Episode 071 - Jamie Interviews Senator Malcolm Roberts Part 1

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Jamie Interviews Senator Malcolm Roberts About the “Dangerous Levels of Influence Vaccine Makers Have Over Australian Politicians” Part 1 Watch McIntyre Report With Jamie McIntyre on the Web: https://australiannationalreview.com/mcintyre-report-online/ Follow Australian National Review: https://australiannationalreview.com/

00 The counterfeit the facts and opinions the future the line in the sand the McIntyre report the The control report Jamie McIntyre he chief editor of the
27.39 Stray Nest Review Remember where an independent of appropriate new side and out of Israel I appreciate we have many listeners from around the world today
34.39 want to talk about this episode we're going to interview a stray and Senator Senator Malcolm Roberts he represents the One Nation Party of Australia and
42.97 he's one of the few politicians in Australia and you probably saved many countries around the world that actually has the courage the ethics integrity to
50.38 speak out about covert and the weeks of interests of particularly took about the dangerous levels of influence that the vaccine makers have
60.62 over Australian politicians ask you some questions around that as well so before we hear from some of the Malcolm Roberts I what else has been happening in
68.42 Australia while the police in Victoria in particular not just in Victorville will send yourself wales remember both Sydney and Melbourne were chosen
75.56 Rockefeller cities we highlighted this I will over twelve months ago be warned people that was me going to happen we want people to leave mill thought it was
82.92 going to become a global coup and it was going to be targeted they are both resilient cities is one hundred chosen cities by the Rockefeller Foundation to
91.23 be resilient cities nice sounding words but it's really about how to organize a global coo at city level any such a privatized globalized police force
100.8 inside the police will switch has occurred in Melbourne we've highlighted that evidence that and it's still occurring so take a look at some of this
108.12 footage from the latest footage of what the Victorian Police Thugs sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation had been up to in treating I tried to protect our
116.69 citizens Victoria and that you can be married when you're doing what you're doing what you're doing and what we do know that more thought
133.09 the video or the poor me what to do your part on the freeway going to go want the be up to you she might get dragged the mouse
147.19 OH my God he did I don't read night you tell me you tell me what I've done wrong by the way be brought to stay in the mind to tell me what to the why Britney
166.33 me all your time telling me to pack away the flakes continuation of police abuses abuses of human rights etc that agency recently one of the The police in
181.15 Victoria has resigned before the Pathetic behavior of the Victorian police and we hope to have her on the show saying but will show some footage
190.57 in the next episode of her resigning do so at least some places speaking out have a obviously in the beautiful Queensland police officer and a recent
200.89 episode you can go and check that out too but what's amazing is a police officer been able to highlight one many of them don't want to take that force
207.43 job and many a risk freezing to and will leave the force and basically forcibly unless I take an experimental drug which has the side effect of death I mean it's
218.33 just outrageous what's going on a stray but remember this is not an Australian thing this is a globalizing what we didn't expect in Australia was a stray
226.01 would lead the charge of the globalist coup now why do some people out there still wire as sound asleep still in any way that can be sound asleep is really
234.62 watch it being hypnotized by the Idiot box and Idiot box presenters at a paid to read a script and paid I'll indirectly by Big Pharma I Mainstream
243.26 Media if You're not aware is taking means a means of dollars in advertising in revenue from Vaccine makers and also by the Taxpayer money by the government
251.45 to spruce of Vaccine propaganda which is Vaccine extremism and it's just outrageous but people are watch the idiot box and idiot box present his
261.68 interview idiot health Menaces I think they're anything other than you know what I simply highly misled and the hypnotized if they haven't figured out
268.99 that Koga it's not about a flu unless the flu the Victoria Police was trying to bash the flu virus of the faces of innocent Australians I shoot them in the
278.44 head maybe that kills the virus and protects the innocent Australians somehow you should be able to figure out put two and two together that is no
286.57 longer about a flu in fact it was never about a flu it's a covert is a Trojan horse for the globalist coup known as the Great Reset Agenda now of course all
296.26 these things we can see it while conspiracy theories not that long ago but you know I pretty much all conspiracy theories these days you know
303.71 what's the difference when conspiracy theory the truth is about three to six months so we now know to be true the Great Reset Agenda to Chill Agenda is no
