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00 Broadcasting of the unshackle studios and that this is rooms were talking about the unshackled top next year's team will Jamie is the founder and editor of the
21.31 Australian National Review an independent news website similar to around here at the unshackled dot net he is based on the Gold Coast Queensland
29.56 where there is a large pro freedom and Anti globalist Community Jamie has recently launched his own video show the McIntyre report he comes from the
39.79 entrepreneurial world and is currently a business an investment coast swear these twenty first century Education Project and he is the author of a number of
50.24 ebooks on business and entrepreneurship said Jamie welcome to Wales front Thanks Sam it's such a pleasure to be here and now you Lord said the Australian
63.05 national review in in twenty Thirteen it's no relation to the U S A conservative magazine the the National Review and I have to say it's a very up
76.22 to date with the latest in the the US election results counts we should refer to it as because as I said in my Introduction Joe Biden is only present
89.72 elect according to the mainstream media social media and libelous leaders there because as our Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared him a present election
102.53 cited Boris Johnson But Account is still ongoing and the electoral college doesn't meet until December Yeah Surveys Interesting Times and I I
113.16 said in a video few days ago that is an embarrassment for Australia that our Prime Minister was one of the countries around the world that has no
121.86 congratulated Joe Bryan winning the US presidency when you know it's it's still fake use this tommy has a one as you mention there there's multiple states at
130.23 a too close to call some day you're such as Arizona they called For A biden when you're looks like trouble end up winning
137.24 that state so uM there it was renamed mainstream media's predominantly extreme left wing and the bias made is it just that I even try and hide the bars
147.41 anymore but it's not just mainstream media no team the other tech giants rate on it that I like that i trump to win winner has bit like they Wanna tell US
156.83 voters are who we have to accept as a as the leader of the free world so to speak And and What I just switched to a communist system you know why even have
167.14 the illusion of democracy if they're not Gonna support democracy I mean i don't care what so politics people are on as long as I'm sure we'd all agree tim we
176.92 need to support fair and honest elections and we have not seen that in the USA and no one can say there's no voter fraud in the US are just nonsense
183.52 mean the matter evidence of voter fraud that went got it I an hour alone I may would have to spend months talking about it even get through it all I mean and
192.47 that's why the reasons I put up a ten million dollar challenge to anyone that wants to prove me wrong that the reason voter fraud going on eight so um it in
200.6 it's arrive we saw his should never be called up president elect Joe Biden yet until such time as it happens we don't know who's Gonna be the next president
209.3 but if CNN to CNN etc they seem your chosen their chosen one for us and don't really care what the voters had to say I well one of my commenters PC lakes
220.21 pate said fox news is dead and they were actually the first call Arizona for biden actually a scene in actually hasn't called Arizona yet for biden even
237.41 though North Carolina of cancer but nearly one hundred percent of the vote trump is ahead by a seventy five thousand votes they still haven't called
246.79 I North Carolina for Trump and at the air pates their view is shared by many who he believed that this election is when Fox news the so called evil Right
259.93 Wing Murdoch and network became part of the the globalist media are late they they cut away from Trump's the press secretary when she started talking about
274.69 voter fraud they they first did this with the with Trump sign Press Conferences and at the same price today and for USA networks to suddenly break
286.79 from a live broadcast to engage in alleged fact checking I just absurd I mean this guy's a show like yo that what they doing I basically
297.86 think they're above the power of the president they basically think they have the right to choose who the President Is and this height and arrogance not just
306.95 when mainstream media but from the tech giants such as Facebook etc and maybe their arrogance is well placed because perhaps they have chosen who their past
315.71 presidents of most of the U S have been and and other countries for a long time maybe they do have the power but they told us all along that Joe Biden was
324.44 Gonna win in a landslide in that fake fake paws are told is that as well but once again they were wrong There was no landslide victory to biden and they can
334.44 simply roll but they continually despite that want to push fake news at that joe bonds next president when you is recounts automatic recounts and it is
344.44 there's the matter legal issues to be resolved before he would be become prisoner and Ah there's still some doubt whether he will be but clearly
352.26 you know it's it's pathetic with their voter fraud is going on any Mainstream media team you know it our independent truly independent a beguiling like Hello
363.12 let's make sure that this is a ferret on a selection that order investigate any those are no valid claims I have some validity just we ensure that way the the
373.59 right wind with the right person right a present is elected that's what they should be say they shouldn't be trying to censor now anyone that you Dare
382.62 mention voter fraud ah Facebook or Delete your I mean life Facebook pages Almost one hundred thousand five to leap of good idea say Yeah You've off at the
393.75 the ten million to anyone on the planet who can prove that the Democrats have not committed voter fraud to try and steal the US election and then you got
402.45 this email from Facebook Guy removing their the Jamie McIntyre official up a fan page at said that your page was or amongst other things your page was
415.38 hateful threatening Same as you attack the individuals groups I will set up by an unauthorized individual yeah teachers and I say exactly why but
429.5 we know it's all just nonsense and I'm not the only one but there's one thing to be banned but when they delete you page entirely and this is going on now a
435.68 lot I mean this is fascism this is Yeah That's What Facebook is now known as fascist book Zuckerberg is being called out also funding safe SAFE elections
447.87 project in United States nervously this few counties whether all these votes surprise surprising showed up for Biden happened to be in the three counties
457.44 that received funding by Zuckerberg also Zuckerberg not the only one but I mean i don't know how anyone that's intelligent
465.96 and near is not so is extremely biased can't see the massive voter fraud I mean it's just nonsense the level of voter fraud is going on right now Ah it's it's
475.14 it's really it just Blatant I I think it's coming in and making mistakes we a very desperate to not get caught I think what happened to him is that they always
484.7 plan to rig Pennsylvania cause the two main swing state you know as Florida and Pennsylvania so I thought a fair chance in a tight election come down to
492.17 Pennsylvania but what happened on election day that Trump was so far in front was Willy Nilly Willy Nilly all the swing states that he didn't even
499.94 need Pennsylvania and he could probably still win the election so Trump should have been called the winner of the election diver was a neutral media are
508.66 because you're so far ahead mathematically he couldn't lose to that position using but all of a sudden those three Democrat controlled states is
516.4 basically sense they just stopped counting the votes and went higher up which is unheard of and an overnight mysteriously and even say when on CNN
526.63 they stand the commentators when hundred and twenty Odd thousand votes just magically Chop up on brightens tally and bought jumped ahead then I think in
535.37 Wisconsin this happened in a second state as well I think Mitt Michigan two states at I did Assembly the night of the election on Central Michigan's in
543.14 the Bag is no Way Trump could lose from here next day the biden now the winner apparently of that that state and Wisconsin so which change the whole
552.74 pathway Really Biden was mathematically I would say in in in in a lot of people others beside that could not have one unless those voter fraud involved from
562.36 the position he was in on late on election day last week I hosted to a livestream say where the first flights were were being cancer we started at the
575.11 midday Melbourne time on air and Cackles program where the camp look like try yet a it was all heading in Trump's Directions and he was way ahead in
585.42 Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania and at about two thirty in the afternoon were like this is looking pretty promising for trump within about three at all just
597.3 stops and so we ended at four PM because we'll sort of speculating well it was clear that nothing more was Gonna be counts said during that time the say we
608.94 just had to sort of hold our breath and I did I later stream at the at Wills Trout stream nine P M Melbourne time that night when I found those ballots at
621.68 three O'clock in the morning and because you remember at a it around about the dinner time Australian time when Biden got up and said we feel very good about
631.85 where we are at the moment he's fake spike fast we now know why he felt very good about where things right on that day he was Gonna be the winner and then
639.83 trump Made the point that we are winning everything and then it just stops and we don't want them to fine hundred thousand
646.53 ballots at three in the morning and at that the heightened has a half and it's crazy exactly what happened and who oversee he was aware that they're Gonna
