Were the Commands of Jesus in the gospels Old Covenant?

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In this video I look at the popular teaching that we don't need to obey the commands of Jesus to the disciples in the gospels because that was "Old Covenant" and Jesus had not died on the cross yet. It is claimed by some that when Jesus died on the cross, those commands became obsolete. Let us think about that claim.

00 I came out of faculty years so we'll look at another reason why discipleship isn't happening sometimes and it's basically to do with this that we don't
11.46 think the commands of Jesus for US today in Matthew twenty eight nineteen it says teach them to Obey all things that have commanded you that was what Jesus to her
21.57 cyprus and please note that Jesus said these words after his death and resurrection There are quite a few teachers around in the body of christ
30.95 say that we don't actually need to live by what Jesus said in Matthew Mark Luke and John because that was all old covenant the justification for this idea
42.28 is that Jesus had not yet died on the cross he had not yet risen so the new covenant wasn't in place so therefore all these teachings of Jesus were really
52.78 just teachings to Jews under the Old Covenant and that only relevant you know for That two and a half year period where people heard them and after that
61.57 they weren't relevant anymore them by the way they were written down about fifty years sixty or thirty to fifty years after Jesus resurrected from the
70.81 dead so by the time they were written are also not relevant they're also not something to be obeyed or really trusted or really adhered to according to these
79.78 modern teaches there's this kind of Christianity that's promoted today which is course and very unlike Thing in the New Testament I It's
90.73 all about church services with praise and worship bands offerings buildings pastors senior pastors and suffolk that very little to do with the things that
103.24 Jesus was doing on the Earth and the things that Jesus Command
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