312.11 cats theory certainly is a conspiracy and that well underway with the Agenda actually can buy the book by Klaus Schwab you learned nothing and be
319.82 completely happy I'm not sure with Klaus Schwab might need some better marketing slogans but I'm not sure I'm buying that
325.52 and I think you should Watch it you learned nothing and be completely happy how bout we take to be in Billionaire elite the criminal leak will take they
334.46 will say they ain't nothing and then I'm sure will be completely happy realities that's what's going to have to happen we
339.92 need to remove their power and they maintain their power and bought up half the world like we've highlighted before and stray national you can get an unused
347.36 dot com now and fact check and get all access to anything we talk about on the show that the estimated wealth of the Rockefeller family is about three
354.59 hundred and fifty B and not me and be the it's about this four hundred billion for the rothschilds family now that it was likely much higher than just combine
363.5 both de wolfe and they got close to a tree and does or more now the only only just ten percent of those assets ie that's like a hundred billion between
371.81 them a year if you somehow think nice families are the foundations can conspire to influence events on the planet then I'm not sure what planet
381.29 you're on so people make the mistake well why would governments governments want to do this to us it's under the illusion that governments around the
389.42 world under the illusion that we have a democracy in a western system that they run the world but they know that Yeah there's powerful foundations behind them
396.5 like who runs who for example bill gates is the largest data by country and by percent four hundred million dollars a year now I'm going to give you a clue
403.55 bill gates is not give four hundred million dollars a year to the world health organization to be told what to do he dictates that policy along with
412.37 the other vaccine quantities and that's what they've Done you're going to hear in the next episode We talk about how they've manipulated the world health
420.48 organization and change the definition of a pandemic to be able to be able to falsify a pandemic can turn a normal flu into a pandemic they try that in two
430.32 thousand and nine remember a motion through your paint palm it clearly highlighted that they the vaccine makers have dangerous levels of influence over
437.82 the world health organization they got caught out trying to hype a normal flu strain out of South America into a global pandemic and they got busted that
444.69 was a Swine pandemic you might remember In two thousand and nine and so they've changed the definition of pandemic and so they're able to get a global pandemic
457.65 classified as a pandemic been really it's not a pandemic and that's what we're dealing with now we didn't deal with the corruption in this industry
463.29 which I've been highlighting now for almost a decade I wrote a book on it the Great Vaccine com with very brave doctors and scientists I believe like by
470.1 doctors the science to speak at conferences on it so I've been there almost a decade I've learned a lot about this industry and that the well it just
477.49 gets bigger and bigger and that's why we're dealing with a global screw I now because of medical apartheid medical Tyranny because we haven't dealt with
484.93 the warning signs that would give an earlier in the day now what else has been happening will check you look at this footage I mean you've seen it
491.23 before maybe but just take a look at this this is how the Victoria police are protected Innocent Australians by shooting them and bashing them one poor
500.17 young guy we bled over his face with a fractured skull take a look at this was gone The CLA This is this should deeply Disturb you know it's interesting in
516.3 Australia the Prime Minister now Premier is a political leaders have not said one word about that so in other words they're supporting and basically
522.99 allowing it to happen that innocent strides at that are protesting because they've lost their jobs they being forced to take an experimental jab they
531.54 want to know protesting for the human rights and civil liberties and they're being shot at clashed in the streets by police thugs sponsored of course by the
541.41 Rockefeller Foundation so you're going to out after the break when I hear from some of the well the source cause by global Economic forum which founded by
549.54 the people for the people and not for profit foundation to compete against the corrupted World economic forum that's pushing the deadly and dangerous
558.18 totalitarian great reset by pushing the covert fraud and it's deadly Agendas the global economic forum supports the Great
565.5 Awakening and not the great reset and aims to empower an old newark initiative of businesses and ecosystem for those entrepreneurs and global citizens that
574.74 refuse to accept or purchase The Blonde it will support new institutions a new opportunity and new system to support a New world initiative boy the people by
586.26 the people talk about twice the Macintosh port so also let's highlight what's going on here the absurdity of this covert fraud