656.73 try and rig the election I mean I mean let's face it I mean anyone with common sense ago how can someone they're claiming Joe Biden is received more
664.26 votes than any present in the history of the United States he's a guy that couldn't even get six people to his rally at the only people get the vote
671.89 for a dead people and dogs you know like and they sang amazingly no evidence of fraud I mean these dogs that have been listed on mail ballots and we need mail
680.29 ballots go to biden isolated they got dogs riding for biden and dead people I mean they can only get six people to his rallies where we my truck was pulling
688.42 tens of thousands of people per rally in five rallies a day I mean I think if we got a real figures we would see and witness a massive landslide victory the
696.92 proper it's true trump was winning they couldn't have lost Without the ringing so AH but we can say that because it mainstream media had nothing to hide
705.33 they wouldn't be so strict on censoring and deleting any of US I mean how Dare I put up a ten million dollar challenge know that there's voter fraud and
712.95 somebody was I were why don't you put up the money to prove there is voter fraud I said well I walk I put up A dollar Fifty Chalice approved this voter fraud
721.94 is so much ample evidence of voter fraud it's only worth a dollar fifty per cent drop to twenty five cents but there's ten million up for grabs if anyone can
729.01 prove it's not voter fraud in the U selection or going back to the Emission Thingy the popular vice before I if I ever go back
741.35 to the Fox I currently Biden is just below seventy seven million popular votes which is the most that any Presidential candidate has got a trump
751.13 is now close to seventy two million popular votes which a that's the second most popular votes that a U s presidential candidate has got in the
764.6 twenty sixteen presidential election hillary got sixty five million popular votes trump got sixty three million bytes at a trump has got more Popular
775.92 votes than Obama did in his landslide win in two thousand and eight Sir Trump has got the the A is going to get the the mice ever bikes then all the winners
790.44 and losers yet still lose because biden this election has got more votes than than he has amazing he is amazing with essays be more votes voters and then I
803.54 have even registered voters in some states are Ah I'm in what Way would let's see what happens I mean I I think the A the proper investigations occur
812.51 then the questions Gotta be it'd it the Democrats do get exposed with it in the Supreme Court or whatever fer significant voter fraud and narrow be
821.09 very interesting but to my knowledge of the US Constitution that occurs either the Senate has to vote on who the next president will be and I have to vote
829.65 according to party lines which I mean Republicans control that so trump within then in that way would be Ah I've become President so even and we can argue all
841.47 we like UM I think you know we support honest and fair elections and we clearly not seen that and I feel sorry for the people that are just get the sniffles
851.13 and news the mainstream media they seem to be the same people that tend to vote for biden they don't really understand how the world works just get this
858.46 snippets of news from mainstream media which they think is news on it and timid and Chinese citizens at least in China they know that the news is Propaganda
866.76 and varied the amused by Westerners Americans a strange English why we seem to think our news is news and not propaganda and so people wake up that
876 they're not being told the truth a news is propaganda it's a lie when's the last time a mainstream media ever told the truth was before you and I were born and
885.5 when will they tell the truth Though I tell the truth why like I support proper audits and recounts and investigations into the US election I May Maybe I just
894.8 like got the same people counting covert this is the hand counting biden votes and that's why birds mysteriously got all these extra votes inflated flight
901.96 amount of votes because his bit like target the matter people apparently carve it you know you couldn't dive anything else in two thousand and twenty
909.08 of the climate so let's face it both of frauds are we should stop beating around the bush they politicize Agendas and Ah the reason cove it was pushed so heavily
918.82 was to try and remove Trump from office and dad that would certainly help their cause a lot but I'm still they had to rig it and I think you know where we're
930.01 living in an illusion of democracy with unless it's is called out this voter fraud is Quota and the Democrats Yeah someone sent to jail over this rigging
939.07 of this election then we can kiss Goodbye to our democracy but we pretty much know that whenever you live in Victoria team in Melbourne well just
946.54 been a while since you've seen democracy you living in a fascist police surveillance state where you couldn't even leave your home you know unless you
954.8 know a certain times the day and five kilometer ruin and even less me Relax a little bit less that's any relaxed restore your time before are they
962.51 bringing Adam new lock downs about their their helicopters and planes circling over the the the suburbs with we're still Gonna wear the the the masks
974.78 whenever We leave our home even though this even if there is active Corona virus their cases out side you've got something like a one in six million
987.18 chance of of catching it if you're all outside a unmasked a bad day you mentioned by Abide any oddly had any people at his rallies that's because the
1000.35 arrow scared of of covert and that's why they they mail it mailed in there they have rights even die after the election they're all out on the streets in
1010.54 Washington D C about the the reason why this was I K is because they're they're all wearing masks so they're taking a leaf out of the Dan book cause of
1021.91 science that it seems to be that if you approach testing or celebrating in public if you wear a mask then your immune from getting the eye catching the
1033.72 virus or if you're A undiagnosed then Ah I mean from from passing on even by the the masks have little benefit from their
1047.08 head stopping the spread towards idea i just know that tim is not little benefit they're actually dangerous and ah even footfall she coauthored you might have
1056.2 seen the report Dakota I highlighted that most people the Spanish flu didn't dive The flu wasn't a flu any Anna wasn't Spanish I mean that's another lie
1065.12 within two or four years most people as a result died of a bacterium and earlier en masse and because I well I would always wore the mass the ones that died
1073.37 the Spanish flu predominantly mass a deadly they're not healthy for you that's also another reason why they want you to wear them they needed desperately
1080.63 Yeah just like they desperately try and find biden votes to rig the election they just refine cases of covert I mean Many people can't see it just like the
1091.17 protests in Egypt protests for black lives matter SCAM funded by George Soros Too by the way there's no Dispute a Billionaire George Soros is also behind
1098.94 the Democrats and Anti fur ninety four he finds which is part of Democratic organization which is domestic terrorism imagine if if trump had a bunch of thugs
1108.99 with guns guy ran a tearing down U S streets like and taper for the last six months I mean it to the media just go crazy so every protest black lives
1118.92 matter just like in Melbourne that was perfectly fine lad do that but if you protest or anything that's not extreme far left fascism then of course it's
1128.34 Gonna be an issue many people can't see this is politicized virus and that the US election is Akin to complete and utter fraud then they simply watching
1137.66 too much propaganda mainstream news and watching too much conspiracy theories pushed by the ABC the Channel Seven's A CNN the baby says that lie to people on
1146.33 a daily basis and they they and no one bothers to ask questions or demand evidence has only people like you and I and many people now waking up and covert
1154.7 work a lot of people up going this just doesn't add up you mean it's it's it's flu like symptoms Wouldn't I Wonder why Yeah is an article in mainstream media
1162.77 last week Tim ninety eight percent of flu cases in two tat tat tat dropped by ninety eight percent flu cases in two thousand and twenty and I write is it a
1171.05 surprise of course it's no surprise because it just reclassified flu cases is Corona virus mean anyone could check in the medical journals creative arts is
1180.86 common cold common flu they've been around for decades its PCR test can't even test accurately for covert no God Yeah what are they even testing for I
1191.95 mean anyone that still believes that it is not a politicized virus is not an absolute fraud is simply watching too much news and wasting too much oxygen
1200.89 cornflakes the same people seem divided vote for vide not to be too political but I mean got anyone that's really educated about what's going in the world
1208.09 would see through the the fraud and see through the BS and a strange about good BS detectors with some people I am sure you probably heard of him teaming even
1215.77 in Melbourne you Think Dan Andrews done a good job save them from some mystery virus well I mean people they demand up the chances of dying from carbon is well
1225.07 if you're in a high risk age bracket about one in nineteen point four million you got more chance of being hit by highland dying or lightning or use one
1233.32 hundred forty chance of dying in America a car accident I mean people US humans it's shown I made him his only Eileen's wanted to come to this planet they would
1241.75 have so it's got I mean carbon got my God these humans are so Goddamn stupid where the hell out of here but I'm saying it's like humans need to develop
1248.87 the ability to think now not saying that all people lot of people do think with a lot of people that have been so conditioned since I went to school just
1255.73 a good format by authority and whatever they say is true but boy held our question anyone that has an opposing narrative to watch say it at all AH ABC
