The Danger of Unbelief - Hebrews 3

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The Danger of Unbelief - Hebrews 3

00 So in Hebrews Chapter three verse twelve it says beware Brethren list the Dean even even heard of unrelated departing from the Little Guy but exhort one
11.98 another daily while it's cold today this interview be hardened through the sinfulness of sin for we become partake of christ if we hold fast the beginning
21.46 of our confident steadfast in the end so what does this really saying insane to believe it's because it's saying beware brother is the message to believers it's
33.9 this beware lest they be in any of you the believers and evil hot on belief in departing from the living God so I'm belief is a very very dangerous and
43.75 toxic scene and it came lead to departing from the living God May God help us to reject unbelievable it's forms is difference between downtown
56.08 belief how is when you really in two minds when you're in bondage to thoughts that pose the knowledge of God and you want to get
66.93 free but I'm belief is when you're choosing to discipline God's promises anger on belief causes people to depart from living God so this is very
77.76 dangerous and this is the language of a process departing from the living God and so what are we supposed to do to avoid this which was Whispers to exhort
88.62 one another daily that means every day while at school today that means no public holidays from this list any of you be hardened through the deceit from
99.15 this scene scene scene is very deceitful it has thousands Stations in different arguments in different ways of being but all these ways a deceitful the pilot
110.4 escaped from the sixteen instead it says to uS it's no big deal if you compromise with God it's no big deal if you walk away a little bit it snow superiors
121.08 embraces thought and his wife is a big deal says would they can't partake of Christ even as a condition if we hold the beginning about
132.3 confident steadfast thirty eight so we need to remain in five otherwise we have no shares Jesus Christ it's Gonna plan can be faithful to the game God wants
144.09 you to be faithful clean but you know he's part of a community which is Gonna encourage you and exhort you to stay faithful to Jesus we need that kind of
153.72 encouragement Alien says and I think this is more more true in the days we leave in which across the seas everywhere in hull denominations have
163.04 really caved into the gender of Satan many people's been preaching something out the truth many people be working hard to twist the message to get it away
173.75 from the message of Repentance and to get it to something else Jesus wants to give his power to live a righteous life Jesus was hysterical Assistive power to
184.39 live a true life holly life and he wants is to have power to making real to others the way that's Gonna happen is if we are faithful to the lord can be
193.66 faithful despite two things one stay in the word of got ourselves and secondly being around people that encourage us to be faithful to the law I encourage you
205.18 to get into a group where you're Gonna help others to obey the commands of Jesus it is no such group in Your Church Find another crucial least business with
214.44 God it is not a new church and spend time with him and just can knives and exhort one another encourage one another to follow Jesus wholeheartedly you can't
224.97 get everyone to change it once but you can help one other person to get on fire for Jesus newbie this person remain
99999 End



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