597.52 you know even in Australia Victorian health Minister highlights or something like I think we're seeing the video exact numbers i forget now but something
605.65 like three hundred and forty five people in hospital Victoria kept the guys with the statistics that highlight that seventy eight percent of them being
611.65 double vexed and another fifteen percent had been single vaccinated that equals seventy eight plus ninety five equals one seventy eight Seventeen percent
620.69 equals ninety five percent so that even admitting it that the people in Hospital Ah the vaccinated at once predominantly so and then there but they thing like
630.53 last week in Australia seven people overnight claim to a diet of covert they told Us Yeah when you look at the fine print on the details six or seven were
638.48 vaccinated there are dying coat if the vaccines work they would never had over the drawing folks from other co-morbidities all vaccines all as we've
648.38 talked about before no doubt in the mesosphere enter your life drug is needed a drug that gates and fouts you have rebranded and repackaged and sold
656.45 at thirty one hundred dollars us a pulp to be treated making a fortune out of these a drug that was banned Ebola drug ban why cause it killed fifty four
663.65 percent of trauma patients in Africa they trolled it on where Africans were like tend to treat Africans as test labs to lab rats and that's why gates has
672.77 been threatened in Africa many times is already being booted out of India and not a very popular guy he's not even a doctor but claims to be as the world's
680.1 most powerful doctor so folks let's take a look at this footage I mean it's just We also have three hundred and seventy five people with covered in hospital at
694.06 the moment eighty one of those in intensive care and sixty one or on a ventilator of the people who were in hospital Yesterday seventy eight
706.81 percents were vaccinated and seventeen were partially vaccinated what seventy eight percents well vaccinated and seventeen were partially vaccinated
721.24 What folks which is absolute absurdity year the poor average person watching the idiot box is the thinking or seven people died overnight you know three
734.71 hundred forty people in a hospital this this cove it's really bad yet not one of them is diet of covert there before the vaccines that were dying or mesosphere
743.53 them end of life drugs to kill you and six to ten days and we've highlighted the footage that in previous episodes and then what it'll do is they put you
751.99 on ventilated it's also help kill you and incentivize the hospitals by thirty nine thousand us and and and Am more around the world to for them to fall
759.93 asleep she was dying over now with the vaccines that they can just kill you with the vaccines and at least you're dying cobra if you can't see this far
767.19 from a away is because perhaps you need to get some glasses and put them on folks that will help ah let's go check out now let's go to the interview I did
775.35 recently back roads will just check out this footage of him in the federal power in Australia asking some pertinent questions at all politicians though
783.42 during the it would be asking can you Guarantee Australians that all the vaccines you have obtained a one hundred per cent safe
790.23 I can't say that there were one hundred percent safe senator know I do appreciate your honesty how many years will it be before we know the long-term
802.35 an intergenerational effects of these vaccines that only have provisional approval I might ask my colleague from the TG either come up to answer that one
812.49 We have Malcolm Cena Malcolm Roberts Let's Go to the View right now So I'm joined today by Senator Malcolm Roberts are one nation celebrated thanks to
823.34 Joyce named Malcolm You're welcome it's My Pleasure Jamie suggests a couple of questions obviously you would have been single the news and what's going on and
831.43 oversee no doubt dismay but what the what you see the scenes in a particularly melba with the attacks on Innocent protesters I mean is this the
842.87 astray you grew up in is certainly not as disgusting and it's it's inhuman and what's also concerning is that for example the Civil Aviation Safety
852.11 Authority which is Kassa in charge of Civil Aviation I got a request from the Victorian government well as protests were in place to ban any flights of
861.11 helicopters over the city centre so that the news crews and channel seven channel nine channel two could not telecast just
867.59 how massive the the roots protests were and that's that censorship at the at a government level it's censorship and of the media and the media is already
876.12 turned into a propaganda outfit but we can talk about that later but it's it's censorship of those protests those protests the really significant thing
883.86 and it was wonderful to see is that there were many double injected people in the protest they weren't anti vax is they weren't anti injection they were
895.8 there because they stood up for the right of people to decide whether or not someone put something in their body they were there for freedom There were there