1265.34 news wants to tell Us is true you know in Australia right now they tell you a joe bugs the next president they told US our goal was getting u S prisoners while
1273.6 but people check history has algo ever been the United States President saying thank you same nonsense away in Victoria at the moment they're
1283.56 still testing tens of thousands of people every day are still finding new cases they're not finding any needles in the haystack now that they did find was
1296.16 that one lady who she tests positive back in back in I think it was October and so they suspected be it's viral ads virus
1307.77 shedding as this is a this is the thing these days PCR tests this because we've got so few cases now in Victoria and the
1318.21 media gets Alarmed over even just a few cases now it's now being revealed just how many false positives there ah in the in these PCR tests than even soft his
1331.09 head they still hardly for air for finding any wireless right now up to two to fifty thousand died out testing one stage they could find children eighty
1340.42 six cases at the peak of it but it's like the first question you should always ask what's your what's your margin for error I mean any scientist or
1347.44 any doctor what's your margin for error they don't release the margin for error because another much for error as high as fifty to eighty percent the test just
1354.28 simply don't work and what are they testing for harvard Technical carry that if you have a cough sore throat or sniffle then you I listed without a test
1363.16 is carbon or worse if you come into contact with anyone ever had a cough or sore throat or a sniffle then your lizard is that I mean it's it's it's you
1373.24 people can't see that that's not a fraud that basically means anywhere on the planet can be elusive cobra the Test I work they're not designed to work for
1380.2 that any fragments of abigail any flu ever will show up a minute it's such a pathetic joke than humans still fall for this it just it's really an
1388.8 embarrassment to be a jew many people fall for this is how much overwhelming evidence has to come out to having bribed doctors and scientists have to
1395.73 say this is a fraud before people accepted same thing will happen you a selection the TV box idiot box tells people are died though that's been
1403.53 debunked or no that's not the case Ah Yeah it must be true then I mean humans have only themselves to blame and we're all in this together iF If humans had
1411.66 themselves to blame they wanted to walk into a communist future and the Jab be mandatory vaccinations by covert next year and give up all the freedoms they
1419.67 just have to keep on doing what they doing and supporting a criminal cartel behind the Democrats in America and the Dan Andrews in Australia minutes ago or
1428.52 be too Blunt but Yeah why we wasting time on this planet it began Oh Yeah keep on supporting lies push by Liars I mentioned If Aliens came to Earth to
1439.19 Earth during this year I was getting to the stage in August was was pretty Grim here in in Melbourne when Dan was announcing hundreds of cases per day and
1451.01 I was not getting depressed because there are all these cases they're bad because Dan was Gonna keep Us in this lock down in perpetuity is only just
1462.17 released us I I wouldn't even say with fully released from it yet given the all the the rules at tat still up the still apply and I know I harp on about the the
1475.83 masks but especially with the warm weather coming up you basically suffocate with them bat Dan is chief Health Officer Brett Sutton i hear New
1485.88 health Minister Martin Foley Andy is a contact tracing shaved her I am way more they they wrote mass hedges they say that mosques have played a significant
1496.84 role in preventing the spread of a second wave and preventing a third wave yet they haven't provided one shred of evidence yeah these conspiracy theorists
1506 some yeah the Democrats Labour China They're all in Bed Together I mean it's a globalist Socialist One World Agenda to politicize virus now you can argue
1515.76 with that I mean that's right how many people in Melbourne if you think this is just something about a virus that's why doesn't happen guy would just doesn't
1521.79 make sense I mean there's not that many people dying or or the death rate you know turned out to be as I said in the beginning I thought was an early is to
1529.41 call bullshit on the covert and I and I did as well and we proved would be proven ever sense to be right Yeah Dude they're grade mathematics not fraud A
1539.17 bit like you know what you see in the US election there Granada Matisse Guys are yo it just doesn't add up because it doesn't so yet amass Vanish that Dan
1548.41 Andrews has with it something nothing about a advice is back control debate fascism it's about dictating controlling people say how far they can get away
1556.51 with it before people push back and this is the danger we face and this is the danger tech companies will a team is at tech companies are able to I have so
1567.33 much control I realise right now and and they had more power than the mainstream media and do in the in the past you probably couldn't small group of people
1576.21 couldn't control the war that we technology is rapidly approaching the point in time where everyone can be tracked on this planet with all the CCTV
1583.68 feed cameras been put up in Melbourne during the Lockdown S from China you know China Social Score if you if people are happy the way you live under
1592.68 surveillance state in every aspect their life tracked and be Basically put on a universal basic income next year which is welfare have the businesses destroyed
1602.54 had no freedom not be out of travel overseas unless you get a kind of vaccine are not be about property ownership not be able to ever made again
1609.95 at this is the ideology of the great reset of the people are pushing this and people need to wake up pretty soon otherwise we're Gonna leave it to US to
1618.62 light when people realize Oh My God the train our been sent on his settings to a gas chamber and Ah we thought were going
1625.67 on a holiday and I Owe people need to not repeat history at the that of Allies means the bank going around that if Dan Andrews law or some other globe less
1637.07 later announced that that people are going to be sent to virus protection can that they raise their hands and and jump on the train and I'm sure you've heard
1648.41 about New Zealand's quarantine camps if you test positive you'll be taken out of your high minutes a day sir is a quarantine camps which were apparently
1659.22 have good amenities but yes the historical parallels should not be ignored Yeah I agree and people have to realize is that arm and it's all for
1671.19 your goal greater good apparently got understand the people that run trying to run the war influence and conspire a people gods conspiracy theory well notes
1679.53 the deathly conspiracy that's true on forces no longer theory The amount of vomit bill gates has him behind his people now do their own research but
1689.47 Yeah although they can kate listen to conspiracy theories or mainstream media thing and live in a bubble and deny everything and been Iran's Gonna be Safe
1695.8 but I think two thousand and twenty should awoke enough people up to realize the world has gone crazy when out the crazy ones wedges reporting on how crazy
1704.98 the world's become I maybe we speak a year ago team and I said you all the things that's happened in two thousand and twenty we're Gonna happen you would
1712.09 have said I'm a conspiracy theorist I said that's crazy the war could that couldn't happen there was more witnesses in two thousand and twenty it has
1719.2 actually happened and I warn people in my book The Great Vaccine con years ago that they Gonna bring in Mandatory Vaccinations I was fortunate because a
1726.74 bribe doctors and scientists to be aware of the fraud in the Vaccine industry that's How I picked up on the thought of covert much sooner than others because
1734.93 of that inside information and I warned about this I needed mandatory vaccinations increase thousand fifty nine billion a year to over a hundred
1742.9 billion I mean the Madam money Gates etc them are going to make an error already announced today and astride eight trying
1749.5 to push through a covert vaccine by March next year even though this never has had proper safety testing actually Cambridge Tonight is no vaccine ever has
1760.15 ever had proper double blind placebo placebo Safety testing sorry this industry needs a lot of scrutiny it's about bottom line profits a second home
1768.39 in Aspen Oh Oh Switzerland for the Vaccine executives is nothing do with the child's how how many people I put up a million dollar challenge this how many
1776.13 allow elderly have been killed by the flu vaccines the mounting evidence it's coming out of that of any age looking South Korea how many just died recently
1783.6 I think there are over a hundred already without any deaths come out by vaccines and nobody many deaths and injuries from
1789.93 coded vaccine of course and but they won't list him as a target vaccine I'll list them is carpet this Ah when they'll use that to inject people with more
1800.91 vaccines is why go take the vaccine because you could die that's how the industry works when they kill people they spin it that the disease killed him
1808.5 and that's why I need to take our vaccine are otherwise you could die when a vaccine that kill people and injured people I mean that's not that's not
1816.3 conspiracy theory that's fact and that's why I Put up a million dollar challenge back in two thousand and sixteen Robert Kennedy JR JFK S nephew who is an
1825.61 advocate for supporting vaccine it up club victims Ah Robert Deniro I Put up a hundred thousand as well because he son has Autism and he Blazer Autism was
1836.74 caused by Vaccines which is York quite controversial but it has been debunked there's plenty of studies highlight that so when people sat understand this is
1844.45 all tied in together The Vaccine fraud card fraud the election for the US it's all seamless same sort of people behind the scenes are driving a political
