Why All The Censoring About Cov?

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00 Augur bad vibes Jamie McIntyre here found a stray in this review were not for profit independent news site out of Australia and being not for profit and
9.61 independent means unlike mainstream media we are allowed to the truth about coat so this investigative series about all things covert this particular
18.55 episode I want to talk to you about why all these censoring have you noticed that we've been censored off our social media platforms not just us but other
29.17 independent media anyone he that dares speaks out about covert now this seems rather strange you would think if code as this really big bad pandemic made out
40.54 to be by mainstream media media and vaccine makers and other stakeholders then why would they be willing to censor anyone that asks a few simple questions
52.75 so does seem rather strange doesn't it so who is doing the censoring why they doing this century that's let's have a look at that in this episode so as far
60.77 as a liberal amount of sensory and as an example for someone like Me as a TV reporter and news journalists and talk show the McIntyre Report and Strain S
69.38 Review we three videos would get three four five hundred thousand views with no marketing within a week or two those same videos now after censoring would
79.31 get maybe two three thousand so censored right down now despite all these sensory I've had multiple pages band on instagram The Facebook were getting me
89.66 into millions of views a month yet we're still one of the fastest growing new sites are still he ever me and readers of Australia and their main site across
97.33 our pot platforms over five million views a month so people obviously want to know about independent media but why is mainstream media and social media
105.1 platforms wanting to censor that each another even censoring people that I've taken the Vaccine and just simply post the honest truth about how it's made
114.22 them sick How about they know love one that sadly died after taking the vaccine now of course if mainstream media is taking millions at some cases billions
124.1 of dollars from vaccine makers and other stakeholders that is a fair chance they're not allowed to actually run stories Oath and social media platforms
132.95 have to actually remove such stories cause it could possibly affect the sales and affect the advertising being spread across social media platforms eG know
142.55 That pharmaceutical companies are the largest advertiser to mainstream media that mainstream media has been in the death throes ever as President Trump was
150.48 removed I see an any look complain about their ratings dropping dramatically and this about no wonder people are sick of paid for advertorials disguised as news
160.71 but when it comes to all things covert if you Dare speak out it's anything other than official narrative they will censor you try it for yourself speak out
168.39 and see how quick meal be censored which follows Australian national Review that news dot com
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