903.98 to pose the lockdowns and the stupid restrictions that that and Andrews has and so that was a really those rallies were for freedom the protests were for
912.83 freedom and then we saw what the thugs well the majority of CoPs are wonderful people but some of the cubs became thugs and that's what happens when you give
920.63 too much power to certain people and his leg low accountability they know they can get away with it so it was very dismaying to see that you know there's a
929.12 little saying Jamie on it how does it go now and in A Tighter ship the people are afraid of the government in a true democracy the government is afraid of
939.82 the people you know what's going on in this country because the parliamentarians are not afraid of the people they're afraid of the parties
946.96 taking control of them and not endorsing them next prey selection round that's who they afraid of they serve the patties the Parliament's the root cause
955.75 of all of this is voter Apathy voter ignorance and vote is just going in and either not voting giving a protest vote which is just Basically gives a liberal
964.38 nationals and labor grains a vote or voter ignorance of voters just gotten alongside psychologist vote for liberal like mandate or a vote for labour like
972.36 dad did those kinds of things that was destroyed the parliamentary accountability this would not be happening Jamie if it wasn't for the
979.44 fact that parliament and state and federal level are no longer accountable to the people that people need to stand up and vote for minor parties and get on
988.2 with the job of putting people in there who will serve them Yeah well I think that's a valid well how did I what do you think with our sue the next election
996.06 next year and dissent says a significant groundswell of support now that we'll consider your new alternative parties year as far as I mean obviously you're
1007.85 clive Palmer I have heard he's going to put up as much as a quarter of being dollars the bank row united Australia Party and of course one nations been
1016.76 around for a very long time now and I from My Memory I think you Guys bringing ten twelve percent of the federal votes What your thoughts are the next election
1025.46 do you think Australians are going to be able or willing to at least enough of 'Em to to support monopods yes I I really think there's a groundswell they
1036.05 are now very very strong groundswell people that have seen the boat the liberal states and the labor states and the Liberal National Party government
1043.25 and Federal level I just incompetent and grossly dishonest and manipulative and coercive that's not how Australians like
1050.87 to be governor Australians like to be Led inside there's a very strong movement now towards people who are willing to serve the the the people
1059.29 rather the two MPs who are willing to serve the people rather than control the people that's extremely important this issue now is no longer about the covert
1066.63 distortion it's about freedom and getting back to being Australian as we know it is as it should be that's what this is all about and there is a
1076.33 groundswell coming and there's a grantsville already underway people and people are walking up to me and saying keep guy might you're on the right path
1081.88 will bankers We're getting strong support that is interesting the meta Poles news poll puts us at three percent to present you know we know that's
1091.96 complete rubbish complete rubbish we we've done era and polling is much higher than that it varies around the state we've also learned from other
1100.15 parties that they're terrified of what is happening due to the vote of the traditional are the the old title potties and they're terrified of Who's
1108.82 taking over that's votes coming to parties like Us exactly as you said and we know that our standing across the country is way way higher than three
1117.59 percent while in queens and it's it's many times higher than that so you know that's that's a form because basically what what the news paul is doing is
1127.52 saying don't vote for one nation Dawn vote for the monopod because you've had be wasted well less rubbish if it's voted if people vote for us and then do
1135.98 their preferences right that'll make sure that one of those monopod he gets in if not us then one of the others will eventually get in and and we've got good
1144.32 prospects in the Senate in every state and we've got very good prospects in some of the House of Reps seat and it's not a matter of saying don fight for the
1151.37 monopod is because they can't be government we can't be government straightaway no way that we can have much more influence than we've got now
1158.39 as it is sometimes polling and I have visited by the government and the government says before they bring in a bill Jamie what do you think about this
1166.4 bill we say it sucks get rid of it went up voting for that they need at two votes to get across lite OH thou say is there any way we can change it wished I
1173.83 now you're talking we make changes to it and then they put it up we vote for or they bring it in and were ambivalent towards it and then we put in amendments
1182.65 ourself or we get the government to make amendments see all this all the ways we negotiate to get things strewed thy native vote right now if we had six at