1853.41 agenda and we can either choose to live in a bubble in denial that AH but when they come to Jabba and actually you cannot leave Australia next year less if
1863.46 you Wanna go Overseas unless you take a covert Vaccine I've You Wanna know if you know what's in a kind of vaccine you would never touch one of these of
1869.85 vaccines I've got a super chat over here Iran entropy The the champion hand software from the Versace cowboy fan asked air three dollars and thirty three
1882.63 Australian dollars triple three you've got more chance of dying from hypothermia after pissing your pants at Fed square from private nineteen yes
1891.75 that is exactly true the Saatchi Cowboy I also mud my moderation Mogg I've put it up on the screen that the teachers are constantly telling kids at school
1903.94 the master there to protect the community and I've also heard that the day after they've turned off or put the type at all the the water fountains
1914.26 schools because apparently shared a shared communal things like that can spread covert spy at it at school now their children are suffocating with the
1925.58 hate with these mosques they trials are forced to do their year twelve exams with masks a day earlier I like how they can get a they they both fill up a water
1936.86 bottles at at schools like what's exercise I collapse and Tim this was part of the problem of had the world this hasn't just snuck up on us we have
1946.87 to accept responsibility for the way that shaped the worlds in in where they can think they can to a globalist communist takeover of the world and
1954.1 think they can get away with it without is going hang on when I can accept communism our yard today is Remembrance Day you are how many ah previous
1963.43 generations had to lose their lies in trenches to fight for our so called freedoms and here we are a global war and the wars of Propaganda War and
1972.68 trying to take over from the inside out that's why you Wheel I saw the United Nations with one World government is turned out to be the world health
1978.89 organization which is not a political organization it's it's owned and run and funded by predominantly Gi Bill Gates in the prism is Banana pie Payroll Bill
1987.98 Gates for a long time it's his little Baby and I figured out how to circumnavigate our federal laws around the world that's why dictator Gen
1996.05 Andrews was able to get away with what he did and Scott Morrison could do anything about it Because under emergency health powers New World Health
2003.58 Organization is running the world that's how they're able to get the the carpets test scams working and how you fight the
2009.79 deaths because whatever who says all the medical associations around the world follow that and then the doctors required to follow even many doctors guy
2017.08 why can't use Hydra cause a in it used to be allowed to be used now and I'll add use it you know why can't use it because gates sends out she what their
2024.58 vaccines push through private vaccines and they can't get past history with emergency Forever without proper testing it is alternative treatments so you got
2033.94 all this nonsense going on so the point of being there with the schools we've allowed our schools have become socialists schools were taught at school
2041.32 by ASSAd is a social said gender there it's a propaganda it's not schools not an education mark twain always said that let educate schooling in the way of a
2049.48 good education and that's why I write my first book what I didn't learn school but wish I had back twenty years ago highlighting that Yeah I was one of the
2057.29 students the back paws Us House trigonometry arbitrary trigonometry out you Gotta help you get well what a like so some students relate to that because
2065.21 I asked the same questions with too many people bought the lie of conformity and I been Propaganda to sense I went to school and as a result of that we are
2075.02 people who can't think for themselves and these are the people that are manipulated in politics that because I lie to them and they get to vote for the
2082.16 left wing politics and I think that they're doing the right thing but they just manipulated by because I think the news is news it's propaganda they think
2091.02 what they taught at school is true now that they're pushing climate change propaganda we're Gonna see that back in the news soon because it's all the same
2099.12 Agenda What's behind climate change Propaganda What's behind Qaeda Propaganda was behind all these things it's a one world centralized government
2108.09 Agenda where we have our national sovereignty and a bunch of people overseas I can dictate to us that we have to wear masks that we are we can't
2117.33 get five comes out of a house or your been a bad boy you got a bad social score you now confined to your heart you know that across the border imaginary
2124.6 border in A in a country you can't leave the country I'm Sorry your Bank account no longer works because you posted something on Facebook fascist book that
2134.05 wasn't light you now will be deleted sorry for the remaining two attention to your hand over all your assets aside already made any more Because we I like
2143.87 that so these nutcases and you can see Klaus is one of them is pushing the Great Reset World Economic Forum Gonna say some of these Twitter posts these
2153.14 are Mad Crazy Communists and they want to tell you they know what's best for you and your grandchildren I wake up people are the world's we are at war and
2164.19 let's hopefully we can win this propaganda war because we do we don't win it's free propaganda we're Gonna end up having to be in the trenches and
2170.01 today's Remembrance Day we might want to remember if you go out to be fighting in the trenches or have you your children
2175.32 fighting in the trenches a dying to defend yourself against these people then we need to win this war and we need to win up by waking people up to nine
2184.44 what the truth is and Ah you know people away because eg green parrot mainstream media nonsense and dad they know what the Hell's going on there done some
2193.85 basic research at the the fight for freedom is is ongoing sure there's there's more obvious threats to freedom as there there have been in in in well was but
2207.06 the it's the it's an ongoing one eyed we should Go back city the beginning of the year where this virus was born work Han
2215.89 China which shall we saw the the images coming out of China paper collapsing in the street supposedly of this virus we now know that it's it's propaganda this
2226.24 virus never even never bought US walking down the street one time and then vomiting up your internal organs and at at at and dying about that weight with
2236.14 same day the propaganda for a more hon after their ah literal house arrest lockdown for seventy six days there are there all at at and then there was that
2247.26 giant pool party that they hadn't very hard with no mosque in and social distancing the the propaganda from the place of origin was that lockdown
2257.25 Thursday the only way to get rid of this far sand river refer to the Melbourne model which is what we got as close to a woo han style lockdown As you can get
2269.1 away with in there that the west end that the people and the Melbourne public housing towers they experienced a I work Han Style house arrest in and dad every
2279.15 day now says Ah we've got these like case numbers because strategy works and now a saved the Melbourne model wrote asking in Europe where it looks like
2288.21 they Gonna be in Lockdown for Christmas in the UK and of course the Doctor fat she you mentioned before praising Melbourne at This eradication strategy
2299.98 which truck guy hundred and twelve days Sans has ruined our economy calls so much mental health issues and I'd I think well we'll ever get rid of this
2311.4 police state that we currently have here in Victoria AH certainly if trump loses know you know and that's why people let up in so
2321.31 intelligent people I understand why so many people voted for trump that even I don't like Trump a one is not a personality contest with too There's one
2329.58 side fighting for Democratic rights and protecting our Freedom is never saw this in bed with China Gates sorrows and co that are supporting this globalist a
2339.03 communist Takeover I think they know what's best for you and your children and jared it it's that's dangerous a year is is very dangerous so and part of
2348.18 that is mandatory vaccinations of which is Gonna kill many people in the Arts You'd suggest committed suicide and the other Agendas behind that So it it it's
2359.04 it's very concerning ten we've got to really fight back Dan Andrews in mean the Guy I've I've yet to JB van for try to have got me a month or two ago sales
2370.08 inciting violence when I said that Dan Andrews can never expect to be able walk down the street safely when he's no longer premier in the future in Victoria
2379.05 and I Say I was inciting violence I'm just compensating what the reality is heath if he's deluded enough to think that he can walk down the street to
2385.65 Victoria and be safe than the Guy's an idiot really the Guy needs the flea and he should flee now I do Us all a favor inflated he's communist masters in China
2395.21 or Maybe be an EBB George Soros by putting up in one of his houses but the question is whose orders as easy following you selling out fine strain
2403.31 Prime minister's orders and I dare say swelling you know Brett Sutton in the health Minister or Medical Officer I mean he has undisclosed conflicts with
2414.65 Bill Gates in the works for Bill Gates Funded Institute Yeah and the received funding so everywhere you look the modeling that was put to the to the
2422.19 public go in a year at shot causes it to shut down the government to to freak out and do these locked out in the first place was gates funded modeling which
2432.23 even now is redacted several days I lay the new Fergus near Imperial College and die the Guardian suggested something to
2439.33 do with here in Australia the model is added CC Thousand Strains were Gonna die by April this year millions in America in our six hundred thousand UK that that
