Episode 061 - As Lockdowns End the Lock Outs Will Start and Then Lock Ups

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00 news current affairs facts and opinions a future in L A Markets global is taking This is the paper a line in the sand The McIntyre Report
34.24 Australian national review is Australia's first real free and independent press one with no editorial control by the elite but a publication
46.42 that can generate critical thinkers and critical debate and hold those spreading mysteries and deliberate propaganda in mainstream media to account used with
55.87 the difference that will be education compelling and create a platform for political and social change in this country and address the real issues
64.3 facing this country and the world well the first Jamie McIntyre here ever half the methods ah report for this strain Ness Review network Lot's been
73.99 happening was continuing to go crazy but the only thing we probably have been caught off guard by is just how fast and accelerated or the madness is becoming I
84.85 made some videos your back on some of my videos are done a uncensored videos and not even on this show but on My Facebook and follow me on Facebook or even a
93.49 month ago I talked about you know how there was going to be truthful on the streets A little over a month ago I said that the reshoots for other streets and
100.94 and I'm going to talk to my brother who are only like four months ago saying Yeah they'll be cigs put on the streets in astray before you know it there will
108.62 be basically martial law and he couldn't believe that would be possible even though I used to be in the army of course a lot of people didn't but that
116.12 all the things that are coming true now people like myself and others I had been an independent media had been highlighting is going to happen and now
124.52 it's happened so especially in Australia Australia has now become the I guess the winner call as far as Wanna try to George Orwellian Tyrannical and to tell
135.39 a society but when will this madness end well I would suggest you that unless enough people Awaken from their slumber and realize that this is nothing about a
148.23 bad flu according to our Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison it's a bad flu and other ministers have said the same Politicians around the world it is
156.88 a bad flu not me saying that but do we really need changes or one New World Order One world Global government a terrain police fascist states are locked
170.56 out to be locked in your house and like in Sydney nine led get more than five kilometers for me has too bad of you I didn't have a supermarket and five
178.27 kilometers you know a lot of people aren't allowed to leave the home if you Wanna have a girlfriend or boyfriend or A friend forget friends with benefits
188.91 because you don't have to now register them to either be able to in Sydney see another human being you then I leave it permanently your House I mean the rest
196.62 of world can see how ridiculous Australia has become and it's an embarrassment to the world but AM I warning to the rest of the world is what
205.11 they're doing in Australia as a test ground for what's about to come in every global city around the world if we don't fight back The clock is ticking once
213.93 winter hits northern hemisphere expect a massive massive globalist locked out all our cities of Course I'll continue to use a covert added added covert plan
224.79 damage as we know now at selly no longer it can be deemed a pandemic with simply Trojan horses rated we've talked about before the great reset the to Tyranny
233.49 and Reset Agenda you are nothing and be completely happy according to cost Schwab or the head of the World Economic Forum So What we've been saying all this
242.36 show and by others are the last eighteen months continually comes true just comes through at a faster rate than when we're
250.7 more people start listening to us we Gotta Admit that for many people are we seen traffic to just the strain s review website in the last three weeks
258.71 increased four hundred percent now this is independently and that's just on one of their new sites are for those that aren't far as we now have launched a
267.11 city local city new sights or for the national viewer Sound this country so whether you're Sydney Melbourne Adelaide Perth Hobart Darwin and Canberra
276.88 Brisbane you can now also access your local Sydney National Review or Combat Ashley Review and so forth and also Sunshine Coast and North Queensland and
288.13 You'll See Behind Me Here or Yeah this episode is being filmed in north Queensland as I've told my Followers before I've I sold My Home and I follow
297.4 the advice that I give have told people you can go back See My Track record on My Videos I told My Melvin friends and leave Melbourne a year ago I had
306.33 messages now from so many mobile friends that wish they'd followed my advice of tall people continually not to take the the the rush to market unproven
314.31 unnecessary ineffective deadly dangerous and insane ludicrous experimental drug disguise as a quack seen yet some foolishly have an understanding melvin
326.01 were more of them in northern Australia and more people are doing it you Gotta Understand That What Pfizer once pfizer get so pfizer wants to boost its sales
334.83 are already making billions by killing millions which is a time of an upcoming documentary that we're producing here at Australian national Review and will be
