Notice to All Pool Participants

Due to a technical problem in the PIG pool, which is preventing users from withdrawing, it is becoming too much of a burden to maintain the defi pools.
Effective immediately, I have forced the pools to pay out all deposits back to your social BBP web wallet.
Below, find a list of redemptions:
Budinga=BAS1vHRdRUkDb46kwz5TRRKQjzcf8gWVXx     1,709,814  refund: 2,000,000
sevenseaz=B5YsUVY7pVEi7asuyEee3UNnXYzjGkHn26   42,900     refund: 70,000
CameroonONE=BFptZWuUA64SBUikFYQxhN7xJgEzBY75R3 1,256,000  refund: 1,500,000
fredostr=BFF9Te4CAKreNyJsVZ6xXbLrywW9JKfyio    935,000    refund: 1,250,000 
The pools are now being closed down. I'm sure we will find more innovative ideas to embrace soon such as sidechain NFTs and enhancements to our Portfolio Builder. Best regards, Rob