Things to Research about the Catholic Religion and the Roman Catholic Church
  • Only the Roman Catholic Church has authority to interpret scripture (CCC100).
    The RCC believes the pope and bishops are the sole magisterium.
    However the Bible says you should pray to receive the Holy Spirit and He will help you understand the scriptures.
  • The Pope is the head of the church, and has the authority of Christ (CCC2034).
    This is in contrast to the Bible teaching that we should not rely on any man to forgive sins, or be a respecter of persons.
  • RCC teaches the Catholic Church is necessary for salvation.
    The Bible teaches that a person may go directly to Jesus, be born again and receive the gift of salvation.
  • RCC teaches Sacred Traditions are equal to scripture.
    In contrast, the bible says nothing about required rites or traditions (other than being born again and baptized) in the new testament.
  • Grace can be merited by the Church.
    In contrast, the bible teaches that only Jesus can forgive sins.
  • Repentance to the pastor in confession and the forgiveness of sin.
    In contrast, the bible teaches that one should confess directly to Jesus, and only Jesus can forgive sins.
  • Praying to Mary.
    In contrast to the Bibles teaching that we are only to pray to our Father in heaven.
  • Purgatory.
    The Bible teaches of heaven and hell, but not purgatory, which is very dangerous as it leads one to believe they may escape hell.
  • Indulgence of Sin.
    The RCC teaches that the church may forgive the penalty of sin through the authority of the power vested in the Catholic Church, in contrast to how the bible teaches that only Jesus can forgive sin.
  • Praying to the Saints and intercession from Saints.
    The bible says to not pray to or for the dead. The Bible only instructs us to pray to the Father.