342.99 at the first episode to shortly but basically pfizer and are other vaccine cronies which of course up in partners with the bill and Melinda Gates
350.4 Foundation which causes of front poster boy for the Rockefeller Foundation and I have certain Agenda some of those genders you know it's certainly not to
358.65 increase the population of the planet they offer that overpopulation which have talked about on this show before is simply admit the world is not
365.15 overpopulated and the the planet of the population is going to go an automatic decline in two thousand and forty two thousand and fifty on its own accord we
373.22 don't need to be turning good honest innocent citizens and vulnerable and I'm only now our children into fertilizer for Daffodils because some of the elite
383.57 criminal criminally the Cabal Whatever you want to call them these blood was these been a globalist they think they know what's best for you you and your
390.98 children's and grandchildren's future that the best case you had hoped we we take the vaccine you can now you have to listen to maybe listen some of the
398.39 smartest brains are doctors and scientists on the planet and it told you is a three year life expectancy we take the jab now let people going you know I
406.58 take the jab and they think that's okay go back to normal like moment dictated Dan Andrews as we call it as an absolute Moron is now saying we take a look at
415.88 this clip right now is basically saying that when lockdowns end the COPs will start in other words lockout sorry will start near the next step will be to lock
426.09 up so when Lockdowns and Dan Andrews has saying watch it on the video seems so and that that lock downs will end lockouts for the unvaccinated will start
436.38 and of course a lock ups will be following that he hasn't mentioned that part yet but we know what the globalist New World Order Agenda is we've seen a
445.53 Lobster documents that were accidentally leaked by two thousand and ten if you haven't read them so we don't have to predict the future but everything we've
452.49 said so far has come true so I suggest you that's why more more people cheering an independent ministry national from view and our independent media partners
460.47 around the World London times CBS news the Canadian tire Zealand times or USA Tomorrow and European times and many other global sites you can see them all
470.71 in our sights go Diana news dot com now and check out let's just take a look at this clip very quickly from our dictator st Andrews Chairman of the Communist
479.93 state of Victoria seventy and more likely at eighty per cent double dice we will have opportunities to open up parts of the Victorian economy to those who
490.16 have been vaccinated put it another way when we get to those vaccination double dose thresholds as part of the National plan the notion of a lockdown of the
498.95 whole communities fall is relevant but what Will I think become a bigger part of their response is I locked out of many many venues those who are not
508.41 vaccinated now that's might seem a bit harsh but I've said this before and I'll make the point again that I'm not going to lock the whole state down to protect
517.59 people who won't protect themselves yes there is some supply issues with Hexane at the moment but that by the time we get to seventy and eighty percent
525.51 everybody who wants to be vaccinated I think we'll have been given an opportunity to do so so I think if you're not vaccinated and you could be
534.6 then the chances of you In your ticket at a sporting event going to a pub going to all manner of different places will be very very limited at this stage the
545.85 greatest incentive is freedom if you're vaccinated you are Gonna be able participate in the economy you've Gotta go to a pub the cinema so a sporting
555.57 event you Gonna be able to do all sorts of things that an unvaccinated person is not Gonna be able to do far from being locked into your house you will have
563.64 freedoms that others won't have thy will be locked out have a whole range of venues because they could be vaccinated and I've chosen not to that's the
574.56 greatest the greatest incentives to get those rules often to get out get out from that dictate Dan Andrews with lockdowns end the lockouts will start
583.98 for the unvaccinated so I have some news for you folks don't worry if You're worried about being you should take a vaccine and we locked at a grocery store
590.91 your local restaurant bar at any businesses I can assure you there Is institutions that are being built around the world and already launched global
600.55 health organization is one that we're partnered way that helped fund as a not for profit I designed and built here you know around a fault people for the
609.34 people who have health organization to compete with a corrupted world health organization that is run by a bunch of vaccine cronies and of course the bill
616.48 Melinda Gates Foundation building the largest private donor and he pretty much runs the show and they have a clear vaccination Agenda so the Global
625.79 Economic Forum is another new institutions being born a not for profit built for the people by the people to stand up against class Schwab's they hit
632.96 the World Economic Forum which is also a bunch of corrupted elites that think they know what's best for you they think you should be able to have children
639.71 that's why these vaccines are created I will trade infertility and not just in you as a if you take it as a woman that also at the and a man and I also caused
