance supernatural provision and
528.61 every blessing God has for you if you don't know how to bring fear down under your feet and break it then you will live a life crippled by your history by
540.55 appearance and by circumstance receive in importation of God supernatural love that will give you power to make fear bow to God's destiny and purpose for
549.01 your life don't Miss out on getting very wet stones anointed book and four part audio CD Teaching make fear bow yours for a donation of forty five dollar
557.44 shipping and handling is included passport offer number nine one seven nine goal or you can send your check to sid Roth it's supernatural P O box three
565.57 nine to two to Charlotte North Carolina two seven eight please specify offer number nine one seven nine or log on to sit rock dot or call today we now we
576.86 turn to That Rafael Doctor Gary what's stone and we found out that he had an amazing journey to know the messiah so he he gets
592.84 married and everything is fine but see he had an encounter he knew that God was real but he was not disciple and at a party one who takes one night and all
608.74 that craziness comes back In your wife couldn't handle it and so she's to force him and at that day to force what did you say to the judge on standing before
626.27 the judge any sense you have anything to say about your divorce is said yes he says we raise your right hand channel revive it and I said no I want to read
633.95 it when they said we don't do that escorts I said no I'm going to read it because the Bible says the first Corinthians chapter seven if She'd Part
641.39 let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband and I said oh no the court record today I'm going to meet her and legally married amazed by
648.94 myself well actually judge thought of that but worse than that after the divorce is granted he asked talk about huts but that's a hebrew what major
659.35 nerve asked is why for a date bookmarks so he prays and he fast and he gets disciples and although your wife US have been very fearful of going back to Yale
673.92 as crazy as she had such tremendous fear as a matter of fact she knew that if she came back to me she had to trust God completely to restore everything in her
685.65 life and our fellowship with God and me that God would take US on a new journey that our marriage would not be for ourselves that would be for the kingdom
693.09 of God for the person of Christ and that the people that have been gripped by fear by tragedy and Trauma in line We would give our lives to see their lives
700.7 delivered but God gave her grace to come through that as I fasted and prayed I saw a miracle of God she became born again spirit filled when she trusted to
710.25 remarry me it was like stepping over a cliff she said the fear was overwhelming and God gave me answers to fear and conquering it in People's lives whether
721.13 was tragedy trauma torment confusion it doesn't matter where it came from from natural it's it's stimulus in life Prognosis of a doctor somebody saying
731 you're insane mean and pestering a church two and a half miles from the mental hospital that I was in I'm a gone very far in life just down so but but
741.23 you know what interests me the most is this mandate you received you were you at a meeting you got some two thousand and prayer requests and you found a
750.5 common theme in these prayer request I'm holding a meeting in Earls Court which is a huge coliseum in London on prayer and I asked our church like a two
760.47 thousand per request I take with me as I'm studying these I see that seventy percent of all the causes are rooted in fear of what people needed prayer for
770.4 and I began step by step the spirit of God began to lead he said I saw how fear had crippled demeaned people I watched the reality of it is prayer request that
782.25 whole week a prayer that I lead in Earls Court was a breakthrough of fear of breaking fear Torment and confusion has been over People's minds you studied
792.33 every scripture on fear everyone and it but tell me something was this just a good important thing to do or how much God it's it I said God gave me a mandate
804.87 to go step by step see every person's life that encountered fear gideon was a man of great fear that God called him a great men of valor and but it was the
815.34 fear of being the poorest in the house in Manassas It was the fear of how could god do the miracles when I've never seen it and yet the fear of stepping over to
824.03 the supernatural realm God gave me insight and access on how to deliver people from that fear to access the supernatural power of God that kept me
833.79 that acronym that God gave you about fear F false ie evidence a appearing are real say it in a sense false evidence appearing real that is so simple and yet
850.84 so profound what is that meteor that means to me that people trust in the natural world it speaks to them one event but God has an entire other event
861.64 planned as long as that fear does not dictate to and sometimes as a doctor's diagnosis sometimes as a prognosis of a situation that they can't see any other
870.31 way out it could be a bill they deal with it could be a financial catastrophe about to occur and the fear it could be some failure they've had their past that
878.75 is that they feel they might be going back to that speaking to them and God's given US clear and decisive instruction on how to set them free from every cause
889.19 now you told me over the last ten years you have not had fear really mean that said I have not had fear aren't you afraid of sickness aren't you afraid of
900.29 death I was in Nigeria about two and a half years ago coming up a hill and I stop breathing I couldn't breathe anymore so I flew back home and the
909.97 Doctor comes in pull the Knowledge Us and he says gary have lung cancer three months to live three months at best my wife is on a trip overseas as well for
