How To Survive What’s Coming

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00 Good morning folks Joey McIntyre here behalf of the Australian national Review you can find lot of articles we talk about backup evidence and supporting
8.37 documents to prove the things we talk about that on just one uncensored videos also the McIntyre reports are going to Aina News call a Menu follows fellow
17.76 myself and the Great work the team it's right S review and the independent sites around stray and out and around the world are working on telegram was coffee
26.35 you know until you have join us there Why would I want to talk to you about his let's talk about a couple of things in the digital Vaccine passport as we
34.88 did one followers some time ago over a year ago we predicted this would happen but of course that was just considered a wild conspiracy theory back then but as
45.14 we know pretty much every so called conspiracy theory has come true except the one big conspiracy theory that most people that watch the idiot box A box
56.56 presenters and the idiot box health ministers and politicians continue to believe in and that's some the conspiracy theory channel CNN BBC ABC
64.75 channel seven nine ten Australia the newspapers that continue to sell the Gullible naive to trust the unsuspecting public the conspiracy theory that we
73.09 have a covert pandemic not a plan Dimmick but a covert pandemic and it's so deadly and four point to me and people have died apparently allegedly
84.01 Despite long time now and then CDC had to meet ninety four percent of them didn't die you in the early stages of you were doing your homework the
90.55 National health Institute in Italy come out and said eighty nine percent those people they said remember Italy was the first country after China freaked out
97.15 the Western wall when all these people apparently dying covert but we while check out history and won back the clock we realize that was a lie that went all
105.97 die and covert they generally have higher death rates and early in Italy every year from I foos normal flu ninety nine percent of hadn't died and eleven
115.45 percent that actually they said did die at home if required further investigation of what they really died off in what is covert so those who have
122.46 been awake know that the conspiracy theory is it is a pandemic when under no definitions as a qualify as a pandemic you more chance of dying in a road
132.61 accident driving to a vaccination centre to take a little prick into you or by little Pricks I want to get pricks into you then you had a giant covert actually
140.53 I'm so certainly not going to die covert i've put up me and all the challenges trying to get people to die code and I'll Give me and those that family no
148.4 one gets taken up the challenge why because if you're under age sixty five no called co-morbidities your Chance a diet club not saying some people haven't
155.66 died but since when do we make it a global sport TrAC the deaths of people every year has been a spike in human deaths like we would expect in a really
163.19 bad pandemic absolutely not there hasn't been so you've got some sleepy friends out there there's still believing the Kool aid and swallowing the six PM news
171.41 that we have a deadly pandemic We need them to Usher in a global medical experiments rushed to market unproven unnecessary unjust in a bit ineffective
181.34 deadly it's a ludicrous and just simply not necessary ah that's untested as for the animals they tested on you died she would bit of a lead indicator of course
193.82 now the question has to be which I post some of my Facebook posts if you follow the question has to be folks Ah Is why why are they rushing out such a deadly
205.84 global medical experiment if they really cared for people say wouldn't you let's say we really had a daddy pendant let's say you believe all the four point to me
214.96 and I'll find me and say now tide of covert I was really deadly pandemic despite all the evidence is not yes you could die but yeah they can all flu
224.5 deaths plus some you know then why are we scared of all the combined fleets who are scared of all the time but anyhow We know that now but let's just talk about
232.6 the questions Gotta be y Si Ne handsets in advert neither so we have to accept that there's a strong purpose behind why the Stakeholders the partners that are
242.95 behind pushing the coven vaccinations and who are those stakeholders well obviously bill and Melinda Gates Foundation by bill basically controls
252.46 the world health Organization So you Wonder how they able to use a one world type government to control what we're doing in Australia it's very simple so
260.46 the world Health Organization as a corpse a criminal organization and it's not government organization was set up and it's a bunch of vaccine cronies
267.3 don't take My Word for it let's listen to the European part emotion put through European Parliament back in two thousand and ten if you actually bothered to
273.9 stand for this idiocy like inadvertently I did cited study are very easy gun authored books and spoke at conferences develop doctors and scientists around
282.42 will speak on topics such as the Florida Vaccine industry so I do have some expertise in in highlighting some facts about this industry and of course it
290.77 wasn't very trendy and easy going to come out rich entire career exposed fraud in one of the biggest industries on the planet that's pharmaceutical
297.16 industry that emotion put through European Parliament clearly stated it clearly clearly stated that the AH Drugmakers I Vaccine makers have
