Pastel John 3:16 Edition of Cross on Hill
This is a depiction of Jesus's cross on a pastel colored hill, with arguably one of the most recognized and concise to the gospel message Bible verses etched in the lower left hand corner. This could be used as a profile picture, etc. All proceeds from this sale will go immediately to a charity (not in BBP, but in USD for the conversion ratio of BBP to USD at roughly the time of the sale). May all glory go to God alone, for He is the creator of all things and the savior of the world in Jesus Christ! I pray that you all will be blessed by Him, and that your relationship with God will only grow! ~ twinkle

Price: 0.15
The Last Supper NFT Collection #02
The Last Supper NFT Collection #02 Rare Digitak Art Collectible Crypto Collection of Judas' 30 Pieces of Coins How much might Judas' 30 pieces of coins be worth today?

Price: 0.99