648.7 the spike protein factory that he become will kill and injure the innocent around you that are smart enough not to take the vaccine now we have numerous reports
658.39 it so much evidence comes into this strain s are you one of the benefits seven years side is that Yeah pretty much every day I get messages Jamie Ah
665.92 the from nurses around the world including in every state in Australia highlighted you don't realize how many people get sick from the Vaccine or die
673.36 and not a single one of these American reported so let me talk a little bit about our put a video let's go to this video just a moment this video it will
681.01 highlight to you Someone someone's restrain has done some research on it you'll see that the TJ TJ is the equivalent of C D C in America which is
689.61 meant to be a regulator people think vaccines are safe effective and necessary I might want to challenge you on that I mean of Course I'm the author
697.7 of a book and study the foot of the vaccine industry by years so I could be considered an expert when it comes to exposing it for what I've worked with
705.17 very brave doctors and scientists and smiLes people on the planet that helped me write a book on the two thousand and sixteen called the Great Vaccine Con
711.56 with documentary killing the making billions by killing the killing millions and cellular responses by pfizer but that's what they're up to but let's take
722.64 a look at this Sir Teja is claiming that as four hundred and fifty nine people that have been reported as dying after being vaccinated they claim eighty seven
730.17 of those are correlated ah now the interesting he's checked out this video and you will find a very different story take a look at this he's drawing
740.19 government it's been lying to you I will use their own data to prove it and show you that there have been more deaths from covert vaccine than from cave
747.38 itself as with all my Videos I encourage you to check the low click on the links have a look at the data for yourself do your own research validate everything
756.89 I've said and please share share share we have to get this message out the Australian government's own data proves they lied this information is from the
767.12 government department websites and is up to the fifth eighth of August two thousand and twenty one it's twelve days behind because the therapeutic goods
774.88 administration has to manipulate the data over a twelve day period before they release it when we look at deaths attributed to Kevin nineteen there were
784.45 nine hundred and fifty eight deaths in five hundred and sixty eight days when we look at it the same way with deaths attributed to covert nineteen Vaccine
792.55 there were nine hundred and eighty six deaths in one hundred and seventy four days deaths attributed to covert nineteen a calculated from the first
802.58 cases in Australia which was on the twenty fifth of January twenty twenty through to the fifteenth of August twenty twenty one with deaths attributed
810.14 to covert Nineteen Vaccine they are taken from the first date of vaccination which was the twenty second of February two thousand and twenty one through to
817.37 the fifteenth of August twenty twenty one to basing it on five hundred and sixty eight days of covert nineteen in Australia there were nine hundred and
826.07 fifty eight there which averages one point seven deaths per day when you take into account the vaccine he was one hundred and seventy four days for nine
834.45 hundred ninety six deaths which averages five point seven deaths per day now I'm going to show you how I got these figures taking the data directly from
844.17 the Australian government websites though I will show you where I got the nine hundred and fifty eight deaths attributed the covered in the five
851.61 hundred sixty eight days and the deaths attributed The Vaccine which were nine hundred and eighty six an average of five point seven deaths I hand how we
861.39 get to the two hundred and thirty five percent higher death rate from vaccines this slide from the Australian Government Department of Health which
870.09 was updated on the fifteenth of August twenty twenty one you can clearly see total deaths nine hundred and fifty eight these next few slides are from the
879.3 weekly safety reports regarding the Vaccine from the therapeutic Goods Administration website they are closely monitoring of rare reports of like clots
888.04 with low blood platelets also known as TTS which have been found to be linked to the Astra Zeneca Vaccine now this is where we see the LOI come out thick and
897.67 fast in the TGA weekly cipher through which was released on the twelfth of the eye you will see down the bottom since the beginning of the Vaccine rollout to
906.25 the eighth of August over thirteen point seven million doses of covert Vaccine have been given the TGI has found that seven reports of Link to immunization
916 from four hundred and forty seven reports were saved and reviewed these deaths occurred after the first dose of Astra Zeneca Vaccine six with TTS and
925.75 one was a case of ITP so now you can see the only deaths they're reporting is attribute that are specifically for TTS and ITP they're ignoring four hundred
936.85 and forty seven reports and not even acknowledging on a database it is double-a Slide is the first piece of evidence that they're lying this is from