918.91 several months so I Can't Tell Anybody and I said to the Doctor I said You're not that's not true he said what you mean it's not true he said I didn't
927.25 practising on just a practicing pullman apologist for twenty some years I said it is not true I saw my Death and I do not die from lung cancer had a vision of
938.81 how he was going to die but I have if you don't need a fission all you need is the word of God says you shall live not die as a client that works that the lord
948.29 that's for you I'll tell you what when I come back I Want I want gary to tell me now how many tumors inside the U eighty did you hear that eighty coolers Fourth
962.14 and tawdry years three months to live by they wrote back our world is rife with comparisons about what separates US Day after Day We go
982.27 about our lives with tunnel vision but scripture tells us how Messiah broke down the wall between Jew and gentile allowed for the creation of one knew me
990.88 wondering humanity this spiritual completeness is set to Usher win the greatest move toward god the world has ever known said rob has discovered
1000.12 scriptures key to reaching the Jewish people with God's love when did humanity open to That Signs and Wonders and all will see the evidence of the invisible
1010.02 God Protestant scripture at Rock Dot Org York one mentoring tools to empower you to share how one new humanity is critical to bring in the multitudes to
1020.49 know God you'll understand Israel and the Jewish roots of the church and how all the nations of Europe will experience blessings In human history
1029.37 log onto to rock dot org today and learn how my new man is the key to unlocking God's greatest blessings Many viewers Report testimonies of Miracles signs and
1040.12 Wonders and Helix as a result of watching it super natural and put to news this morning I watched supernatural about injuries in line for it I mean
1050.54 kind God healed me at stage four inoperable cancer it is a real blessing to have it's supernatural to watch each week if you've been touch through
1060.07 watching it supernatural share your testimony at Sid Roth Dot ORG Forward Slash Praise we now return to how would you like to in a foreign
1076.56 country and have a doctor say you got eighty tumors and you have about three months to live good opportunity to be fair for what happened to you gary said
1089.31 God gave me such a conviction and my spirit that it was not cancer and it turned out it wasn't I'm the only white person alive that they have diagnose
1098.76 this disease with anywhere that they know of an East coast and now they found that the last time they did an MRI of my lungs darts down due to the size of a
1107.63 pinpoint no chemotherapy nothing whatsoever god just moved miraculously God has gone that is so critical in this is that when there is a voice of fear it
1122.51 can be a diagnosis for many in these countries that you reach into it can be a Juju it can be someone who's bringing curse of decrees of death upon a person
1131.3 it can be the fear I'm treading into areas of reaching their family's history that has created such a a tor may find out heart trouble rugs that a family
1141.69 dots right oH as tell me tell me what was wrong with your father you know that's shorthand for saying you're going to curse right exactly and these curses
1150.15 are so real because we adopt them we accept them as standards as reality false evidence appearing real so and we need to know the difference that the
1159.69 greater one lives on the inside of us that the love of God that is penetrated our hearts is more supernatural than any voice that speaks against US as a father
1169.83 I would never put a disease or my child as a father I would never see My Child go and want as a father I'd never see My Child go into a car crash into some
1179.15 disease or some prolific situation it destroys our life and that's how God's love is in US it is the power of God to rise up and conquer fear because perfect
1189.47 love casts doubt all fear you must understand that fear is a voice that wants to paralyze us from the purpose and plan of God in our life if we are
1200.4 stopped by fear at any juncture we are not able to take the next steps God has given me the keys to break the bands so the fears that crippled the minds of men
1211.35 who would you would you teach on one or two of these keys right now would you do that one of them is simply the presence
1221.04 of natural Information as you see it and the voice that you hear because as a spirit behind that natural information and God's given us power it says in
1230.93 Romans chapter Eight God never gave us a spirit of bondage again to fear but one that cries out of a father daddy God that we are not limited so there's a
1241.28 spirit that induces fear number one priority and I'm reminded the scripture says God has not given us the Spirit you see the word of fear It actually is a
1252.73 spirit we think it's ourself we think it's everything but what it is it's a it that's an enemy and it must be conquered and it's conquered by the indwelling
1263.17 nature of christ within us the action when his name the name Jesus Joshua and the power of the spirit that God has given to us then there is fear that
1271.99 comes by trusting the natural flesh are not capable of overcoming this I'm not able of deal able to deal with this and that here that comes by trusting in our
1282.13 intellect and our natural ability but we're not natural said we are super natural children of God endowed by him with the power of the resurrection life
1291.67 of Almighty God I have to tell you can I can I tell you a confession go ahead I'll tell you a confession to and I'll tell you a confession to I don't have
1301.3 the ability that you say may demonstrating every way I doubt and I learned a long time ago that never will but if I Lean on God he always helps me
1314.98 out so I could I could be fearful knowing that I'm I'm kind of limited in my abilities think with that but I'm on my my family said you are cycling