309.34 dangerous levels of influence over the world health organization in two thousand and ten a new history they tried to hype a normal flu strain out of
317.31 South America into a global pandemic room and besides one and they got caught out didn't get away with it that's why Billy Boy Gates and is vouching the
325.71 other vaccine craze that are involved in making billions why killing millions a new documentary I'm working on and releasing frustrated S review that's
334.14 killing billions making millions and I dare say pfizer a sponsor that work is that they are that's that's why they had the definitions of a pandemic changed
345.32 for those people your friends or family to understand that they had a chance that you could catch cases and wonder why and the how to count a few other
353.42 changes so that next time they try this little Globe global pandemic splash damage scam in late two thousand and nineteen they're more likely to get away
360.86 with it and they have so far can you believe that so event to our one that was holding a couple of months before they release to announce we have a
368.72 pandemic because without the media the mainstream media which they own control as funded by Big Pharma their advertising dollars in shareholder you
376.68 such they own so you go what is the media exposing this are why would the foxes guarding the henhouse tell you the fucking truth they never going until you
384.87 choose a mainstream me because mainstream is bought soap and owed by the globalists the stakeholders the people that are making billions by
391.89 killing millions of that just sounds like a conspiracy theory some of your sleepy friends might say but yes why they go back to pull listening to the
400.47 conspiracy theories they're conspiracy theory that hasn't been proven to be true The covert is is deadly pandemic and we need a rush to market deadly
407.65 dangerous and ineffective unproven untested Ludicrous Insane Globe medical experiment a drags her into drugs disguised the vaccine to save US all say
416.86 the question is why do these stakeholders want us to take the vaccine it's not inadvertent it's deliberate true because if you didn't want to risk
426.55 killing a lot of people let's say you had a really bad pandemic and it was going to kill everyone like we first thought when covert come out right then
433.94 you go shit events of fifty percent plus chance you're going to die of something unless we take a rush to market vaccine then you might go let's weigh up the
442.73 risk how many have died from the vaccine and take take the pants joey the fact that Jets Giant is so remote that you walk outside more chance we'd struck by
450.98 lightning and dive of covert there actually dying covert you know to say I'm dropping dead in the streets from covert are no it's alright for you
458.12 strange as bad overseas is Bullshit bullshit There's no-one on the planet dropping dead end streets from code no one ever has no one ever will but you'll
469.23 already have seen plenty of people in you know friends dropping dead oh dropping down sick from after taking the vaccine many already a day so I don't
478.2 know a single person that's tried of code not a single person come I know some people that had family friends believed that and covert but they didn't
486.57 because there's no PCR test to detect what coven is The counting all the food as plus sounds and cottages a combination of fluids rebranding of flus
495.24 see they can't say covens is really deadly strain but then count all the flu deaths and all the other people living been murdering with ventilators and
503.61 withholding either victim and treatments it can easily deal with the cold and flu common cold the kind of vases are so either is it is all the fluids rebranded
513.39 that's why we worried about it then you know people die of the flu every year it's not just really good deadly bio weapon made out of Wu han by Voucher
522.18 Code why are they arrested and two it hasn't gone that far hasn't killed that many people he's not particularly deadly not deadly enough to warrant taking
533.64 something that experimental that is extremely deadly so the poor sleepyhead sleepyhead friends that are lining up for the job they don't know there's
541.5 almost one million dead already from the vaccine is closing on one hundred some people reported this we know Harvard say is a shining before the current vaccine
550.47 anyone who tend to said arrogant report the adverse reactions you have many pages a doctor has to feeling to report an adverse reaction or deaths from the
558.12 vaccine and then I dismissed as being reported a hobby any half the doctors don't even know about vase and CDC or whether it's report and then you have
567.99 the regulators that are meant to protect and save US from these Dodgy products such as the CDC TJ They're the ones sparking fires as products and Madonnas
578.43 and Astra Zeneca hang on a minute they're meant to be the regulators to stop any dangerous products getting past the government into your hands into your
586.11 body but they're the ones that go Yeah take it take it don't take it so you have the mainstream media I hadn't bought by Big Pharma you have the
593.46 government and the politicians have minions their are performance bonuses to get you jad you have doctors has been paid commissions to get you jabbed and
602.13 the regulators earn money royalties like the CDC from vaccines of course no conflict of interest there so Who's protecting you Who's protecting
614.93 the poor innocent unsuspecting naive gullible people that watch tune in to the idiot box and the box presenters that if I had also just broke the
