Episode 057 - The Rest of the World Is Watching Australia

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The Rest of the World Is Watching Australia and the Fact Half of Our Population Is Asleep Still Makes Us Look Bad Watch McIntyre Report With Jamie McIntyre on the Web: https://australiannationalreview.com/mcintyre-report-online/ Follow Australian National Review: https://australiannationalreview.com/

00 The counterfeiters facts and opinions a future in L A how line in the sand The McIntyre Reward The brought viewer of investigations
26.32 came about after many police officers members of the Intelligence Community ex FBI agents Libertarians concerned citizens and advocates for human rights
34.81 decided to create an independent dedicated organization with the ability to investigate all levels of government any politician media corruption
43.51 including TV presenters and journalists and importantly the powerful corrupted non-government bodies such as the World health organization the World Economic
52.3 forum The criminal foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Rockefeller Foundation and the Rothschild Foundations involved in the
61.54 Covert role it also has the power to investigate child sex trafficking industry which many of these foundations mainstream media and governments are
69.79 directly involved in or providing cover for the organization is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving the paper and its character enables it to
79.12 investigate criminals in the highest level of Gov media and the criminal elite me back and try here behalf of the McIntyre report he had strained national
89.85 game you can follow Sunaina news dot com Au Australia Australia dot com and you can look at all of our previous episodes over fifty episodes already have the
98.08 McIntyre report up so today what I want to talk about I guess is a company and critical things ah see is that lockdowns in Australia and effectively martial law
108.11 in Sydney you know it seems like half the Australia is awake that this is not about covert this is the Code Is so much a falsified pandemic mean I realized
117.57 that yet as clearly a Trojan horse what now appears to be the greater chilling recent Agenda being pushed by the World Economic Forum other Socials glove was
125.97 been as ah such as Klaus Schwab or George Soros or Bill Gates and oversee them behind that it's a Rockefeller foundation and of course everywhere you
134.79 look today to find the rothschilds involved as well so these are these leaks we shall call the globalist Cabal when you refer to them as they clearly
144.09 are desperate I mean that the recent measures and how far they are pushing it now that more and more people are waking up and for the very first time ah others
152.31 has been awake for some time realizing and we smoked the BS about this some time ago so even if you believe that Kobe is has killed four point to me and
160.39 people and is what they say it is still doesn't want I'll justify pushing out a global medical experiments everyone around the board the same time that's
169.72 unproven on an untested as the test on animals or those animals pretty Much I'd I'd be ineffective unnecessary or insane are dangerous and deadly and just
180.94 ludicrous to suggest that you'd need a global medical spent with his other treatments for covert and that's if they can even prove that the isolation of
187.87 covert others being leant on the challenges not just by myself or by others around the world or to provide a valid a sample of a fruit and isolation
195.55 of the code now has been taken out at twenty three countries now had to have been under freedom of information act was entering court cases are they don't
203.44 actually have The documentation to prove a covert even exist could this can be so big that they just knew are pulled off a
211.95 gigantic scam it appears so Ah you know Sandwich denying covert it's just that he be behind account all the flu deaths as Kobe Dez said what basically what you
221.01 are saying is that colbert is all the flus joined together you can't have it both ways you can't make it out that all these people died when the battery died
229.17 of the flu and other measures and then inside no covert is really deadly strain then suggest the people that you can use a PCR test kit despite the inventor
237.01 clearly saying I carry ballast before he was before he mysteriously died two months before the outbreak of this pandemic or pandemic as many would
246.16 believe that you can't use a PCR test with accurate testing coated I just detect whether any content distinguish between code and an almost a normal cold
254.62 flu Ah perhaps that's all code it is it was made new high levels of bio river which is quite plausible by possible the idea that that particular strain has
264.98 gone are eligible for pine type to me is simply not accurate even the CDC is a beautiful man who quite some time he didn't have to speak with that yet that
272.15 over ninety four percent had two or three more co-morbidities that only six percent actually died a covert and that requires further investigation in the
279.02 early days the national health Institute of Italy coming out and highlighted that as well that early eight eighty nine percent of people they claim diet Coke
285.95 river easily was the first country will put the world into Petty as the before I was just in China and he really believed