949.01 the database of adverse events notification for dying on the TGA website look closely at the box are highlighted injury poisoning and
958.22 procedural complications adverse events following immunization there were one hundred and five deaths they're ignoring reports from qualified doctors who have
970.28 under oath and declared on official Dock that there were adverse events following the immunizations that resulted in one hundred and five deaths When you carry
980.67 out a search on the dime for covered nineteen Vaccines you'll see the Search I did he is from the twenty second of February twenty Twenty one the start of
989.82 Vaccination through to the last available data from the TGA for the fifteenth of the eighth twenty twenty one nights number of cases where death
997.86 was reported as an outcome they claim is four hundred and fifty nine on the fifteenth they refuse to acknowledge that any of those deaths are in any way
1006.74 related when they were all reported by people In positions of knowledge that the deaths were a result of the vaccine now this is where the T G I and the
1017.51 government really stopped to stretch the truth neither number four hundred and fifty nine deaths as reported outcome from the Covert Nineteen Vaccine if you
1027.29 Scroll down on the gains report you will see a medicine summary this can be printed out I've done it for you the link is attached below the video for you
1036.38 to download the PDF and I'll explain how I got there are nine hundred and eighty six deaths you can say I sorted the number of cases where death was reported
1045.17 outcome as high as first I then went down the list and added on all the deaths afraid to do it yourself and prove me wrong but when I calculated
1052.88 every death add them altogether for the covert nineteenth it came up for the number nine hundred and eighty six deaths as a reported outcome how they
1062.81 can come up with a figure of seven or even four hundred and fifty nine is beyond me this isn't obvious enough evidence to prove they are manipulating
1072.6 the data for an ulterior motive they are lying to the public not telling the truth and holding back on medicines are available to help better protect people
1081.96 not giving us a full information then expecting everyone to roll over and take the vaccine without question plays people do your own research make up Your
1091.14 I might make your decision based on all the available knowledge not just the knowledge they choose to give you this needs to be made public this needs to be
1100.66 asked of our government why they are allowing this manipulation of data to be carried out on such a critical piece of test medicine us off shiny deaths
1112.33 attributed to covert nineteen was nine hundred and fifty eight deaths in five hundred and sixty eight days from the twenty fifth of January two thousand and
1119.23 twenty through to the fifteenth of August twenty twenty one with an average of one point seven deaths the deaths attributed to covert Nineteen Vaccine
1126.61 through The dying website I calculators nine hundred and eighty six deaths in one hundred and seventy four days as I said you don't have to take my word for
1134.22 the PDF is that if you download that PDF was downloaded directly from the times and unaltered you can open it and you can add up the deaths yourself you'll
1143.76 see it's not four hundred and fifty nine it's not even seven it's nine hundred ninety six that's from the twenty second of February to the fifteenth of August
1152.94 twenty Twenty One and averages five Point seven deaths a day that's a two hundred and thirty five percent increase on deaths from the vaccine versus howard
1162.33 this lie must In now The habit is highlighting on this video that there is in fact from his calculations written almost one thousand
1178.75 almost one thousand nine hundred and eight six I think he mentioned that actually being recorded as dying from the covert jab a whirl over fifty
1189.13 thousand injuries in Australia if you look around the world the last stats I saw were already uses a week or two ago are the seventy thousand recorded this
1198.34 now these are recorded this over five million recorded injuries from the code of Vaccine if you don't know anything about the vaccine industry and
1206.15 understand that the code is actually is by far the A more deaths and injuries and all the vaccines in the history of mankind and joint think that vaccines
1215.72 have been saved in the past I will for beer has been paid out through the Vaccine court as compensation by the tax Payer the government pays or not the
1225.02 Vaccine makers was the only immunity these vaccines will give folks is to pfizer now that you can't sue them or have them put on murder charges for
1234.31 murder your Granny which already have done in many cases sadly and they're coming after your children so for being one percent estimate of the total payout
1242.35 so that before hundred billion that a all the compensation before the current vaccine now the Code Vaccine Harvard Studies have shown anyone not just for
1249.76 Kovacs it for all vaccines prior to that there are only one percent of a Des winters ever recorded CDC in America and officials government officials have a
1258.52 minute one to ten percent it's about right so we were just a times ten of the actual recorded desk right now is around the world that seventy five thousand
1268.1 recorded deaths approx it would be looking at seven hundred and fifty thousand is the best estimate of deaths so people still want the job and take a
