Nurse Fainting at Press Conference

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It doesn't look good when you do a press conference to promote how wonderfully safe the Covid "vaccine" is - and you demonstrate this by involuntarily fainting afterwards/

00 it's going to change the way this virus is taking over our life so I'm just thankful that we have a chance to receive it here how personally how has
12.54 it impacted your life for Me I have you seen my staff have to learn a whole new world of first thing you know and we have truly stepped up and you know
28.5 people have picked Dr shift to help cover as this you know has surged and you know truly our team has the united together it's you know between the
41.14 physicians nurses respiratory you know we've all worked to try to give the best care possible and it's you know it's been a challenge but we have brought to
53.79 the occasion and I'm thankful for this team when you work i did Yes so you know all of my staff we are excited to get the vaccine you
68.06 we are in the cupboard unit so therefore you know my team will be getting first chance to see had flexi and I know that and it's really sorry Info does see
84.94 I'm sorry
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