Pool - About RandomX Mining with Orphan Charity

‣ Welcome to the Future of Orphan-Mining
‣ Orphan-Charity - Fulfilling James 1:27
‣ RandomX Mining with Dual Hash Rewards (BBP + XMR)
‣ User Friendly
‣ Partnering with the highest efficiency orphan charities

We are giving away an extra 500 BBP per block split equally across participating miners who have more than 0 shares in the leaderboard (see Block Bonus).

Speed:393.02 KH/S
Contact E-Mail:rob@biblepay.org
Pool Fees XMR:1%
Pool Fees BBP:0%
Block Bonus:500 BBP Per Block
Build Version:1030
Startup Time:9/19/2022 5:00:21 PM
Job Count:75
Worker Count:129235
Total Shares (24 hours):274686.37422057986
Total Blocks Found (24 hours):41