624.56 advertised product immediate health ministers who guess where they take it or we just take the advice the chief medical officers where the fuck do you
634.05 think the chief medical officers take the advice from Guess who world health organization which is run by who according to
643.41 the motion put through European Parliament by drugmakers Vaccine makers at Dangerous levels of influence and Billy Boy Gates is the largest single
654.45 donor and donor by size of countries you think he pays four hundred million dollars a year the world health organization to be told Watch what he
662.97 can do so gates and fancy cut their teeth on the AIDS scare back and new years ago that's when they learned to lie with statistics and how to turn
670.95 things into a global pandemic but just expand the definition you could die by AIDS to get the graph got a bit like enron remember that company enron
677.46 inflating their profits I mean these are global scale it's not just about making billions but what to all these stakeholders that are pushing so heavily
686.01 for the Vaccine all have in common you figure it out I'm going to suggest to you we figure it out It is not to increase the world's population as a
697.76 clue for you all these stakeholders all believe in Eugenics and depopulation now you suggest in Jamie is designed to depopulate the planet I didn't have to
707.66 suggest that you just have to ask questions go do your research why are they pushing it so hard see in nineteen seventy six Swine flu pandemic come out
716.51 Swine flu Pandemic you've got study is now factcheck this on YouTube sixty minutes expose A they highlighted very clearly very clearly now after they
728.26 forcibly vaccinated Americans I lied to people swine flu was as big bad things and it kills them if some fucking virus was killers kill Us and wipe US off the
737.77 planet we wouldn't be at seven point nine billion people as my successful species ever on this planet true the greatest threat you have to humanities
749.26 fellow humans they will kill you The idea that some Jerk could come along and wipe US out it's just absurd you wouldn't be fucking alive today that was
760.6 the case that that was possible you can't get viruses in new unless they're injected into what do you think of vaccines are four why did he get traded
769.63 vaccines you study the history of vaccines not a single vaccine on this planet has ever been properly safety tested has ever been proven to be
776.71 necessary or effective That's a whole new China to Turkey but I'm a fucking expert on this initial study the fraud listen to some of the smartest fucking
784.56 people on the planet doctors and scientists to speak out about this and hope you write my book So I do know a thing or two about it and that's why not
791.61 many million dollar challenges her for years because I know to fuck and fraud all vaccines are fucking troll but know to bleed that right now you just have to
798.45 focus on the Code vaccine they designed to inject viruses inches and that's what vaccine to be doing for seventy fucking years
807.42 Seven seven dark cancer whether you think these cancers are made in a fucking lab funded by the Rockefeller Foundation we by the way is the largest
816.38 stakeholder behind Bill Melinda Gates Bill for Models he's foundation on the Rockefeller Foundation the Rockefeller Foundation if You Don't know Check out
826.34 the history own Western Medicine so you Poor Doctor friends who think they went to med school actually went to a Rockefeller Propaganda School total
836.49 fraud such as germ theory by Louis Pastor who admitted on his deathbed was a fraud is paid by the Rockefellers to say that you know look up the contagion
845.13 is but you can study all these things the point being after twenty five deaths desk forcibly vaccinated by Swine flu Pandemic in nine seventy six one
851.55 thousand injured they stopped the rollout the vaccine from the public outrage than a up to twenty five deaths this time and I start to two hundred
858.6 fifty two an hour thousand and twenty five thousand two hundred fifty thousand I don't Think they're going to stop at a million deaths which is going to happen
864.18 in next few weeks I'll the op too close to me in because only one to ten percent of your important device or TGI and you know there's already over five six
873.87 million reported injuries and reloading and fifty sixty me and I will be one hundred mean before Chris was injured half seriously but this is nothing to
881.1 what's coming I can tell you folks I will not be out of a can a body bags to bury people are Gonna die from this vaccine now cause they've already I can
888.99 tell you what the future conspiracy theories are they'll say this is conspiracy theory or variants in a bar the Greek alphabet to come up with
895.26 variance because I already knew the people that die the vaccines that's what various other death and address injuries or trade from the stuff that's put into
902.69 ejected into that's what they're are so once again we were already been proven true about that say claim all these variants and I keep hyping it so if you
911.18 get yourself educated you will never ever touch a code vaccine all that any family touch it how many how many people must die now
920.21 also you could you understand what they doing this is how bad desperate these stakeholders are to cover up their lives in Sydney is now being reported in
927.95 Sydney they are giving either victim the banned drug cheap alternative can cure anyone that has code easily has been very effective many countries was banned
938.95 in Israel many other countries now we don't know why it's banned so you don't understand the full picture of Who's running the world here and how it works
