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    About BiblePay Unchained

  • Database operations on this server are done through DSQL (Decentralized SQL). Every insert, update, and delete goes through all of our sanctuaries, with an attached transaction fee (that is burned) and results in a data change. The data is stored in the chain, and, the sanctuaries use instantsend to atomically update the underlying data.
  • Notice that we can support rapid fire changes to the database! Although we have seven minute blocks, instantsend locks each change immediately. To demo this, go ahead and comment on one of the prayers quickly with two comments.
  • This technology is decentralized meaning you can use it too, by consuming the BiblePay DLL. What is the BiblePay DLL? The BiblePay DLL is our way of bringing the powerful features of the blockchain to the corporate c# space! We are making it EASY to integrate with the blockchain. Our goal is to provide one DLL that exposes the rich functionality of the chain in a super easy to use interface. You drop the biblepay DLL on your web server, and now a c# programmer can access all of the hard features the blockchain has to offer at your fingertips. Send a DSQL query, send BiblePay, Receive BiblePay, Run reports, run a storefront, etc. What works today? Today you can write a widget (unchained) and use our DLL to deploy your widget to your web server, and run it. Our DLL already supports DSQL inserts, updates, deletes. It supports your private spending keypair (for DSQL inserts and queries). It supports reading from the database. You can SEND biblepay. What still needs done? We still need to write reports and add RECEIVE funds. We still need to write our demo "pet shop" (this is a virtual pet store that demonstrates invoicing and payments). Our solution is coming soon to github under "biblepay/unchained".
  • What can the USERS do with this? Social media (competitor to youtube, twitter, facebook) and a Christian Dashboard with gospel features.
    Demo Examples: Channel for each user, and channel for each church. Tithing from a video. Merchandise shop.
  • What can a developer write by consuming this DLL or what decentralized sites can be written? Things that are hard to do on the blockchain but made easy.
    Widgets that extend Gods Kingdom for our Christian Dashboard. For example, Widgets that Teach the gospel to the masses.
    Each widget has the full potential of the entire c# library plus blockchain interfaces!