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My Cool Lamb

A lamb that DJs at night.
Price: 425000
Christian Gamer

Christian Gamer!
Price: 1099
cyberpunk jesus

ai art by Jesus Phreak
Price: 100000
Lamb of God

A soft and furry rendition of a Lamb acting as Jesus.
Price: 500000
For us

Ai art by Jesus Phreak
Price: 4444

BBP Army commando 001

NB: All the earnings from sales will be used for bbparmy promotion! Buy and be a proud supporter of BBP Army! We believe we can do anything if God is with us! BBP ARMY is basically a social media-based movement that is trying to promote BBP! As for now, we have only posted one video and several blog posts! but We plan to promote BBP more strategically! We don't have a donation amount but I'm giving estimates on how BBP ARMY is going to use this fund! * Paid blog posts or articles! -25$ * weekly Contests on Steemit and hive blockchain!- 50$ for each one we could afford! * Quiz events! usually 1-5 or even 10$ depending on our funding! so the BBP army has no fixed budget ! But we need your help! We are still trying to promote in all ways possible but this fund will help us to be bold! BBP Army is not connected with the Biblepay sanctuary by any means! - Commando of BBP Army!
Love! BBP Army !

Pure love can only be found in Jesus Christ , The God!