945.76 you you're not going to figure it out you think it's about covert and you can scratch your head like oh we just have to stay locked down another week another
951.55 week fuck is you're not getting out for another three and a half years this will go on two march two thousand and twenty five and so you are anywhere in the city
958.78 like I told my friends in Melbourne a year ago Tilley in Sydney to leave some someday many do I'm telling my Friends now in Southeast Queensland to get the
968.48 fuck out of it you're going to be locked down like every capital city in Australia now that is your overseas they get a raise a total fucking joke which
976.82 it is I can tell you that's a bad news coming to you what's happening in Australia as a test case what they're going to roll out around the world
983.81 starting October onwards Why We're Northern Chemistry hates into widget said it so you think the summer people who join some of them big told take the
991.02 bags and things go back to normal they've got a lot of people out a little bit as we told them in September that allow sydneysiders out and will be in
996.42 Melbourne people you know the lockouts lockdowns will end in lockups that the lockdowns lockouts sorry for the Vaccinate which will soon become law
1005.36 cops with their plan to go let that the poor silly a cheap that took the back saying think they're going to get some freedoms back right They've given us a
1013.76 little bit of their freedoms back when we already know the amount of people get vaccinated will get back it spreads the viruses to every nook and cranny of
1020.75 society that's how they get it to every all century ago that would have never spread would never been an issue isn't a fucking issue but the vaccines are I
1028.49 mean that's a turn of falsified pandemic into a real one you fucking January one and pupils are are then and people who how many people taking a second shot at
1036.17 fucking sit and a year but I'm so Glad I did So I'm doing My part for the planet well done to do your part to pay if you
1042.63 want to be a fucking fertilizer for Daffodils and National parks the planet well good fucking on you but I'm sure you had a purpose when you come in and
1049.26 that's just fucking purpose will fuck right off the planet Yeah sorry to be brutal but there's some people are they worth fucking saving we don't have time
1057.15 to save everyone say those smart enough to know that the fucking Titanic Santa hit the Icebergs and it's going to start going under let them keep drinking at
1065.94 the fucking bar and post some fucking social media how fucking cool they are because they took their second bucket shop i Guarantee You're Talking I take a
1072.09 six shot most of why be operated their instagram accounts as well be fucking dead well before they get their sexual Israel right now the most highly
1078.51 vaccinated country on the planet is now introducing a fourth shot so remember that Meme I was going out triple batches turning on the double vaccines can't
1085.26 wait for that already had the poor fucking triple batches about to be turned on by the quad boxes united of surge joke on every level but Unless we
1095.83 break the mass psychosis or mass hypnosis we need to get about seventy five percent of people wake up now the good news sadly many of those are taking
1102.97 a jab at now not wanting to take a second job or third job because they fucking know it's making them sick so it's only a small percentage you're
1110.53 gonna be so down there Girl I'm going to keep on taking the jobs they can react six jabs a year so what how many fucking
1115.96 job so where should you be I would get the fuck Outta cities globalization is dead cities are dangerous you going to be surrounded by dead and dying people
1123.37 you've Gotta be locked down and forcibly vaccinated Okay they will lock down South East Queensland now cause I'm trying to lock down the Holocaust ever
1130.36 there's not enough fucking results no sixty five thousand police officers in this country at fifty thousand defense personnel wants is trying to get grow
1136.48 some fucking balls and every people and every country there is no way they can stop and could contain us all EV comply you will die a view conform you'll
1146.35 realize too late that you're wrong you'll take the job and you're fucking moron sorry if that upsets you i'd take a fucking second one and you might want
1154.71 this they can take one you might have a chance of survival take a second shot you're the first shot thirty percent are fucking placebos that I know that so you
1162.15 might have got away with executive and are people going I took a jab and I'm not fucking Dead yet you know so great testimonials count little mention
1169.02 checking out the good kind look at the Google reviews of the Vaccine I'm sure They'll Fucking Great so the point being folks is where is this all heading well
1179.19 you don't need me to tell you do was you can fuck can figure it out where it's Haiti I've told you where it's heading twelve months ago go back and watch my
1186.39 fucking videos and other people speaking out and you'll fucking see what's plan not because we have a crystal ball because we are obviously up to one and
1193.05 psychology for twenty years so I understand human psychology and mass psychosis the mass hypnosis half the populations under my watch the fucking
1199.59 idiot box and there's strong psychological attacks that we put up put place upon them the masses were and some so-called smart people so counts but can