2449.2 causes us to commit economic suicide which has led to moore's actual suicide deaths and people really died a covert I mean i probably challenge shabby anyone
2458.32 scientific thought a covert I'm not saying some people having died a carbon but I just like to see the scientific proof of one person because it's prudent
2465.34 to do it they're Gonna destroy economies are destroy businesses destroys was put up some proof is the time of allowing the media government to say things
2474.01 without evidence is over we need to start calling out bullshit bullshit bullshit and the words people and voters should be saying every day I call
2482.5 bullshit I call bullshit on CNN I called bullshit on Ebay Say I call Bullshit on that Andrews put up the evidence AH are we calling Bullshit because there's no
2492.64 more time to accept these Conspiracy theories a dead Andrews pushes the conspiracy theories of our mainstream media we want to see the evidence
2501.37 because I was Gonna do the research we find the evidence and the evidence is is that bass a dangerous and deadly and I've done nothing the lockdown have done
2510.25 nothing even the world health organization some of the good honest people in their stated very clearly that lockdown shouldn't be used in the
2518.98 countries that haven't unlocked yet here's what I thought Ironic Tim Taiwan not a member of Her no pandemic it seems like to be a have a pandemic in your
2528 country you had to sign up to who and follow whose advice Taiwan is right next to China Chinese come there and come all the time they just did proper traced
2537.09 checking and hardly any desk no no oppressive lockdown no Melbourne had some of the most impressive lockdown downs worse than China I would say many
2546.15 cases and dodging think Dan Andrews your aside just like in are always our harsh border stands at such save saved Is I mean just forward a port of fraud that
2556.6 the lockdown so they first remove the same number of days after when they was that bodily the new Ferguson was done was realised to be completely fraudulent
2567.23 and it was funded by Gates to scare governments interlocking I Once I realized that was not the case they should stop the lock down there and then
2573.53 but they didn't they continue to persist because I can admit our food many the politicians arrest the politicians team at full because They're easily bought
2583.4 their easily earned and I love know how much money did anders received from aRm into his bank accounts because I'm happy to make a bet that he's received large
2593.75 amounts of money into his bank accounts ah ab for doing what he's done and if he doesn't like me saying that he's welcome
2600.05 to sue me but he's too gutless dead enders you need to flee the country or disgrace as a human being your disgraces rejoin your disgraces strain and AH if
2609.05 the real people you hurt her real people think of you then you would lead this country now or have already had a is a is electorate office which is unmanned
2618.4 at the moment that's been vandalized twice there the main going around is that the Victoria police narrowed it down to six millions suspects and sat at
2629.02 their say they'd see it in motion now a petition to are getting picked kick daddy is a golf club the kinks heath he's given how often he is a banned and
2643.23 restricted Golf I've Ah two air to air twenty Twenty I Doubt He'd be welcome at the Kick Kick Kick Air Kingston Heath Golf course ever again some people
2653.9 speculated that the Golf Ban was just a spot same name and who's being one of visa biggest critics here bad debt Andrea's in Sutton I've done as an as of
2666.27 press conferences where they've admitted two things such as yes all people who died of other causes but had private with they sit in their system are
2678.28 classified as covert deaths and again often talks about or even if you're a recover it can cripple your internal organs for law for for life yes those
2688.96 with preexisting conditions that does exacerbate those conditions after they've recovered but I know there because there was so many eg so much
2700.53 community transmission during this second wife here the air I've got friends who are diagnosed with their Corona virus tab recovered in days and a
2710.25 fine now and copulate well we'll locked down for this Yeah made a jibe with you don't understand is that people think they've even people who had been
2719.37 diagnosed covert army think they got it The test kids don't work and not even designed a test for code and once again what is carbon according to the clinical
2728.27 definition of with a cough sore throat or sniffle or you come into contact with anyone that has that that means companies basically any day lobbing in
2736.79 any amount of flus you ever had or can get as covert are they loving in anything so if Gonna go by that then covered is nothing till you two things
2747.11 that really happened is either one they did create something out of a lab and why are they going after gates and found you for the Funny the Woo Hoo I love to
2753.77 create the Corona Virus which beat paid it and that that was released it deliberately or inadvertently and an go around the world some parts would only
2762.53 reach so many people probably fizzled out the rest the cases are just flu cases let's face it serves no one can scientifically proved I've ever had
2771.26 cover on the entire planet don't have a proper test for it so This is how absurd it is are there any lock downs or community transmission I don't care last
2780.97 year last winter we didn't care about who got the flu I got hurt in the winter of twenty nine ten cited many of my colleagues on air and cackles program I
2792.7 was so sick bed ridden for a weekend it was a deadly flu season per man shut down the whole letter are you an economy I certainly suffered with wet when I had
2810.49 the flow but I recovered I'm fine now when we moved on that's right Yeah Yeah Yeah man Open you know and you get over it you know like an end to it doesn't
2822.31 matter if you're sick and got terminal cancer had three heart attacks and then you die because you get the flu but don't blame the flu really come on but
2832.63 the point is that out of the eight hundred thousand people claiming to strike got a code that we know it's only about nine percent didn't have other
2839.63 capabilities in that not be would need more investigation it's six percent in the US which I away I Guess I made it well in advance but those few that do
2848.36 have it did you just got the flu Sir Yes you can die things you know everyone's Gonna die there's a risk to everything you can't go stop living because of a
2858.74 sniffle especially when I told said earlier I said to him I said I mean this is Gonna come in even allow that a bad flu season and people going crazy
2868.13 because I listened to much mainstream media but since then I've been proven right last year's flu season a strike you about fifteen hundred people this
2875.18 year you take the nine percent of cider the thousand people there apparently got a car yoga about ninety people has actually been a very it's very low des
2883.22 up from covert flu I you Wanna call it that politically deadly and capacity the girls are just irrational as we know but
2891.83 we that's why my Point is Amy told me that because it's nothing to do with I flew it's I can't sell communism and lockers down and bring in this New World
2901 Order without a Trojan horse and the global warming theory global warming is a scam they're trying to push was an urgent enough even when they brainwash
2910.87 greater still wasn't urgent up with people like you know I I can accept though I'm I'm all for protecting the environment That's why I support the
2917.94 global warming theory is all one actually do something to help the environment not help al gore's bank accounts not help a centralized one
2924.27 world government you not I'm saying that it works I need that already planted the best Trojan Horse is a virus and gates
2933 had been warning he added that day Gonna be a war global pandemic in know of course warning cause we know gates because you and vouching others were
2940.86 planning to do it ah Yeah we know about events to our warn you when it's not exactly not have publicly available information so so many the way the
2949.32 mainstream media's been able to hide these lies four years is I simply say AH to conspiracy theory Pizza guy conspiracy theory that's been debunked
2958.44 without any evidence of then snorts of fact checkers here are the highest OC I BeT if you post anything about potential election fraud you now get about ten
2970.44 different fat of fact checking things but it's interesting if you actually Sorry to them say for example with the fact that the voter turnouts in places
2981.93 like Michigan Wisconsin exceeded who was on the electoral roll they said odds because you can register and vote on the on the same day and you sort of think to
2991.23 yourself that's still sort of Dodgy that you can register and on the same day and I said Ah the fact that these dead people on the electoral rolls doesn't
2998.67 prove that they voted for Biden Yeah but it proves the potential for voter fraud and they set a bat There there's that footage of that I think Philadelphia I
3009.22 buy cans of filling out ballots and it said Neu he's just a feeling at New Ballots because the old ones were damage that still dodge
3017.35 and that's what I Push said they can count votes for days and days after in Pennsylvania which I knew would come down to Pennsylvania generally always
3025.72 does I mean that's the point came and you know doesn't matter how much overwhelming evidence is presented the covert lord even by doctors and
3034.61 scientists that I listen to how much evidence it this election fraud I mean what I put up that challenge amount of people that were setting in evidence of
3042.23 the fraud i Emmy We can't keep up with it I mean it just so much that but humans all the mainstream media said not a conspiracy theory it's been debunked