291.68 the SaTs in China we thought That The Study AH yet the Western world has overstayed and now I'm mostly people that died in Italy didn't die coded as
300.2 big downgrades less than four percent in Portugal in Lisbon courts have ruled on a zero point nine facilities client data covered seventy thousand to justify
309.74 the claim as she died of covert Am so and people say well we're just lucky here to astray these lockdowns a plating work while really hot day is it so bad
318.35 overseas while in the UK with he's been really bad so many desk how many tests that age sixty five no code beatty's have actually got a coat of less than
325.89 three hundred and fifty so the idea that this is a pandemic is clearly falsified or its height and the ever seen such a marketing exercise for a pandemic
336.35 pandemics year he's away he also tested Repentance a real pandemic and guarantee was real pandemic and so deadly are the media nor the government would tell you
344.76 Ah how bad it is I would even tell you at all or they would hide the truth from you or when they're pushing her scrutiny so much than you should always be
351.72 skeptical In Australia was it took them the last episode that so with a pathetic that Dodgy nop tactics used by the disciples health Minister Brad Health
360.77 Hazard as a refer to him as AM I'd say go for gold if you've got an opportunity to get your shots scientists are manipulating with Dodgy Car Salesman
370.88 type tacky Speaker drugs were eager to push a dodgy experimental drug so hard and heavily on Utah Street as of now Savvy to have already passed away god
379.91 knows how many more will and how much that will spin that Beatty's screen of the political spin to cover the South I mean this is outraged that this is
386.38 actually happening and that it is returning to what we call a conspiracy theory channels such as CNN BBC A B C illustrates a seven nine ten and as will
396.94 then all you Gotta hear you listened to the idiot box and any rocks presenters is the conspiracy theory that code is is crazy pandemic is Gonna kill everyone
405.19 and that's why we must vaccinate everyone very quickly and creating a drivers are pushing through a divide explanation of the verse that those
413.98 aren't vaccinated this is not even a vaccination pro Vax Anti Vax debate because these like this experiment drug the size of vaccines are not vaccines so
422.71 we shouldn't be having a debate on our vaccines pro Anti Vaccine they simply not vaccines are experimental drugs that cure all the animals that were tested on
430.9 they skipped animal to probably animal testing strategy humans you behave a Guinea pig yet some people feel the day that the need to be part of the hook so
438.19 strong that thou rush out now and take the job When the rest of them dying or private is less than buck and finding actually to drive to the vaccination
447.45 centers are in a car they ought to die in the car so much higher than ever died covert to the risk their life with an unproven are rushed to market
457.53 unnecessary effect Gemini and dangerous covert vaccine which isn't even a vaccine experimental drug protected against stuffing the chessmen die is
465.36 less than dying struck by lightning and it just zero rationality that so if you know anyone that's taken The jap or they can't be intelligent take a job the same
475.03 time is simply impossible how can be a rational thinking human being and tight I'm going to weigh up the pros and cons of taking a so-called vaccine there is
484.72 no probes that it stop Kovac noted stop transmission Gotta know what for it is there said you have a pros and cons list and decide take the job please send into
494.53 the migratory reports we'd love to see your priceless because we can't think of a single probe of taking the job since a to talk the alerts these people are
503.66 taking the job done on AUG sixty thousand people have already died at sixty and address rashes as these the recorded address fresh out of university
510.86 studies a shirt and officials have also had to be that less than ten percent one ten percent adverse reactions are ever reported on the global health
519.23 organization which don't confuse the world health organization is actually the long dropped one AH the not for profit settle up unfounded it to compete
526.52 against the world Health organization which has been corrupted by Bill Gates and his vaccine quantities Skylight and over six hundred thousand is a best
533.76 estimate how many have already died at a private job eg the over sixty men aged fifty percent of the series the agent they have come out recently the
541.08 state-run press release highlighting that they expect that by with thirty six months to be a one hundred d test as the best estimate way the current dots
551.49 coming in on the desk right now between ten and one hundred being Desperate code vaccine and are between two hundred fifty one beer turned fifty one billion
560.55 injuries are serious as far as aged for life serious injuries from his last Gotta be two one billion in thirty six months I've also add a disclaimer
571 sanctuary it could be much more than this and this could destroy a Western society not just the brain the western medical system because it would not be
578.77 enough doctors left alive or nurses to be able to treat this may really don't have any treatments without a vaccine we had to trick coded are displayed to