1208.2 see it's in plain sight all around us it's like Watching I watched the matrix again last time it's been a matrix we're living in two worlds half the population
1216.64 can see what the fucks going on the other half as I Go for my six billion plugin six PM news daily dose of bug and mainstream conspiracy theories and then
1225.34 take every girl's is a conspiracy theory as they fucking saw the conspiracy theory that how many cases today another thousand cases of New South wales there
1235.87 thousand cases of fuck yo a bubbly nothing with cases from the day before day before that and they're tested with falsified PCR Test kit which can
1245.19 determine between flu and go but as you know that a death or three deaths oh do not ask for the fucking autopsies I guarantee not a fucking from covert what
1254.82 they are in Australia as I said they're getting vaccinated patients either a Sydney hospital right now to try and keep them alive the opportunity to have
1262.93 taken the vaccine dying because fucks up their stat The poor people that are unvaccinated they had put them on ventilators ventilators fucking kill you
1271.77 why do you think they put him on so this is information so the chief medical health officer if you want to figure this out takes its orders from fucking
1278.67 way from the world fucking health organization which is run by drug spooking vaccine priorities bill gates and is funded and directed by the
1288 Rockefeller Foundation and all those people believe in Eugenics Depopulation Justification Don't Know I've got that just goes we follow the advice and June
1295.37 Doctor Medical officer to book a medical Officer Joseph was at work and who advocate who was a drugs broker that wants it might be it's killing fucking
1304.13 me and so if you to fuck and figured this out yet well I'm sorry take the fuck and jack fuck all so at least we can cite people are worth fucking citing
1312.59 okay so these fuckers think they can take over the world and they are via the idiot box but they knew about ten years ago the league The global so that they
1321.97 had to push very rapidly now to do what they're doing otherwise I'd never have a chance to control the world ever again because we'd see this through this fast
1328.87 and so many of US are waking up so many population thinks the Internet and even social media is hardly contain the truth
1334.81 like right now they would like to fuck and banned me of social media others right a hat is my third instagram account by the way we used to get three
1342.1 to five hundred thousand views just put a single video like this where now this will struggle to go to two three four five thousand The Facebook pages and
1351.12 Delete multiple them get to me and use them up so We'd already had the most traffic news side strain s review in Astray already you would already have
1359.7 retained me and views for any bad of me because they're so heavily censored etc but what's good about these folks is that people are finding out the truth
1370.32 they want to find the truth so be careful who you trust we trust strangers on TV that a paid one hundred Grand a year to spruce debbie products
1379.17 to you you Trust your politicians and got a bose speaker and I said craig Kelly or George Christensen or you know a few rare few others in our country and
1389.05 America around the world that are speaking to you know people at risk their life and they created to speak up you know I was targeted by the deep
1396.95 state in two thousand and fourteen two thousand fifty coincidentally after launching strange aspect of you after watching a political party to try and
1404.12 create political change realizing that you What the globalists were going to do not knowing the extent they do doing how
1410.37 rapidly they do they try to do this in two thousand and ten we've had an extra ten years of living alive that it had it got away in two thousand and ten but
1419.22 they are desperate now why because in two minutes find out the truth there's more of Us there is them that's why they want to delete many of us that you're
1427.68 less of us so there's an article on strike Yesterday we learned this many years ago running it again check it out and unused copy that search is a search
1435.48 function that on deagle Depopulation are Diego predicted strays population by two thousand and twenty three I believe two
1442.72 thousand twenty five so to do dropped about ten fifteen me and attend me in decline much worse in Europe and the United States of America sixty percent
1450.37 plus decline we can never understand why these population figures are all extracted from CIA intelligence agencies different government websites etc so
1458.17 it's incredible sight right it merely military contractors have use these sites for years now of course it had it removed in recent times too much truth
1465.34 as I found out about it but We have the we have the article there any evidence of that so if your family and friends taking the job they volunteer to be one
1473.12 of the ten million Australians will be exterminated and dead by two thousand and twenty five now coincidentally they didn't say what would kill all these
1479.99 people but we now know now it ties in with the three batteries average life expectancy of the vaccine will take about two christmassy and eighty percent
1487.07 of the population supposed to be vaccinated entries from that is that two thousand and twenty five year so The economy is estimated to shrink by
1498.34 seventy five percent over that timeframe so we're talking major economic collapse as well we can see that useless eaters
1504.34 and the leap that one is don't need Us they have A I they have robotics coming and it's a last desperate chance of getting full control the world see they