3053.3 and you snipes which is a joke hum in fact Checkers I dated twenty members of the Committee for fact Checkers if people Wanna check out a direct links to
3062.59 George Soros be an AD it's on his there isn't it Funny how a planet Checkers Yeah in fact checkers and did not fact Check is a sensors just like political
3072.82 correctness is not political correctness it's censorship it's a trotsky study truscott it's communism attack the person not the ball Okay So you I all
3083.32 they attack is Trump Trump Trump East has always personality this and that Trump's an idiot My God have you seen your nobody tried Swiss string two
3092.29 sentences together I mean creepy sleep with joy by her me that just I feel sorry for but here's what happens in a lot of the so called intelligent people
3101.14 Tim I'm see most people being sold the lie that academia equals Academia equals intelligent south and so those of Us at Sawgrass Questions at School and
3110.81 university hang on a minute this woman told doesn't really add up and we'll become more rebellious are entrepreneurs OH Ah Yeah people that really want to go
3120.14 out and start their own question school system earlier and left a little bit earlier most successful people dropped out of college so the lie that board of
3128.06 of was conformity formal education equal success at a port conformity longer went to three years or six years the UTI so
3135.08 there now so indoctrinated and I also was told that degrees equally intelligent but I know a lot of intelligence on a lot of people more
3142.62 degrees than brains but these are sort of people and some of my friends are like this guy why I say it's it's I are happy to offend them as well because I
3149.9 don't believe in political correctness of any viewers get offended if we want we want some people get offended way getting offended more degrees than
3156.36 brains will they sort of people will bush will more likely be easily manipulated by mainstream media more likely to vote for likes of Joe Biden
3163.77 Because I haven't done detailed research and a wide what their friends will think Tim you say this a lot of people won't
3170.12 speak up about the obvious private fraud anchors away they might get embarrassed by their friends now you're a doctor or
3175.64 professional and don't know the truth they particular why what their friends are Gonna think so these are the so called intelligent people in society
3182.69 other ones the mercies manipulate they tend to vote more for the far left arm and end support something that one day I will wake up and realize I'm a freak an
3193.01 idiot Because I voted for organizations that actually don't support my values like they voted for Hillary Clinton but she's a warmonger they vote they've
3203.14 meant the left's meant to be against the war but they support the war mongers I Hate Trump but not to get political but Trump's the first presser in probably I
3211.06 don't know how many decades or probably a sense a long time that never went to war that's a pretty good mark there for America didn't actually go to war poop
3220.6 miracles out a war but they would have voted for Hillary clinton that is of a war monger Ah but they're meant to be the less meant to be for peace and pride
3228.76 apart protests in a match before looking after the the less the more vulnerable in society yet I got for a bunch of pedophiles on on the left that are
3237.85 covering up pedophile and sexual abuse rings main while that might get a be controversial but you can't say the stuff of Mainstream media why because it
3245.11 has to be censored because an alleged talk about the truth where did I talk about the bullshit that mainstream media wishes to feed people that conspiracy
3252.58 theories every day I was also upset that they they called Trump a fascist even die during when all thy state governors were were locking
3263.17 down locking down their their states putting people under house arrest he was tweeting live right Michigan liberate Minnesota Liberate Virginia is that the
3273.73 sort of thing a fascist police state person tweets liberate he states at April be it's it's it's it's it's output I really feel sorry for them because
3285.48 some of these people I know some of my friends love not not many but some because they're my friends I give a good talking to and wake the hell up Yeah We
3293.25 can't have these people leaders across the edge over a cliff and destroy humanity where roy in a detention Center Guy how the hell did this happen will
3300.93 ask the Jews out happen to them you know Ah but the point being is that you know We can't wait to these people wake up and realize the truth and had good thing
3312.02 about carbon let's get some positives is that it cause many people to realize Ah mainstream media is a fraud and more and
3321.47 more people woken up than ever so that's good news September eleventh really started the turning point I think once people saw the question I live in your
3329.51 hang on a minute this official narrative This doesn't add up when you do this on the research look what scientists had to
3335.34 say but carbon definitely sorry their plan was to try and con people into ah add a Trojan horse shoes carbon is a Trojan horse a pusher this globe was
3344.88 great reset that's coming are Communist Agenda then it certainly could have backfires work a lot of people up that hasn't worked enough up in enough time
3353.82 to bring to stop this Agenda or achieving it's goal and that's why the U S election was so pivotal if if trump does lose You know that does put a major
3364.51 setback to stopping fascism in stopping a centralized one world government that we technology it's it's it's very dangerous if people knew where this
3374.95 world's heading we have to push back otherwise you're Gonna have to get guns and it's Gonna end up in Warren I'd rather win this war three what our words
3383.29 Tim Ah it's a Propaganda War we have to accept to speak the truth because the truth is trying to Censor is why the truth will liberate people the truth
3393.89 will let people come out of their denial or slumber or their crop are they what would you call that trance or hypnosis I
3400.82 mean let's face it's not easy to come out a hypnosis and realize my seizure been taught since you went to school is why it's very unsettling for people to
3407.99 realize the world's run by a bunch of Pedophiles I that that sex child trafficking industry is Overtaken the drugs trade and illegal weapons trade
3416.51 that's how big it is we're talking I was Thirteen I'd be in a year in sales You can't get an industry that big without lot of high level government I support
3425.36 I'm sorry these are some horrible things at the world's Gonna have to deal with and some people just rather live in denial but denials not Gonna be very
3433.49 nice for much longer when you get locked down again in Melbourne team mean Who's Gonna be game enough when those borders
3438.95 open when you can get across America we are being machine gunned to death death death by the Joint Police officers I'm sure They're estimating foreign fifty
3446.42 thousand bitcoins will flee Victoria at Out My Videos I told more people to leave I think as much as A and victorians could leave and that and I
3456.56 said I'd I I bet that I leave when a door is open at patch they lay before winter sets in next year if either the Summer Escape Window I call let's say
3467.57 gladys biologically in a set November twenty third for when she's Gonna Wipe and the New South Wales Victoria Florida South Australia is apparently making a
3479.25 decision this Friday Tasmania they have set the date November twenty seventh your premiere Anastasia Palace Shea has said the other things are looking good
3490.56 for the start of the month to Lady in Victorians an and and Sydney Siders Sadly I think walt the mainstream media Ah they will do something useful and
3502.95 capped themselves at the the the I met Murray river on November the twenty third alley very interested in seeing the amounts of of of traffic there and
3514.33 the people that Wanna come to ah Victoria for to settle our holiday I'd say or I'll I'll use a pop culture reference go back go back run for your
3524.38 lives Yeah they think me why why traffic on My Show Any Queensland as well new South Wales or anywhere in the stray wants to go to Melbourne for Christmas I
3532.21 Mean I've lived there for fifteen years up until a couple years ago so when I speak you're hardly or bluntly about no but I am felt so an abortion and and I
3541.51 know many of my Friends I can't wait to escape some already have done the falling they quarantined to get out of here but I'm concerned for the future
3548.44 Victoria Ah You know is a testing ground for the the resilience cities Strong city network that's why I Say Victorian Police Bahamian very honest try a way
3558.02 many them were deserved to go to jail and and when this new political system come to power eventually when we get rid of these criminals many them will get a
3565.1 job just like Dan Andrews will ah that's when I'd say why one politicians in this country we are watching you police officers you being video recorded you
3573.8 step out line joining or you will go to jail any politicians that have done what dead Andrews has done deftly got to jail
3580.46 your trip treasonous and are traded sorry to our country and any politician I would say team that is supporting mandatory vaccinations the covered
3587.77 vaccine next year or doesn't state very publicly they do not support manage to anything like mandatory vaccinations of code it is a trader to destroying people
3596.86 in bed with the vaccine makers that they take out taxpayers' money to represent the people they copy taking bribes in incentives and working for the vaccine
3606.52 and drug companies that trade is to our country we don't need a code vaccine it's it's not necessary and covert as winners of fraud and these fraudsters
3616.36 would try to pull off his fraud belong in jail or in some countries you commit treason such as United States of America you could face the death penalty so to
3624.91 the fear that they're trying to put into ashes of of locking us down and take away our right to put onto them on their way Gonna say these cowards these
