RandomX Portfolio Builder Bonus - Donations Self directed cryptocurrency retirement accounts

From this page, you can make a free will donation into our RandomX Portfolio Builder Bonus kitty.

This donation will be distributed to our Actively Mining RandomX Miners who are also active Portfolio Builder Participants evenly weighted by their Portfolio Builder Strength Prcentage over 30 days (meaning 1/30th will be spent per day on rewards).

This donation will effectively increase the reward ROI% for every active RandomX Miner who has a portfolio builder position, which will theoretically attract more miners and users to our project.

Once the donation is made you will see the RandomX Bonus ROI% increase here.

Question: What determines my eligibility as a RandomX miner to receive this Bonus ROI in Portfolio Builder?
Answer: You must be mining in the unchained.biblepay.org pool and have earned more than 10 BBP over the last 30 days. To see your current assessment, see the 'RX Performance' column here.

Donation Amount:

Active Donations List (Donations made over the last 30 days that still affect the Portfolio Builder ROI%):
9/10/2022 7:49:52 PM1000000 BBP