1275.57 vaccine don't even know how many people have died with its in Australia anywhere in the world protect a five plus me and
1281.17 adverse injuries fifty percent of serious injuries you have people dropping like flies after taking the code of Vaccine but if you see anyone in
1289.12 the streets drunk Like flies from being seriously sick let alone die of covert and that's everywhere know I know someone somewhere had covert well we
1298.09 know that's not necessarily accurate because there's no accurate tested yet for covert and the PCR Test kit the Adventurous Hot clearly highlight it
1304.69 doesn't accurately test can't detect the difference between a normal flu and you I Wonder why that might be you see the you can figure that out folks so we're
1315.43 facing you're already fifty sixty million injuries are most likely IT estimate that will hit one hundred me and before Christmas I put it on my bed
1324.58 only you might recall only four months ago that within twelve months we had one hundred mean injuries from that kind of vaccine the global health organizations
1331.45 come out over a month ago and highlighted their best estimates of strep lady that current data and the accurate data best estimates of deaths
1338.11 it will be within thirty six months ten to one hundred knee and dead not from Kobe not simply falsified variance variance is simply a cover as we told
1348.73 you what they would do that The Greek alphabet to utilize it to call variants variants just a cover for vaccine death or injury you're going astray right and
1357.59 you realize pfizer in their contracts bands astray in government and we doing this around the world from exposing or highlighting desk the accurate deaths
1366.65 and injuries in fact the three three teenagers we know that were herded out of twenty four thousand into the arena in Homebush Sydney to be vax by Brad
1376.67 Health Hazard than Yousef was health minister and he's facts Fridays through that a dead now Yeah these grieving parents that no longer have a teenage
1385.19 son that should be sitting for their HSC not I did I did they not allowed to speak out but go why have these family speaking out there and these people have
1392.62 died whereas somebody do without go to jail or under suppression of gag orders just like pfizer would fight gets pfizer pfizer ones fire as it gets and they
1401.51 dictate to the government so that's what's happening that's going to forget break right now we'll be back in just a Global Economic Forum was founded by the
1408.28 people for the people and not for profit foundation to compete against the corrupted World economic forum that's pushing the deadly and dangerous to tell
1417.32 terry and great reset by pushing the covert fraud and it's deadly Agenda the global economic forum's supports the Great Awakening and not the great reset
1426.32 and aims to empower off only work initiative of businesses and ecosystem with those entrepreneurs and global citizens that refuse to accept or
1434.71 participate in the cupboard It was the board new institution in new opportunities and new system to support a New world initiative for the people by
1444.88 the people Welcome back folks out as we continue on with the conversation there were fires once far as it gets so what Agenda his
1455.62 summer why not hearing about some of the deaths and injuries and strain government is bad under its agreement with pfizer and Astra Zeneca these other
1462.61 companies that are not they have to cover up vaccine death and injury there are also on bonuses you realize that you know I've had inside information sent
1469.69 through Diana or Victoria particular the amount of massive demands and ordering of cocaine after every lock down by the politicians in Victoria are now this
1480.62 needs to be investigated more but why because after every lockdown they get massive bonuses now of course it's not done as bonuses lockdown as it's done as
1488.39 stress pain and all these other things but you think or do you think this money is coming from apart from the taxpayer coming indirectly from what fires at
1495.74 once as it gets so we have to send people to understand well that's just a wild conspiracy theory what's going on now this is there's no way they would
1503.63 sponsored increases as well let me give you a little bit quick history of the Vaccine industry if you Haven't studied the vaccine is for eight years you
1511.02 haven't researcher and work with the whistleblowers brain doctors and scientists spoke out of this industry I suggest you might Wanna listen but this
1518.25 vaccine industry ninety eighty six eight thousand one hundred and sixty nine me and only nineteen eighty six something important happened because after
1524.61 nineteen seventy six Swine flu pandemic another falsified pandemic that occurred in ninety seventy six the engadget fact
1530.43 check this now and YouTube sixty minutes Expos A The Swine flu Pandemic they forcibly vaccinated Americans aged thousand and killed twenty five and it
1539.17 was stopped public outrage was so great that they stopped they actually stopped it but they haven't in this case that we
1546.34 had read past with the code of vaccines past twenty five destiny they stop at two hundred fifty decibels stop at two and a half thousand deaths they stop it
1553.96 twenty five thousand years so they stopped two hundred and fifty thousand years or they stopped will they stop at a million I doubt it will will check in