3632.62 criminals think they can continue to fool the masses are with their spooky networks of fake news mainstream media and these fascist Facebook a Tech
3643.42 company Dick title companies and this is where the people really have to fight back is a well I'd encourage is that we're all in this together too because
3650.98 so many people but think that they can't do enough it's just me whether the whole army people around the world it's growing rapidly the army I call for the
3658.24 force for good or people that support Democratic right support civil liberties and support human freedoms and that army is growing we have to stay connected
3667.1 work with each other adds up to all us to participate everyone not one individual can save the world but collectively we can these people we
3675.84 outnumber them and we don't have to accept their dictator who orders I made i can't say that give it our queensland premier try to make his wear masks I
3684.18 doubt I would wear a mask okay and I died if she tries that sort of Dan Andrew stop stuff in Queensland the challenge she will have is is a lot more
3692 farmers in Queensland has lot more guns and political revolution happens in Queensland and I'd I'd advocate violence but I can tell you now many strange will
3700.91 go to arms before they'll accept a mandatory code vaccination and most historians who got to odds before they accept communism so are these people had
3709.22 these agendas a need to Ah AH they need to be worn what's Gonna happen last resort We will people are shy to go to war before they accept a fascist a
3719.58 police state that they try to push in Victoria at Sam's that these crushing lock downs that we have had in in Melbourne and Victoria which they're
3728.73 rolling out in in Europe and the UK they're designed to basically demoralize the people that they think that the only way to get AD and this petrol lockdown
3742.62 Lockdown system will cycle because differently these all the second lockdown we experienced here in in Melbourne was way worse than the first
3754.32 and that's what people in the UK are experiencing now that the vaccine is the only ticket to normal I and I heard even gideon rises earlier the Institute of
3766.23 Public Affairs say that Yeah I i'd open My ARM up further than the vaccine if it meant that I could Garda the pub again and I was heard the news about the the
3778.64 hides the vaccine but dead the the one that did the first one that Australia locked in there because Scott Morrison he's proud of his of introducing that
3788.79 the no jab no pay policy he said that he was initially wanted the Vaccine to be as mandatory as possible change is messaging to fray Involuntary voluntary
3799.42 but I think we should take him at his initial wide that mandatory as possible while still being voluntary I'm sure you get get what I mean the The Oxford's a
3810.85 vaccine it did the day after the election they said I might be ready by Christmas and They're They're even manufacturing the Oxford Vaccine here at
3819.85 the the CSI factory in broad Meadow is even though it hasn't got the therapeutic Goods Administration All they're they're already making they're
3828.47 the drug here in Melbourne for I think the time money as they want to roll that out by January Yeah it's Absurd so percival all the fertilize lies at once
3838.19 you take the current vaccine that will achieve lockdown someone wanted it's a Mafia extortion basically a simple Mafia taxi too it's a lie they not can let you
3846.62 down that they just Gonna say that to get you to take it then there's Gonna be multiple code vaccines every year bill gates is already mentioned that but
3853.38 that's that's the better business model used I want to sell one vaccine you Wanna sell multiple other vaccines are no vaccines and new DNA engineered
3860.91 vaccines are they can change in a gesture your DNA these vaccines have nanotechnology in them that where they will be able to track and liquefy J
3868.8 adore the Vaccine shipping them once this was just a conspiracy theory all this stuff is now proven are you go research and check it out so basically
3876.24 you eventually pay through the chip that's inside you you retract every minute everywhere you go with CCTV footage your health your own you'll be
3885.34 reading your health and sending it to a centralized Database which Gates etc them will iron and I'll make a fortune off of the health Database I'll Collect
3892.6 answer if you even if you drink is bitter alcohol that ruby reported back to a centralized government body ever took any drugs at be central everything
3901.96 about your internal body will be tracked everything externally you'll be tracked you'll be a prisoner of technology and a
3909.1 centralized one world government that's part of the Agenda Behind I get vaccines it's got nothing to do with stopping a tie because you don't need a vaccine for
3916.74 that the flu is going around for a long time and flu vaccines have never stop flurries are actually only kill the only which is another reason why they have
3923.67 them so it's just absurd so people Gotta be aware that there something go over five essays actually that's why they Gonna do it mandatory not quite
3932.73 manageable people got shit I Wanna five seas I'll take the Vaccine and you the that I can understand why they think they'll do that a team the dangers are
3939.54 just ignorant uneducated they what I Wanna know how bad these vaccines are I mean these are drugs are pushing drugs is a drug spruce was pushing drugs upon
3948.92 vulnerable elderly people in aged care homes are pushing drugs upon our children are now where I where I grew up if that is people pushing drugs on kids
3957.53 I did punch him in the face and they be locked up but it's okay for these brooches in parliament so here's what I suggest my If you're so proud of you no
3967.64 Jab no pay Morrison We're Gonna have a national and ab jab your Poly Day next year and Astray when the kind of vaccine does come out we're Gonna get all the
3977.23 politicians in a country that support these vaccine and well the older twenty five million a stranger got a job they the carpet Vaccine into each of the
3985.66 politicians and it it's HD your families because we just want to say that you know it's a hundred percent safe etc so you politicians and your family will
3993.64 take these vaccines when a jab the hell out of you with these vaccines and you have any objection to that police state clearly what the objection is because
4001.52 it's Gonna be mandatory as possible and I'm sorry did I take it when I put you in a detention center you don't take him and cut off his salary taking an ever
4009.56 flying again i've you don't take it sorry we're Gonna keep kids there's already laws passed or they can take your kids next year from school and the
4017.36 teachers are allowed to tell the truth the parents whether kids being taken to the being taken out of school a place of detention or all quarantine they'll call
4024.98 it whether they be is already laws in Australia you are they can vaccinate your children within the children I don't have to have your parents'
4032.54 permission I mean who owns the children the government that's what they want this is a socialist communist I want to destroy the family structure they want
4041.24 to basically aren't every aspect of it is already a baby's been vaccinated with a vaccine chip now on this planet they're being tested tens and tens of
4049.94 thousands of you'll be tracked and The Day You're born to the day you Die You'll be Our You'll have a serial number on a bill gates and co will earn
4057.49 your arse and that's a nice way to look forward to his ideal happy with that and happy future grandchildren live in the future you'd have to do anything don't
4065.8 say anything don't speak up you wouldn't want your friends thinking at you into conspiracy theories now would you why watch the six PM news and and and and
4074.08 scoop up as many conspiracy theories without facts as as you possibly can I mean come on people God gave you a brain we have sought using it
4083.19 we had the acting immigration Minister Alan Todd last month talk about the the new digital Ah International Passenger Declaration which she is spooks I would
4098.1 have I would be able to carry a digital vaccination pasta Scott Morrison Allen touch they're pretty open about it now I've heard a lot of false at sweaters
4110.22 spoken with similar pay put yourself about the the other microchips than the five gees surveillance spot were saying with these are I don't think that that's
4121.72 even those sort of things are even necessary and plus their tat tat tat too obvious we're saying with this Q AH card checking system because they announced a
4132.4 new South Wales Kinda Accu Ah checking cards are Gonna be mandatory in all been using in in New South Wales More more people like getting smartphones that is
4144.73 going basically that Q AA smart fine tracking technology because you IBM the guy anyway the other guy the powerball or Dream world or anywhere unless you
4156.58 check in with your your smartphone and they had a a flop of an attempt this with with private safe and at there even Lambasted Dan Andrews for not getting on
4169.51 that the cue card system because he just has the pen and paper signing a system to protect people's privacy I say there's not this a digital log amazing
4181.87 lay bets you'll get your freedoms of movements in association back but you'll be watched all the time for years and Edward Snowden did warn us about this
4196.36 Julian Assange Wikileaks so these were all considered conspiracy theories before two thousand and twenty so a two thousand and twenty with forty one year
4205.75 where so many conspiracy theories become proven serve you Wanna know what the future is useless the people apparently conspiracy theories because they can
4213.43 predict the future I be very good at predicting the future and it's not because I have a crystal ball or some amazing insight It simply
4223.41 because I research and now what they're planning obvious commentary on what they're planning so then that's how we able to not let the feature is it yes of