1513.01 don't actually control the way they control and they've been able to control the narrative so what you do is create a reaction so we shared a reaction any get
1520.57 the people support you create a problem I covert have the solution I have vaccine Okay problem get a reaction which is the fear and in the solution
1530.43 the vaccines you create a problem like global pandemic solution is take taken vaccine and you know you create reaction out of fear and I'll take solution just
1540.75 like they you allow the Japanese and Japanese have bombed pearl Harbor and didn't warn the American soldiers of Pearl Harbor that was slaughtered by the
1549.63 the bombing because they wanted that to happen the globalists wanted that happens deep state want that to happen why because in the American people would
1556.23 support America going into the War I mean there's a typical the weapons of mass destructions a lie to September Eleventh Yesterday in America I mean if
1564.94 you believe the official narrative that My God you believe anything you believe looking Yeah global warming theories that try and sell same people sell the
1571.33 same lies at the same outcome they want one more government while Moore County one Ward army and they want to control every aspect of your life track you like
1580.18 a Chinese social credit score that's what the digital vaccine passports are ETC so here's what you can do a couple of solutions you can go to global
1587.81 economic form any businesses in Australia now they want to ban the unvaccinated so if You're outside a restaurant they ban you so like Virginia
1594.68 Virginia's why you they just go to global economic forum I think it's global Economic forum Dot Org ID I think they'll get Show Your Senators who can
1603.08 promote it as a global economic forum and so it's it's a compete against the World Economic Forum So it's not people for the people not for profit force for
1611.18 good to expose the World Economic Forum Cost Schwab which is pushing the Great Reset Agenda so global economic forum supports a Greater Waco it's a good
1618.39 glass okay It's one of US so You'd go there and you can quickly enter the name of the business at email etc They'll be issued a legal warning letter from
1627.15 global economic form that they don't publicly state and reverse their policy of banning and backside from the restaurant that they will face costs
1633.96 actions and IB report to human rights Commission etc so you have put your power back in the hands of you and you can these businesses that will get so
1643.85 the fines they will be levy and you also tell him that fines levied by the government out worth the paper written on there not enforceable they're illegal
1650.36 so are but they're Gonna be fine of ten fifteen twenty thousand whatever if they joined badly the Vaccine we just go view
1656.39 ban as unvaccinated he's one of the army report you right now so less you and you're Gonna get a warning and unless you reverse your policy then you will be
1665.81 Ah you will be facing class actions that will make their fine issued that you don't have to pay by the government seem puny in comparison so we have to use
1673.77 what they're using and use it back against them so it makes sense you can do that the CFP eyes and other not for profit are the good guys been set up
1680.37 we've been asked to help promote CFP I would put them similar isn't it that's a code for bureau of investigation you can
1686.34 actually put any politician celebrity entrepreneur or anyone that's out there pushing the covert fraud and pushing the global medical experiment on people you
1694.56 can report them and they'll also be issued with legal letters and I warn that I see some publicans announce a global medical experiment in a full face
1703.01 of crimes against humanity so I guess you can report our schools can you put squishing a report unions etc and organizations so yes you can report
1712.43 schools on the global economic form as well there as well so more and more and this is Gonna go out they will be named and change as well they unless they
1720.98 reverse their policies you Gotta use people pressure remember there is more than us there's not enough police there's a tipping point have enough
1728.28 people wake to be wise about one hundred thousand Euros buys and they can't go on You're going to build pointing said it's
1734.01 already they can't Kadjar over the fifty percent of population and says we're not ever going to take a jab in jail they can't force it to it's up to us we
1744.75 control our future we control human destiny to be right and having I Can't do I think going to change the world Yes you fucking can you I'm saying everyone
1753.58 of collected individually we can't do by ourselves but individually we will take a stand and collectively we changed the
1759.54 pocket well that's how it works so you do fucking change the world you had the power to change the world by simply by being an example of a good human by
1767.94 being educated be in the true speaking the truth speaker have encourage you all going to fucking die one day so you Gotta die with Honor We Gonna die like
1777.33 these Mother fuckers they destroy your life what you have let you take the fucking Vaccine you will fucking die I'm sorry an agonising a horrible death so
1787.22 just don't fuck and take it on no many family friends who wouldn't listen to you have taken it to get better at influencing people my parents were never
1793.88 fucking take it I'm saying because I have most certainly more ability for US resume to influence everyone but I can fuck and influence a lot more people