1561.75 because come by the end of October We have Me and others as immediate death what's Gonna happen three six thirty six months forty eight months ten years
1570.99 after these jabs there's not one jab remember so already in Israel They're already saying he's Gonna need to be a fourth dose there was a meme going
1579.72 around you want to start let's put it on the screen Shelley there's a name but they'll put up on the screen so you can have a look but of Leonardo Dicaprio and
1588.36 saying basically what was the course wasn't him save it in a memo saying Can't wait for the Triple Vaccine to turn on the double vexes well that was
1596.27 just a joke a little over a month ago but now it'll say we can't wait for that more than tripled boxes to turn on at the double vaccines so it will just line
1605.18 up for one and GP is Gonna get to if you want to become a pinko should be pricked by these you know what we should call them and be a pincushion to for your
1613.56 remaining days you of your life because the average life expectancy is threes we don't die in threes were taking all these jabs and why would you think you'd
1620.84 have become anything else other than a death and serious injury and you Wish you'd die because the agonizing death has been reported of this and it's going
1629.48 to be run to to bury they will not be in enough body bags within six months to bury the dead most adverse reaction society Summer science is an ex chief
1639.41 scientist of pfizer and others have highlighted is that you know it six to twelve months after the vaccines are injected with a real adverse reactions
1648.51 occur that hasn't we haven't reached that point Wait till next month waits October November December leading up to Christmas I'm Telling You and I
1657.89 predicted You You're going to see absolute Chaos now of course they're never going to admit that it's from the cove of Vaccine they're Gonna run out of
1664.31 the Greek alphabet and they've Gotta use a star constellation because they're now frequently had various if you keep falling for the lies were the covert
1670.04 fraudsters I add you can find advice I dictated Dana Andrews the Moron in Victoria and got gladys and and pick up a power chair Jochen in Queensland you
1680.33 follow these codes This is going to end up in a very bad spice Guy become a pretty pincushion pricked to death by a bunch of you know what sorry folks are
1690.12 we need to take a stand but we are looking at a serious one of the greatest humanity and humans headed to tear her and prices will ever face not from a bad
1703.67 flu rebranded all flows of covert it was made Rouhani lab a violent which they do make these all the time we're very Lax
1710.66 security Fallaci of course he should be in jail by now but the point being that hasn't killed four point to me and and nor has covert they can actually isolate
1720.55 code is still debate on this but the actual real isolation of code does not exist there's me and Dollar Euro put up a lot for many million dollar champs up
1727.96 as Me They'll Your Bet and has been for some time and was put up in Europe for them to show proof a all of the show actual proof of covert Nineteen and they
1739.9 still refused Twenty three countries that had to meet under either court all our freedom information accept they actually have no evidence of covert now
1748.55 I'm not saying cove it doesn't exist I'm saying you can't count all flu deaths plus some and your Granny in aged care homes to count vs the Cofidis and then
1761.15 climate as a deadly strain of a flu if you counting all flu deaths what you're basically saying Yes code does is this is just all the flus on which we have
1770.24 every year We Haven't entered into fascist police state in the parser why should we now let's take a break and we back in just a moment
1777.43 do you trust the government Do you really believe the government actually cares What You Want I'll have to say do you think they spend your tax money
1787.52 wisely the Australian National Review responded with quantum management systems tell make possible a new twenty first century political system that the
1796.73 founder of INR and twenty first century Australia movement has advocated for since two thousand and thirteen QMS are building a new political system to serve
1806.63 the people and help manage the country without the need for a government The political leaders politics all politicians the QMS is a true direct
1816.35 democracy system that allows for all aspects of government and management of a country he does not take anything away from the people it actually gives
1825.26 everyone in the country of voice the QMS takes people money and power the three major reasons for corruption in government out of the political arena
1835.07 and therefore allows the people to directly manage their country using the QMS To Side Policy law and boundaries for Society based on what the masses
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1865.4 visit Australian national Review now at WWW Dot In our unused Dot com welcome back folks are just to Wrap up this episode of it's also talk about big
1875.69 shout out to Mel Gibson Australian actor that so busy famous for many movies Mad Max series which coincidentally was set
1883.19 in two thousand and twenty one AH but of course he also have accompanied most famous from the movie Braveheart and the movie he did on Jesus Christ he's been
1893.95 very unpopular figure in Hollywood because certain people run Hollywood and applying that he's anti-Semitic Whether that's true or not I had my doubts can
