Once saved always saved doctrine is a lie from the pit of hell. This is popularized by those ignorant of the word of God, who seek a cozy and easy lifestyle, or are secretly motivated by demons of Greed, or maybe they are captivated by demons of deception. Either way, it is a dangerous path to be on as it further separates a man from God, as this man has a false belief in Salvation, while the true nature of their robe is as dirty as a filthy rag. Many pastors have positive intentions stating Ephesians 1:13, Sealed by the Blood of Jesus, a promise God won't break, and we agree, it's true that God does not lie and will accept us and does all of the work required to take us to Heaven. However, he requires us to love him (keep his commandments) to be hearers and doers of the word. First, let me cite some ways to guarantee to yourself that you are saved:
    How to know if I am saved
  • Forgive everyone
  • Do not hold grudges
  • Repent of your sins
  • Do not leave any unrepentant sin
  • Be Born again by reciting the sinners prayer and making Jesus your Lord
  • Be Baptized of water and receive the Holy Spirit
  • Follow Jesus' commandments : Love your neighbor, forgive others, repent, care for those in distress
Jesus said in 1 John 2:4, Whoever says I Know Him, but not not keep his commandments is a liar and the truth is NOT in him (No mans works are good enough as they are still as filthy rags). In Matthew 7:23, depart from me I never knew you (workers of iniquity, those who didnt help orphans and widows). Note that one can do miracles in Jesus name, and still be sent to Hell for Jesus did not "know" them. In James 5:20, He that converteth a sinner covers a multitude of sins. In James 4:17, Spread the gospel: “If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them” (James 4:17 NIV).
    Ways you as a Christian can lose your salvation:
  • As a pastor, steal from the church kitty, and dont repent
  • As a pastor, change the word of God so it is more cozy (IE Hell isnt real, Revelations is a fairty tale) to raise more revenue for the church - this is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit if you change the word of God and deliberately preach it
  • As a pastor, have relationships outside of marriage and not repent
  • As a Christian, deliberately commit unrepentant sin
  • As an unrepented unbaptized Christian, to live a lukewarm lifestyle, and not "know" God
  • As a Lukewarm Christian, to believe you are a good person, and dont need to repent for anything, and your works saved you (not Jesus)
  • As a Christian, hold on to grudges and unforgiveness toward men, and find that your prayers of repentance are not heard
    Revisiting some of the misconceptions of God
  • Q: Can a person "Time Salvation", so to avoid hell by partying up to the time they are about to die and then ask for salvation?
    A: Only by God's grace, could someone do that.
    However, the truth of the matter is God says One must be a born again believer, He is the way the truth and the life, one must Know him (to know him means you helped widows and orphans in their distress and kept his commandments), you love one another, you forgave others as the Father will forgive you, you repented of your sins, and you forgave grudges.
    If you were saved, repented, and Knew him, you will be saved.
  • Some stumbling blocks: A person who didnt really care about others (they didnt love their neighbor, they misered their money, they turned a blind eye to those suffering), those holding grudges (the father will not forgive those who do not forgive others), those who are not merciful (how can the father be merciful on your sins if you cant forgive other men), a person who was saved but unrepentant sins (IE the church pastor who stole from the church and didnt repent)-we must repent for our sins first and humble ourselves to be forgiven, one of little faith who believes the Church saves them (and has no true faith in Jesus), the lukewarm (the ones who do not pick up their cross, they were saved once but live like the world) - they arent repentant and humble. Being saved produces fruit, fruit that you can see because there is a change in your life.
  • Are you Saved (Have you given your life to Jesus by reciting the Sinners Prayer)?
  • Are you baptized (Have you repented of your sins and been Baptized and received the Holy Spirit, who helps you live a Holy life)?

    NOTE: If you didnt Repent before you were BAPTIZED, or if you got baptized as a child, most likely you have not really been baptized.
    To be baptized means You REPENT TO JESUS, make a covenant to live as a new man, the old man dies and the new man rises from the water, and the Holy Spirit comes into you. You should be baptized as an adult who made this decision to live for Christ. (Once the Holy Spirit comes to you, things will change! You will feel new every day and will hate sin!)
    Once you have the Holy Spirit, you will want to read the bible frequently and it will make sense.
  • Have you forgiven everyone and dropped all grudges?
  • You should repent directly to Jesus, and Pray for others directly to Jesus (not to bishops or in churches). We are the body of Christ (outside of the church) and therefore we are the church. The church is not God nor is it Jesus. The church is a place where believers can get together for fellowship, but the believer should Live for God every day without relying on a church.
  • It is better to be Zealous for the Lord than lukewarm.

Why is it that Jesus could be coming now, vs in the year 2000?

Q: Haven't we always had the problem of anticipating his coming and being wrong?
A: First, the Bible does command us to anticipate his return, so we should not be mockers. But yes, it also says No man knows the day or hour (but, we could still know the season).
And yes, many have been embarassed and discredited who try to set dates. But profesionally speaking, we should instead look at the signs of his coming, and ask ourselves are we in the season?
First, looking strictly at the signs, out of 30 signs, we have fulfilled 25 of them (we are only missing things that could be fulfilled after a pre-trib rapture: A falling away first (of the faith) 2 Thess 2, They shall deliver you up and kill you - Matthew 24:9, The love of many shall wax cold, The gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world, The abomination of Desolation, Damascus shall cease to be a city, and Ezekiel 38), but note that all of these things could come to pass after a pre-trib rapture.
I think it is more beneficial for us to compare how close we are by asking a different question, how many of these 25 were fulfilled as of 2000, compared to the current year, 2019?
The answer is shocking: In 2000, "In the last generation Israel will be dwelling securely and restored" (Restoration of Israel 1967), The Rev 12 sign didnt occur yet, The star of bethlehem didnt pass over Israel yet, Major prophets didnt claim we were in the end times as they do now, the beast system (the chip for 666) was just getting started, and more.
It is clear that every single sign in the Bible has now been fulfilled except those that have to do with the peace agreement (Israel/Palestine, Trump deal of the Century), the rebuilding of the 3rd temple, Damascus and the falling away, which all could happen very quickly if the Antichrist is revealed Or if a pre-trib rapture occurs. Therefore, the bride should strive to be ready now!

God is not the God of a boring brick-and-mortar church, he is a God for all of us!