1193.03 six in the Senate then we'd have a very very strong way of protecting this country because liberal and labor on many of these things covered many of
1201.4 them Banking Bill's the International Bills that's where they get together and just whistle things through we have with with more members will be able to make
1210.63 sure that that happens less and less or they are hungry enjoy some of the interview with Senator Malcolm Roberts will go for that break right now and
1218.5 we'll be back sometime in fact our world and our world coin our initiatives for the people by the people a force for good in the force for a peaceful
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1323.11 money back to the people and remove it from the hands of the Rothschild Central Bank and Federal Reserve corrupted monetary system that enslaves mankind
1331.81 support take back our world now by supporting our wealth by making a donation to the not for profit organization to help restore our
1340.12 democracy is welcome back folks let's let's hear some more questions I posed to say the Malcolm Roberts it was quite interesting I mean there is the
1348.31 possibility of it whether you agree with it but one nation was to get say ten twelve fifteen percent of a primary very end let's say United Australia was able
1357.43 to achieve similar he now looking at twenty Twenty five percent of the vote to go to now one nation and United Striker and you have some of the other
1366.02 smaller parties at the greater strain body the days of Ricardo Bossier and others it will you may draw a few percent of whatever I I mean it's
1374.81 probably a remote chance would say now but there's a possibility that there could be a coalition for not just of the minor parties but you think you know
1382.97 someone like that the nationals could ever be pooled across it counter who's going to determine job yes and that's that was looking like the case last time
1390.95 an effect in two thousand and fifteen was Well Yeah two thousand and fifteen we could have been in coalition with the with the Ellen pay in Queensland had
1400.91 they got any brains but they didn't have the guts to do to preference us so they lost three of four seats because they didn't give their they'd lost three four
1410.81 seats because we just told our people just vote for whoever you think which is what will always do that we would have been more strongly in favor of saying
1419.3 think about the Ellen page policies because if they'd got another three or four seats and we'd got there References recommended in another three or four
1427.12 seats than we could have been in coalition government and Queensland would have averted some of the disasters that are going on in this state right
1433.43 now so that the LMP just like the Labour Party at federally needs the Greens and It'll be in coalition with the greens if
1442.12 it knocks off the liberals it won't be in its own right it good convert and it's I can't get government its own right so the Labour Party's of really
1448.88 serious threat because It'll be working to the Greens' Agenda much more than a day's even now if the liberals may need the minor parties to govern as well
1457.54 which would put us in a very strong place to make sure that we hold the government accountable the parliament accountable and that we put policies
1465 through in the national interest you're absolutely correct now the issue of the sea state governments Yeah You'd say would typically federal would have a lot
1474.16 more power but it seems almost like a Prime Minister Scott Voss has been implemented in the sense that year's almost like the health ministers and
1482.89 cheese Medical offices everything to devoted to them in a running our country right now it is is that all they concern to you and also the potential conflict
1492.04 of interest from funding whether it's from pharmaceutical company to vaccine makers or the Bill Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation it seems to be popping
1501.34 up a lot of donations to your into Australia and it is a conflict of interest occurring you think in in the country right now Yes you even asked
1511.78 several questions there Jamie and I don't think in answer to your first question I don't think anyone's running the country because if you look at
1518.17 Queensland for example Jeannette Young has said and the Premier's just pushed her at the the Labour Party Machine is just pushed Jeannette young at their
1525.4 chief health officer in Queens and and said you make all the decisions basically so she then stood up with compliments to her she had the courage
1534.94 to say she is only responsible for People's physical health so that means she can only make decisions in regard to People's physical health but you don't
1542.5 make decisions in isolation in government you look at the economic consequences the mental health consequences the physical health
1548.23 consequences in the future and at the moment Jeannette young running this running one part of the state is not running the state at all and neither is
1557.26 Anastasia Pelosi they they've completely abdicated and and Policia is just standing behind her and just letting them run the show for health reasons but