586.6 treatments such as either victim and Hydro costs of Hurricane had been proven numerous study after study but they've been banned and the reason they have
593.59 been bad you know where that is that they couldn't rush through under emergency powers and unapproved vaccine are really experimental drug I e those
601.06 alternative treatment so they had to ban those treatments and even pfizer be caught up in their contracts are basically Benny goblets from Abu
608.53 highlight any adverse reactions to death at why this and also by banning them from using these other treatments out there This is just outrageous in every
619.13 level so I just really don't understand how anyone could still fall for this blatant code or scammed Ma Pandemic i Friday months now overwhelming evidence
627.8 and it's a fraud on every level you're not going to die coater and they'd better be a dodge punches on off air or highlighting that your if I made any
636.17 advice that we get here at Iowa so that that causes you to die for resulted not take me the goat of Vaccine than you We Will I will personally I give a billion
645.14 dollars to fail That's how certain how much to which we had that did not really diving I take this total backseat so even be a total pro boxer is not a
652.48 doubling of products or anti-vaxxers these are not vaccines but even if you really want to take it is whatever you've found a pro list that someone the
659.04 government propaganda or be upstream has given you as full of BS and you want to take it how many suede three months to wait three months it's going to hurt you
667.11 did you wait three months have you believe it lies by the covert forces that so pathway back to normal by any job well then they they've taken your
674.46 freedom they want to dangle the currently you'll have it back if you believe there lies the lies such as you've a flag and overseas to take it we
681.54 participate in society to take it these allies why would you listen to your abuses that align to are you're not going back to normal they look at the
688.92 countries where most highly vaccinated the evidence is there I'm so clearly and that they don't going back to normal ah they are going to a massive lockdowns
699.24 etc so I simply take the job how you join your your freedom for lockdowns that's right you know so in Australia right now and easy take a look at this
706.51 south park a video highlighting just how crazy it is in New South Wales Sydney Australia he's terrified of catching something from the silver spider's well
716.41 I don't know what you Gotta do Man I'll write an executive order to get you everything you need Haha you there you are violating a mandated
752.68 vapor inside odor put down the snowball and get back record V we've got a record and now you say that this was in I'm actually a fan of South Park we cannot
775.3 argue that is absolutely ludicrous what's going on right here so I say that using omelette du Har your instagram influence of what You'd pay for a lot of
782.17 money but somebody and then you can spruce these dodgy drugs as well the Vaccine polio Vaccine global medical experiment on others and are basically
790.18 hope assist in the murder of those if you wish to do that before he did that let's check out what that this instagram influencer who sadly did that and she
798.73 took the job by the way and then the second Look at this is the sad story but at least she's being courageous now to share her story said she's been jab of
806.55 the Earth as serious injuries and her way of life now so before you take the job design have a look hi I'm brett this is me before I received the maternal
814.81 vaccine May twenty two two thousand twenty one and biomedical science encourages he what's the address of your marketing what's my House I saw a guest presenter
844.58 our is just a case of throwing out so far is going on down the line often gets to the fire rescue okay my entire life changed within those
861.63 minutes IT wasn't just about sticking metal objects on My skin anymore thinking it was Funny I ended up in the hospital for eighteen days three
869.69 separate times Seventeen doctors numerous tests I was diagnosed with Qian re Pericarditis pot Syndrome gastroparesis meningitis and many more
884.54 complications all as a result of the Madonna vaccines even so much pain today I've been crying nonstop didn't realize that this condition comes
903.49 with random pain I'm sure a lot of you saw my daily post in my blogs on Instagram I was showing all of you what was happening to me most were kind but I
915.37 was attacked belittled ridiculed threatened the hospital bras carry into my room to threaten me about posting I didn't know what was happening to my
926.32 body I wanted answers just as much as you did Pain and hurting the doctors at the hospital treated me with such disrespect
937.39 and disregard and didn't call the Neuro team until the Fifth day on My Thursday fifteen hundred pages of medical Records and the only Doctor willing to admit it
947.23 was from the Madonna was the neurologist for finally came in The nose is often said that just got diagnosed with him re have you say from the Madonna shot great
961.39 he demanded that she report my injury to the bail system and the CDC finally finally I was heard and we will home be heard after being treated wi...



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