Getting Started as a RandomX Miner RandomX Mining with Orphan Charity

1. Download the XMRig Miner

Download the miner from here.

2. Configure the miner with your mining configuration:

Username:Your Monero Wallet Address
Password:Your BiblePay Wallet Address
Command line to mine on windows:
xmrig -o -p your_bbp_address -u your_monero_address.your_worker_name --threads your_thread_count
Note:your_worker_name is optional, but if provided it adds your cpu information per worker to xmrig.
Monitor your workers and Monero earnings in the XMR Inquiry Page
(Optional) - Sample Windows batch file with failover pools (replace the parameters on the first 3 lines with your info) - the idea is to repeat the -o, -u, -p for each pool:
set worker=miner00
set xmr=YourXMRAddress
set bbp=YourBBPAddress
START xmrig.exe -o -u %xmr%.%worker% -p %bbp% -o -u %xmr%.%worker% -p %bbp%