1802.46 because I certainly about I know the fucking truth are certainly influences people if you don't have enough credibility family friends they're not
1810.82 going to fucking listen to your get more fucking credibility how'd he do that get most certainly get more knowledgeable now in detail get better at influencing
1819.67 other people okay now I can be very brutal at times but I'm doing that deliberately why because I need to break the intervene in a massive noises and
1828.88 why help everyone someone you're going to fucking dig the Ego themselves killed but That's what I'm trying to do that forcing people to er they don't do it or
1837.14 that I can take the job they know the consequences of taking see forcing people to be honest with themselves so they can't live in this Lol lol lead or
1843.38 no I'm just going to take to travelers job you know that's what they're calling it take to travel a job so you can fucking travel across borders or
1849.26 overseas the only fucking travel on you be taking you to take a jab is six foot fuck and under so come to land down under Yeah down on that not fucking
1857.33 Australia six foot fucking Yeah that's the only thing is jobs will get you it's like to some of the full World War fucking one in in Europe right now these
1866.46 poor people think they've got freedom because I took the job they fly land join your pizza enjoy fucking last European summer for a while folks
1872.82 because witches fucking coming and northern hemisphere oH shits Gonna break loose a total fucking disaster so you need to prepare for that get your money
1881.55 out of banks stop fucking support the rothschild fake Jews printing fake fucking money that's how their own hearts don't worry about going fucking
1888.48 bright WE create a whole new fucking currency where we have the resistance built a world coin that's already operating there's a lot of people around
1895.7 the world supporting it now so that's going to support the resistance we can create our own fucking money it's called battery effectively with technology you
1903.56 don't need fear Council you've got to destroy currency and make great recent area if you're speaking about covert you can afford to keep you fucking money in
1909.83 the Bank Academy Yeah I've had multiple Counts for and I know We've had so many stories of people speaking about covert in Australia Particular Westpac's one of
1916.91 the worst mother fuckers Closing People's Bank accounts so don't take your money is going to be safe in the bank so won't be on the same pull out
1924.07 all your money I'm saying it's a bug in Cashout Get ninety Days' worth minimum food aside sell you fucking house in the city now and buy acreage in the fucking
1932.68 country that's what the smart money's he's been doing for a year that's what I've done you just bought a farm up here and launch our first fucking ECo escape
1941.95 ECO resorts we've got creates running water you know looking to buy a fucking Ireland We do whatever we Fuck you have to board a plane so you can fucking help
1952.56 rescue our family and you fly get the fuck out of here anywhere in a hurry have a fuckin bunkers you some of the wealthiest people on the planet built
1961.29 bunkers years ago they actually fleeing to the bunkers now they know what the fuck is coming that vaccinated what thirty forty five percent of world's
1968.7 population that's the greatest humanitarian disaster comes not from from fucking falsified pandemic but from the biO weapon the vaccine is so We have
1977.07 to accept reality if it sounds too hard to believe all this I understand but you have to accept you have to accept had they I will have they not ejected a
1987.24 large percentage the world's population with a global medical experiment if you didn't want to kill a lot of people you wouldn't Russia you pick on fuck in
1994.32 Tasmania or some and poor little while now don't mean you should do that that will be safer pick on a small group of fucking people if you really did we're
2002.36 doing it to save people There's nothing in these vaccines stop fucking covert they're not nothing it doesn't stop car is not designed to stop code is not
2010.7 going to fucking vaccines he should they be having a vaccine debate should you take a vaccine for you not a fucking vaccines the deadly experimental drugs
2019.25 designed to fucking kill you I repeated three years some people dropping dead as soon as I had it but they cut out two deadly because then you'd associate
2029.3 people drop dead three weeks later God died that correlation imagine three years later he dropped it for anything cause you got full spike protein are you
2038.42 a factory within Yourself okay then You're Gonna Die Fuck in Your immune system was shot below the trigger so those asking our world kind of put
2048.69 the Lista I put I'll put the link up but obviously if a fascist book as soon as it was launched Yeah list in January this year for those asking about that
2055.95 etc was launched a year or even that soft launch a fascist book it was already banning The websites So You can go to Our World Queueing C O M C O I
2067.31 edited our Coin Dot Org you can go read all about that that's the resistance kind a new currency that we're all supporting intimate a pity independent
2076.01 media partners have been advised to and supported a big fan of crypto I mean I that I know my history has on the vessels is on the planet right up So I
2084.65 predicted the Crypto boom So I'm pretty fucking good at predicting trends so it doesn't want to bet against Me Good Fucking a lot you know I will not