1566.11 even then they don't follow the data and what we've seen Jamie is that estates Within each state have contradicted themselves over time they've had so many
1575.06 reversals and black backflips that is clear they're not running according to the science and the and the medical data and health data then we've had so many
1582.08 contradictions between the states and so many contradictions between the state and the federal government it's quite clear there is no plan they use the word
1589.46 but there's no plan overall at countries just lurching from one event to the next and there's no data backing up any any
1597.35 actions so what we've got is now naked politics and we've got the labour day playing the federal government is to soften the labour government politically
1605.95 make it weak so that Anthony Albanese can have a free run at the first part of your question the second party because you and I put together some notes and I
1613.91 thank you for the questions in advance the conflicts of interest I I'm I'm going to try and be punchy about this because there are so many said cut me
1622.12 off if if you think the therapeutic goods Administration the T G A is responsible for approving drugs medicines okay Let's Say We'd all agree
1632.73 that we all want safe treatment right and we all want freedom to choose and to get ad choice accepted we all want to decide who puts what in my body and in
1643.55 air I'm body and we all support medicines that have been properly tested and found to be safe effective preferably affordable and preferably
1653.67 readily available to everyone so let's have a look at the therapeutic goods goods administration because they are responsible for the admin The the
1662.18 approval the funds for the T G A R entirely by phase imposed on the pharmaceutical companies that the TG a regulates is beholden to those large
1673.57 pharmaceutical companies second point a new prescription drug for example requires payment of a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar application fee
1682.36 and ongoing fees of thirty thousand a year a doctor's not going to come up with that the drawn get get his medicine through it's going to be A major
1691.92 pharmaceutical company third point the therapeutic goods administration gets one hundred and sixty million dollars a year in payments from pharmaceutical and
1701.31 nutraceutical companies and device manufacturers and Jamie gets the same drug companies over and over and over again paying their money and getting
1710.52 their approvals the next point is that covert as shown just how easily they as approvals are issued and how hard it is to get an approval for a drug ivermectin
1720.54 that only makes the Two cents per pill and profits for drug companies because it's off patent said despite at being very successful Ivermectin doesn't get a
1728.92 look in but the the vaccine the so-called vaccines the injections they've been provisionally approved not tested in this country not uproot not
1739.81 not approved in this country provisionally approved they rely upon manufacturers wood and documents to say that this these drugs will provide these
1750.13 benefits and have these side effects These adverse effects the therapeutic goods administration does not checked them does not test does not test them
1756.6 itself there are so many unknowns about these bit bet these vaccines and what's more the government gives him an indemnity for any adverse effects and
1766.92 the government also make sure that these these companies are not held accountable then we've got my office has compiled a
1775.86 document of containing thirty two pages of conflicts of interest for the medical professionals on the T G A Expert Committee which review and new drugs and
1785.24 recommend approval members who have taken research grants or benefits from or worked for the same big drug companies whose products they sit in
1795.14 judgment on that's not not complying with the pub test so they sit that the people who make the decision for the TG a a prior primarily top academics in
1804.89 this country at medical schools they sit there knowing that their universities getting grants from these drug companies i sit there making these decisions often
1812.68 having been employees in the past or had crazy relationship with them so the people signing off on the new drugs at the therapeutic goods administration are
1820.21 way too close to the major pharmaceutical companies personally and financially there are so many conflicts of interest and then you have conflicts
1827.53 of interest like an alphabet and vaccine tech alphabet owns youTube and Google it also and twelve percent of exeter which
1836.14 makes Astra Zeneca so if you Dare to mention the word ivermectin and YouTube You'll be banned so people know that Sir It's it's now it's now just a game to
1846.62 try and get away from get away from using the drug boss still from using the drug name pfizer apparently makes they're estimating that they will make
1856.25 forty three point five billion dollars in earnings from these injections that's in a year later in one year and at the same time I'm told that the Europeans