1325.93 through our unlimited power of God is so overwhelming in every believer it they just access and become aware acknowledge A life nature christ
1340.94 that is within God has given US life post mortem think about it we began after death we don't begin with this life we begin after death having
1351.56 conquered held death in a grave and we are more than conquerors through him who loves us so there is nothing in this earth there's nothing from hell there's
1360.05 nothing from man or disease that has the power to stop a child of god We are supernatural like Gary Scary have seen with your own natural eye so many
1372.7 miracles tell me about ice that you see I've watched God We had a crusade over in Zaire which is now the Democratic Republic of Congo and we lined up sixty
1384.31 seventy people that have Milky Gobs in Your Eyes no eyeballs at all we're on national television on the presidential steps and the spirit of God spoke to me
1393.34 to have them video All the eyes before God moved and that we prayed for God to just demonstrate the power to create eyeballs and god put new eyes and every
1403.73 one of those people we had such a flood of tens of thousands of people across the land coming to christ it was such an overwhelming they brought the military
1412.94 out to try to stop the hordes of people from coming to the steps of the thousand and present now let me ask you this money that's a big hot potato with a lot
1422.12 of people today can't you Wanted you had to raise four and a half million dollars it there is no way you could raise theirs and then you started teaching the
1432.11 members of your congregation how to prosper what happened God spoke to me to invite twenty families to our living room one of the people that came to our
1441.17 living room I help bail out of jail from prostitution stand another one we were helping pay their electric bill because they couldn't pay their electric bill
1448.82 another one we were helping them pay their rent Because it couldn't pay the rent there wasn't one person in those twenty families that had the capacity of
1456.75 getting anything but disappeared a god spoke to me didn't tell them that God was putting into their hands each one of them over twenty thousand dollars to
1465.99 donate and they were to stand up in front of the church the next day and tell the entire congregation there giving up to a half a million dollars
1474.83 and they want the church to match it with them and we're talking people that had no money and within thirty days the first came out next three days million
1485.44 dollars we had people that never saw money flood into their lives one family gave over eighty thousand dollars that was when we help pay the electric bill
1493.82 within the first sixty days the spirit of God flooded that place and just horde out such wealth it was overwhelming said
1502.95 Justice see one point from the God crippled don't voice of the bank thing that you'd have this money were taken that property but we're coming into some
1512.34 pretty rough times on planet Earth if you haven't noticed but these are going to be the best times look God doesn't want to make you a millionaire just to
1523.38 make you a millionaire you have a greater you have a higher purpose you have a higher destiny you just think the gods got a sugar daddy that's going to
1532.81 just make things wonderful for you that purpose you have a purpose much greater than all the money in the world you're ever debts that you have a fingerprint
1541.96 unlike anyone that has ever existed before our after you and no one can do what you can do so why are frittering away or life do nothing when you could
1554.08 have everything everything is knowing that Jesus died for your sins knowing that you are righteous because Jesus lives inside of you hearing God's voice
1565 and fulfilling your destiny there is no close second so come to your senses your mother didn't raise that dummy they choose your live like Geez I sure law
1578.55 Eighty percent of Briere needs are the result of people living in fear now gary whetstone wants to help you overcome fear that keeps you from walking in the
1590.97 supernatural power of God call now and get gary wet stones anointed book and forth aren't audio CD teaching make fear bout yours for a donation of forty five
1599.91 dollar shipping and handling is included ask for offers number nine one seven nine through this book and four part audio CD teaching you will understand
1607.53 how fear can keep you from realizing God's destiny and purpose for your life gain control it Your heart and mind not entertained viewer be set free from
1615.87 Guilt Shame and past failures began to walk in supernatural fate that yield supernatural confident and these overcome fear and receive your healing
1624.18 deliverance supernatural provision and every blessing God has for you if you don't know how to bring fear down under your feet and break it then you will
1634.32 live a life crippled by your history by appearance and by circumstance receive an importation of God supernatural of that will give you power to make fear
1644.43 bow to God's destiny and purpose for your life don't Miss out on getting very wet stones anointed book and four part audio CD teaching big fear bow yours for
1653.73 a donation of forty five dollar shipping and handling is included passport offer number nine one seven nine goal or you can send your check to sid Roth it's
1661.59 supernatural P O box three nine to two to Charlotte North Carolina too late to seventy eight please specify offer number nine one seven nine or log on to
1669.78 sit rock dot or call today Next week it's supernatural my guest says when you are infused with this supernatural hope it doesn't matter what
1686.16 the doctor told him it doesn't matter what your finances are you have got super that hope in every circumstance life I can't wait to hear these
1701.31 frequencies how about you
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