Why Choose Jesus?

Our sole purpose is to lead those who have not chosen Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior to his grace.

That means, we want to help save souls (from going to Hell!).

Realize men and women, that he is the only way to Heaven.

  • Jesus is the only way, because scripture says so in over 20 places.
  • Jesus is the only way, because he replaced the necessity of sin offerings of the Hebrews (found in the Old Testament).
  • Jesus is the only one clean enough to stand before God and represent Us, those who have been born in sin (he is the bridge). God is too pure to interact directly with us, therefore we need our Savior who is perfect, to be our representative.
  • On Earth, we primarily have Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Satanists, and Atheists. This site's purpose is not to bash other religions. The purpose is to guide you to the one true God.

    See more about Non-Christian religions here.

  • Those in power, of the conspiracy theory called the New World Order, are greatly opposed to Christianity, and it shows in many current initiatives. This is a clear indication, that Jesus, and Christianity IS the true and Correct choice for You. A one world religion consolidates everything that is worldly, and removes the most important elements of the bible, and most importantly removes Jesus. That leaves the world worshiping a false doctrine, which ultimately ends in worship of Satan. Examples of the global initiative to remove the Christian church from society, schools, public events:

    You may work through your life, with the false belief that your works, that is your noble purpose in life, was spent in your own opinion, harmlessly serving your boss, staying away from a life of sin (not getting drunk or lying to others/staying away from drugs), even performing random acts of kindness for others, not fighting with people and having a gentle caring attitude. And then without realizing it, lets say you monitor your 401k and the stock market but you do not take the time to prioritize God in your life. Towards the end of your life you look back and say, I cant possibly go to Hell, I lead an upstanding life! But what you did not do, is explicitly choose Jesus as your one and only God, you did not repent for your sins, and you worshipped your 401k (a false God) above your only true Lord and Savior.

    The above example is an example of what millions of Americans are doing: falling into a trap. You may not realize, the person above is in the same boat as one who fights with relatives, one who drinks until drunk consistently, one who has fornicated and committed adultery, and one who even broke into a house and killed another man and stole everything in the house. Why are they the same? Because we are all born in sin, and those sins cannot be forgiven unless you turn to Jesus, and repent those sins. It is only then that you are washed clean by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ.

    In both of these cases, if those people would repent from their Heart, Jesus will forgive both of those people equally. Both will go to Heaven, as long as they keep a sin free life going forward. If you realize you make a mistake, repent and ask for forgiveness. See our Sins section to find out what sins you are guilty of up to this point. It is also recommended that you pray to Jesus, to reveal your sins to you so it will be clear of some you may have forgotten. God Showed this Man Judgement Day

    Praying to be Forgiven

    It sounds so easy, to be forgiven for all of those sins in your life, and have a brand new start, by the Grace of God. But there is a catch.

    Pray with heartfealt sincerity, faithfulness/believing/expecting the prayer will be answered, unmotivated by lust or greed, while dropping all grudges and forgiving everyone in your life from birth to present.

    Examples of Good Prayer and Mistakes:

    • Pray with sincere emotional depth, being so meaningful that you feel the tears while asking God for his mercy. If it is not heartfelt, God may not recognize the prayer as sincere.
    • Pray with full faith and belief that God will answer your prayer. You must faithfully believe in God in order to receive the blessing.
    • Pray an unmotivated prayer that is not greed or lust based. A bad example is praying for a new car when you have money to afford the car, or praying for an attractive relationship out of vanity.
    • You must sincerely drop all grudges upon others, and forgive everyone in your life, in order to expect God to forgive your sins. ** You are asking God to have mercy on you, and forgive your transgressions. He will have a hard time justifying the mercy on you while you hold grudges on others **.

      A good mental test on this subject is to imagine each of your enemies calling you on the phone and saying "Hi Buddy" its so and so How are you? If you answer the call feeling you have a chip on your shoulder, IE you feel the person does not deserve your love and respect, you have a problem.

      If you feel that call would be different than answering one from your friend or good acquaintance, you have not forgiven that person fully. This is extremely important, because you have sinned through your life, and you are asking God for his loving grace, to wash you clean of Your sins. I dwell on this, because I have seen a few examples of NDEs where this became a problem for people who thought they were saved because they repented, but they didnt forgive others. Remember, in one NDE, a person was brought to tour Hell with Jesus, he saw a sufferer there in Hell that repented his sins, the man asked Jesus then why is he here? Jesus said, that person did Not forgive others when he repented - therefore I never heard his prayers.

      In another example, a man who "saw judgement day" in his vivid dream, Jesus explained to him while being judged that he really did not forgive a woman that he claimed he did forgive, and Jesus said, Then why did you speak to her in a different manner when she called you? At that point it hit him and he realized he did have a seed of hate left in his heart, but he thought on a day to day level he did not carry a grudge for her.

    So my friends you need to go through all your prior relationships mentally and ensure you have fully forgiven those people and will treat those people with a brand new fresh start.

    Steps to go through to make Jesus your Lord and Savior:

    Step 1. If you have never been saved, first Choose Jesus, and pray the sinners prayer.

    Step 2. If you sin after you have been saved, confess your sins to allow Jesus to purify you. (John 1:9). Confessing your sins notifies God that you acknowledge your sins and realize they were poor decisions.