1867.98 recognized that the pfizer as an injection causes Myocarditis Katia my Cadaverous pfizer also produces the drug for treating Katya market Itis Pfizer a
1879.99 it produces a drug for treating blood clotting which is a known side effect from the estrogenic a vaccine so they making money both ways making people
1888.69 sick and making people supposedly healthy again i and yet the government not the other thing in Israel we now know and pfizer's
1900.55 admitted this the vaccine efficacy plummets after about four months sometimes as little as two months so people are not covered as if they were
1908.71 anyway because these vaccines don't stop you getting it and danced up your transmitting it so they're not doing much good the only benefit that we can
1915.46 work out from what people are telling us is that they limit or reduce the suit these saw the effects of the of the coven virus that's all they don't stop
1925.35 you catching it they don't Stop You'd transmitting it and in Israel now they've just withdrawn the Vaccine Passport I call of the Vaccine prison
1933.6 but they withdrawn the Vaccine passport for those who are double injected saying you've got to get a third injection now to to get your vaccine passport back and
1942.24 and then the therapeutic goods administration has been hammering the Ivermectin preventing it from getting up through getting getting approved for
1951.36 this for covert but ivermectin has been Roof for use with them with various parasites and other conditions in this country since two thousand thirteen I've
1960.34 taken it for something that I got in India and cured me like that with no set no adverse effects it's known to have no adverse effects Oman minor adverse
1969.76 effects is proven over three and three point seven billion doses worldwide over sixty years Jamie and yet the therapeutic goods administration 's
1978.4 hammering doctors if they dare prescribed that for coven I mean this is completely wrong Greg hunt the health minister has said we are engaged in the
1988.57 the world is engaged in the largest clinical vaccination trial these trials the trials and that means they should know not be any coercive treatment they
1999.31 should not be any forcing treatment even if it was a proven drug and safe drug you still don't coerce you don't force forced treatment but these are not these
2008.79 are in a trial phase and yet they're forcing treatment It is an enormous conflict of interest with the very nature of a doctor patient relationship
2015.7 which should be sacrosanct between the doctrine a patient that therapeutic goods administration and the other agencies should get the hell out of it
2021.97 yeah that so he raised a lot of valid points is enough where they have folks I will have more from southern Malcolm Roberts in the next episode before We
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2049.54 tube and you're sick of being censored deleted and allowed to share your free expression then a national review and its independent global media partners
2057.32 have partnered to launch a truthful dot socials who got a triple dot socio you'll see some of the videos during the AD breaks on these episodes are not for
2066.23 profit social media platform it's going to be it's Greg telegraph threads into it basically has amazing more features and some of the Richard and obviously
2076.21 YouTube we can only search by topic and search what's in it or any work he would within any of the videos as you watch the video to spy the text the video and
2084.46 obviously it's in it's in a soft launch stage they Gonna improve it a lot yet but You're free to go there and open account now and We'd love to hear your
2091.81 feedback truthful book Social Leslie Facebook Facebook is a sham and screw tube behind that's all for this episode Folks C XU social media platform truth
2101.34 book Dot social built by the people for the people a force for good powered by the Australian National Review non for Profit news media company built by the
2110.52 people for the people as well and also the platform will be known as A and our social sense of free and blockchain protected it combines the best of
2119.72 YouTube reaches for uploading videos telegram and facebook to combat the censoring and banning of those who speak the truth and those who are seeking the
2128.15 truth truthful dot social will be everything faithful pieces that was the time in human history where the resistance points back against global
2136.55 Tyranny and the globalists and the Great Reset Totalitarian Agenda Truthful dot social and an also I don't support the Great Awakening the forest we call it
2147.59 the greater reset it is supported by the resistance Crypto currencies such as Our World Coin wWW Dot Our World Coin Dot Org and bitcoin to point out a bit life
2160.13 in exchange dot one support the resistance now and join for free truthful dot social and invite your friends to discover the truth and to
2168.71 leave Facebook Insta Shampoo and Scrooge you behind the Air Force for good in the world The Great Awakening spread the greater reason as we can feed the
2178.22 globalists by speaking the truth and sharing the truth truthful dot social join US now united we stand divided we hope fruitful gyatso or an also
99999 End



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