2093.43 because I Nice Yeah I'm so fucking smart is because while we know what the Lobster Fuck and Pleiades who can just read it to you like a fucking plan and
2099.82 also no human psychology what's going on so we are fighting back we are building the institutions who work in fucking around the clock I'm hearing more and
2107.08 more stopping the things that we do Australian national Review but if you if you want to volunteer and hope as you know we can you your volunteers often
2114.04 end up getting paid work Yeah but we need more people to share articles you get a hundred bucks a week we just do you in Sweet couple hours a day five
2123.93 hours a week of sharing articles we have pay will pay a hundred bucks a week just going to our telegram threads message you somehow and we'll get details to
2132.36 unique are doing that we need people were looking for people that are good at presenting on our Instagram there's a lot of people out there are that they've
2138.66 been good at presenting with to train more news nightly news shows so we have your move into a food news channel and because the greatest fear that the
2147.9 resistance has is his folks he's a solid gray sphere that the globals have is a well organized and well funded resistance where they have encountered
2156.87 have thought about is about how are having a well funded independent media networks around the world and that's what we're building and without partners
2164.76 etc so folks there there's a lot like lyft in in the human spirit we can win this war but we must accept reality what we're facing is a new one of the
2173.52 greatest crisis humanity we're facing right now have to to mon population is watching football you know there's so fucking deluded Why they've been wiped
2182.02 out and exterminate the parking posts about it on Instagram I took my Checked second Fuckin shot I mean how fucking stupid can people be you know a bit and
2190.93 I'll be posting about after fifty six fucking shoppers are be fucking dead it was never got anyone shot we know that Sir
2200.53 I'll be doing a negative report is another episode coming up have an up Tonight Bucks Check Us Out Australian National Review Anna News dot com we
2209.38 also have news sites around the country they are Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth Tasmania Hobart North Queensland's sunshine coast and we are
2217.48 launching more global news sites we need more reporters if you want to be a reporter I will put you on a trial is Yeah we can pay you in crypto the moment
2225.81 some people they can move up and we take an unpaid roles so you can do your bit united we stand divided we fall but each
2232.27 individual we have the power it don't take what can I do to change the world you can fuck into everything how do you change the world don't take the fucking
2239.11 job get educated speak out be a good human and make contribute and help other people we can't save everyone okay and some people choose of a spiritual level
2250.75 you believe it probably chose their part that's okay but we are need to help those who deserved to be awakened deserved to know the truth is they don't
2258.85 want another tree to fucking ignorant and arrogant let's say problem okay The world had to change anyhow it's going to fucking change so but let's build a
2268.41 better world let's push Our Agenda we have a two horse race at the moment a workhorse but race events into the Great Reset Agenda and the not exactly being
2277.17 subtle about what they got plans are BK so you have to trust your intuition you must do research and trust people you trust people that are actually risking
2286.44 their lives to save your ASS don't trust fucking Dodgy TV presenters on the Idiot Box Dodgy Fucking Idiot health minister
2294.29 as Dodgy politicians Charlatans and covert fuck and fraudsters that are making billions killing your fucking killing millions and we don't believe
2303.8 the bullshit all the adverse reactions are rare Junk science how the fuck would they know what what percentage adverse reactions is they're going to have
2310.91 fucking six months strategy it let alone twelve months three years five fucking years and they are hiding a people people why will people speaking out
2318.62 there if someone's I know is direct the vaccine What happens if destroyed and be happening around the world and New Zealand if you want your teenagers or
2326.69 anyone in your family members dies with vaccine you will be put on a suppression order by destroying police a gag order and you speak out that they died the
2335.81 vaccine you're going to fucking jail that's how come you you don't know about it's in the pfizer's fucking contracts the government has to cover up adverse
2343.79 reactions and disc that's why they are part of the fucking contract they can't they let out a few to make it as ago someone died We can't cover whole lot
2352.17 just to make out as adverse this is a tactic they've been of for vaccine two fucking years current vaccines more daily at all the vaccines the history
2358.98 and fucking mankind but for B was paid out before covert compensation how the vaccines are so figured out float today I'm going to go stay tuned we appreciate
2369.78 all your support there is a lot of solutions the global economic forum check them out global economic forum Dot ORG or mention this covert fraud bureau
2378.9 of investigation you can report politicians air global economic form you can report businesses that try begging for being vaccinated and and will list
2388.7 all the others put on Australian S SUv they got all these sites there will be there talking same folks take taking
99999 End



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