4231.51 cause it's a communist tactic it's tracking area and she way will I need five G of course five G's not healthy for US I mean so we don't need any edits
4241.26 but that's the plan i guess who has big investments all the way behind five jeep and health centralized databases it all
4247.47 leads back to all roads roads lead to Rome Oh Ah surround these laid back to bill gates George Soros are these front men for the Cabal the criminal
4258.2 organizations that I try and enjoy John F K one is about these people are they operate in the shadows of Our Society and they try to influence events are
4269.09 they conspire the idea that people don't conspire to achieve their preset determined Agenda is just nonsense like of course they do they conspiring all
4277.88 the time and the danger is now they're getting much more powerful because technology is merging and Ah you remember the movie Terminator Skynet and
4288.03 I think people might need to watch and revisit that again because Ah you know the danger is with I five J technology are these chips that I technology it's
4300.57 all merging and who's regulating make sure that There's privacy right my Regulars regularly make sure there's not a small group elite people can't get
4308.32 control of all his daughter information and Chris is centralized government that's what they want centralized government does not work centralized
4316.99 banking been a fraud is well with that's why I was an early supporter of bitcoin and I wanted to write my memoirs read one of his books on that and AH because
4326.74 it was decentralized currency I'M all supporting decentralization that's what we need because we do not What the power in the hands of any small group of
4335.92 people seen centralized banking what they do with they skim the system and roll the banking system for years lining their pockets are becoming so powerful
4343.51 they could buy up industries by a politician's by up news networks etc these are dangers to our so called democracy so we have to push back if we
4354.61 want to maintain our freedoms but we had a very dangerous time in humanity and Ah Yo and I don't Think people realize I Go
4362.63 Watch Terminator against Skynet because you know sometimes these movies are perhaps there for a reason other than Alley attainment
4370.94 yes it's it's going to be certainly an interesting end to twenty twenty we Tightened I the there the next month how the the final all lit if they follow
4386.66 count is going to be legitimate and certified in the electoral College well they will vote for who legitimately got a t the most votes in each state we saw
4399.68 Mike Pompeo the Secretary of State Today said they'll be smooth transition to a second trump administration we've seen that federal agents have tried to
4411.44 intimidate a U S postal service a whistle blower into recanting what he called project vertes we don't know what China is going to do with regards to
4423.46 Taiwan in this uncertain period with their the U S election so they certainly a lot to unfold I'll be there to cover it so will you with your McIntyre report
4437.92 which she got new episodes coming out at night and say well Australian national review and they unshackled Yes Israel Trade Shaman and then Saw
4449.95 Elsa with independent media saying that's happened there is more more independent media coming out which is because people no longer trust
4455.47 mainstream media Center I Trust our governments I'm surprised anyone still trust Dan Andrews but I think there's support is Overstated I mean I believe
4463.87 in this strange people I believe in people around the world I believe in the future humanity so that every overcome this can read the criminals from our
4471.22 political systems and banking systems in the world can be an amazing place and also there's a lot of positive can come such the fight is worth it but we are in
4480.56 a fight and we need to get our fellow friends to realize that we can't just go along thinking everything's Gonna be okay and not care about our community
4489.42 our country or other things outside of our little circle because someone has to care about that and take charge lot of Yogis focus our own little Patch
4498.17 unfortunately who is looking at the stop if anyone's trying to take over the world no they distract us with sport they distract distracted with this now
4505.64 runs tables you that not realize oh hang on a minute what's really going on in the world AH so this year two thousand and twenty has made me a lot of people
4513.1 interest in politics not for political reasons but for reasons because it affects our future and for those who don't understand why so many people
4519.98 support Donald Trump the in particular like Donald Trump on and I dealt in business with Donald Trump many years ago particularly targeting particular
4526.7 like the way that he did business but I'm not Gonna Support criminals that's a part of the Democratic organization said that's wise many people without being
4538.26 political of you know what I'm saying with supporting of a political reasons were supporting one side because they're decide that will fight for our freedoms
4546.48 where the other side is in bed with Communist China Communist regime and that's not the future that I want to leave it of people like Communist China
4555.09 by all means leave go live there or you could say don't be a communist is made of a toy without BB main when Tim I think that's already happens carry a
4568.18 decade they I've certainly were were talking about they escape from Victoria I've got a weigh up Myra of my options do I stay and and and try and
4578.49 fight for the the state's be liberated from the communist in insurgency or do I I I fly I'll certainly be very sane A traveling I hopefully I get to come and
4594.27 see you in not too distant future up on the gold coast and maida the other freedom fighters up there but certainly this isn't Gonna be there there's no
4603.99 magic slippers which if you click them everything's Gonna get big go back to normal next year Yeah there's a new carbon numbers have been program is when
4612.86 I deftly my recommendation is still for Victorians get out of Victoria I'll be leaving now we can of course they do open the borders New South Wales
4620.33 November twenty third get the hell out of there if you think that it's all great now is AH can be more locked down through in for a rude shock this battle
4628.7 is not over this is my name and started with a plan to do there now YEs I can try to another states in Australia but we have more chance to fight and defend
4636.59 Ah in in other states and Ah and also Queensland where they like or not it's actually not a bad place to live you know South East Queensland go close
4645.41 Christmas Gonna become probably where most are probably half of Me and Victorians moved to AH but Yeah Now I Love Love Melbourne etc but Melbourne is
4654.59 not what it used to be the most livable city in the world but image in two thousand twenty somehow riding no one's Gonna win the most livable city Award
4662.6 Mean the communist they ruined the Ally in California Sec they may have moved on to Melbourne now the here subscribe was great chatting to you Tonight Tim and I
4676.32 when you've escaped from Victoria Will I will certainly welcome you across the Queensland border of course if it's legal to get into Korea and You'll get a
4685.59 new South Wales first Yeah definitely and I'll Give you a hug because that's the other thing that try to limit human Contact physical contact Lisa We're So I
4695.85 coming jumping across the Berlin Wall you you deserve a hug after that I take care of Jamie Say Your Your website you have to AH ways to get to Australia
4707.85 National Review Web Address Yeah the surest ways Anna News dot com That's and News dot com it's a shrine national viewed or Karma the Elixir neighbor the
4718.05 site so either way you can get there please share our articles centers in Intel and now you can get access to lists of allow the social media
4725.88 platforms if you wish to join the growing community a on telegram ovum of our followers citizen journalism is what we support so you send in your articles
4736.38 or sending your information that's the way we're able compete with multi billion dollar funded media networks it was too light you on a daily basis and
4744.85 that we have yeah thousands and thousands of citizen journalists around the world are that supporting What We're doing to simply speak the truth so
4752.4 that's all about I will not sure something will pose the question so please people can find out about what is the allegations about something and
4760.61 often from that the evidence comes pouring in that we can then verify and confirm think so that way we can often lead stories in which we have this year
4767.88 we will I'll always call bullshit on covert ends at any single likes of Alan Jones etc sky news are follow that and start calling out some of the same
4777.72 things that we called out months earlier and I and there's also your entrepreneur website twenty first a two one Este century you dot com that's where many of
4791.07 your your free entree entrepreneurial a boxer can be found Yeah that's a not for profit educational resource I mean people paid tens of thousands those for
4801.84 those courses on there you can now get the majority that for free and also the opportunity in our news dot com You get Tab the Great Vaccine called the book
4810.77 that many bribe doctors scientists copyright for free I Am I what I did let Scuba wish I had my first which are written over twenty years ago for free
4819.29 so often in that way when we J continue to get banned or facebook older older page or facebook you can still be updated with the eye with the Anna News
4828.47 or I Take Care Jamie I will speak again saying and thanks for coming on Tonight You're welcome tim has been a pleasure thanks for tuning into Williamsport is
4842.13 it Tim Williams Dot com or rational rise tweeting the archive of episodes and keep visiting the unshackled gotten it took you all out here and to keep up
4852.24 with the latest deal news and analysis and analysis
99999 End



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