1903.88 you be anti if you're anti fake Jews as that make you anti fake Semitic I Wonder but I think this questions you have to ask the rothschild or fake Jews or print
1914.2 fake money that are Hollywood and I'm many paths the world and we don't agree with their principles and we I think they should be I have the amount of
1922.48 wealth they have and control and conspiring for its events on this planet so one thing I've heard of great video which I talk about in the next episode
1931.93 highlights to you what is going on the world right now quite accurately but let's talk about that just a moment while I talking about Mel Gibson is
1938.83 bringing out a movie on the rothschilds family should have done a long time those you don't know the history the Rothschilds I wrote about my first book
1945.01 twenty two years ago why did learn skill Wish I had and of the early chapters of that book I talked about the fraud of the Federal Reserve Central banking
1952.09 system We still have visited this day the sooner as humans realize that money belongs so as not to the rothschilds and their descendants but to us We don't
1960.83 have to pay interest on printing our own money which is that's why they Charles invented things such as income-tax go thank them for that why because I can
1970.49 create taxes the government raised taxes it can make US human slave take half your money whatever percentage and indirectly them ends up back in the
1978.47 hands of the Ross Charles because they convince governments to take hand over the power of issuing money to central banks and and they take so they create
1988.25 fake money that's where we talk about fate Who's creating fake money and and it's fate to suggest on ANTI semitic because I'm clearly not a half my
1996.98 friends are Jewish and are good people so we're allowed to a Australia was hiding a criminal organization that had the doing things such as the rothschilds
2005.83 then we would just be equally critical so so nothing to do with sons religion and I've I think we should fall into that argument or that I over compensated
2015.01 defense mechanism to stop people from discovering the truth about the rothschild family This is what Mel Gibson is doing his outing them and so
2023.05 Giant Mel Gibson the Telegram She's Telegram Channel will post it up and the articles of Sinestro view very good man and so is Denzel Washington another good
2032.83 actor out there that is speaking the truth so this movie will be out in the future during doing everything to destroy and stop the movie happening but
2040.48 it will happen and the story needs to be told to people Awaken the Great Awakening to who are the powerful elite families that do actually The troll
2049.55 influence events on this planet it will help you understand how this blood was cool how they're able to think at least they can get away with it but if more
2057.47 people wake up in a rapid speed than we can stop that so shout out to mel gibson he's been speaking out on this for twenty years would you believe will
2065 probably more so brave people out there they there's many brave warriors and we must give them support so at your next show I'll talk to you soon and We'll
2075.23 talk a little bit about this video want you to see it's episode take back our world and our world coin our initiatives for the people by the people a force for
2085.66 good and a force for a peaceful revolution to achieve the funding goals of all these new organizations such as the global health organization the
2093.78 global economic forum and others that will be required to support the take back our world initiative they are releasing a crypto coin and utilizing
2101.47 blockchain technologies to ensure these new organizations are honest and transparent to remove key man risk and protect against corruption or hidden
2110.71 Agendas our world's going will be listed on selected Crypto exchanges later in two thousand and twenty one and will enable supporters to donate to these
2119.02 critical not for profit organisations to help fund the required organization to take back our countries to collectively take back our world this enables
2129.07 everyone to support and benefit from building a better world by the people for the people a force for good you can donate now to these projects and receive
2138.31 our World point as a bonus and the Opportunity to potentially profit as well default options to locking your coin for twelve months and only fifty
2147.05 percent per annum in additional point paid end of term the term starts from Jaded lists we applauded with bitcoin to point out to utilize their management
2156.72 and skillsets and many of their advices our World Coin is a large supporter of independent media which supports our world on objectives the improved bitcoin
2166.71 payment system the improved Bitcoin payment system our world coins will not only help fund new independent critical global institutions to take back our
2176.15 world from the globalists and their totalitarian great reset Agenda one country at a time but it will restore money back to the people and remove it
2185.78 from the hands of the Rothschild Central Bank and Federal Reserve Corrupting monetary system that enslaves mankind support take back our world now by
2194.84 supporting our World worldcom by making a donation to the not for profit organization to help restore our gym since
99999 End



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